Top Advisor For Former President Donald Trump Says His Next Move Is Pretty Obvious — Here’s What He Had To Say

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since last week, when Joe Biden was inaugurated as the next president of the United States, folks have been wondering what former President Donald Trump’s next steps are going to be once the dust settles on his administration and he’s had some time to transition back to normal life.

Well, a report published by WND says that one of the former president’s top advisers knows exactly what Trump is planning to do when he emerges back into the public eye after his transition. According to this individual, Trump is going to become a key figurehead in the movement to ensure the integrity of our election system is preserved.

When you take a moment to think about it, that makes perfect sense. Part of what made Trump such a great president was the fact that he stood up for the people in this country who have been marginalized by radical Democrats and progressives in every sphere of life. He gave regular Americans a voice and helped them push back against those who wanted to silence them.

Liberals participating in widespread voter fraud are trying once again to silence the voices of the American people. We need more people in positions of influence to stand up and help us fight against this assault on our foundational principles. Trump would be a great fit for that kind of role.

Jason Miller made this particular comment when speaking with Just The News last Thursday, just one day after Biden took over the Oval Office.

“Trump has a number of goals over the next couple of years,” Miller told the news outlet.

One of the goals, according to Miller, is “winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022, in order to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness.”

However, the one issue that will be the main motivating factor for Trump’s future, Miller said, election integrity.

“You’re going to see him emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity,” the advisor stated.

Miller went on to say that all the questions folks have about the conduct that took place during this election have been asked, but not satisfactorily answered. He also said those answers aren’t likely to come with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in positions of leadership.

“Much of this will never get done in Washington, as you know, because Chuck and Nancy are gonna do their best to continue rigging this, every aspect that they can,” he said.

This is the truth. We need folks to stand up and fight back against this, not in a physical or violent sense, but through the legal means and channels our founding fathers so wisely included in the Constitution.

It’ll be interesting to see if Miller is right about this.

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  1. How stupid can u be RPhilipson. It was “In-Your-Face” blatant fraud! How else can u explain an in the basement run for president and the number of votes he received. Apparently even dead people found their way to the poles to cast a vote. Also the democrat platform is an open invitation to socialism. Biden and the entire DNC are cheaters and I’m still hopeful he will be re-called.

    • Although I feel the same as you do and agree with your wish to see Biden recalled I’m afraid the writing is on the wall as to the future of Trump he’s more dangerous out than in and it’s not up to him to fix the mess it’s our job as Americans . We need to take a long hard look at ourselves and ask is this what we are or even more so what do we want to be ? Trump has opened our eyes and minds he completed his job masterfully , the rest is up to us.

  2. The use of adjectives and adverbs like widespread and voter are what contributes to chaos in the news and in America. There are claims that have been validated at places around the country pf election irregularities. (why is this not widespread?) In most cases the people bringing the cases provide limited examples of the problems due to a lack of resources to fully investigate what happened and can only show symptoms. Then courts dismiss the cases because they don’t have the power to provide a legal remedy. For example, In Pennsylvania the state supreme court ruled (in general) that not following election law was a minor matter that should be ignored. I wonder if that will be a precedent setting legal defense? It should be.

  3. There was proof of voter fraud on video??? My gosh what more do you need ? If no voter fraud then why didn’t any of he swing states let the voting machines be looked at ???? Blatant cheating …. it’s sickning !

  4. Former President trump had many years and many opportunities to work on “ballot and voting integrity.” He did absolutely nothing to ensure this and will continue to do nothing. He will instead work for things like Voter ID, which simply disenfranchises Democrats, period.
    Republicans concluded a LONG time ago (Back in the 70s, I believe) that the fewer the people that vote, the more likely that Republicans will win races. For that exact reason, Democrats want the franchise to be as broad as possible, early and extended voting days, mail-in voting, etc.
    Republicans like measures like Voter ID because many people don’t have the necessary IDs and it costs time and money to obtain those IDs.

    • Maybe Black Lives Matter can use some of its billions of dollars in donations to provide IDs for people who can’t afford them. In addition to in-person voting, with IDs in hand and paper ballots that can be verified, I’d like to see everyone who wants to vote have to take and pass the U.S. citizenship test; democracy depends on an informed electorate. The test is non-partisan.

    • Yeah, I kinda doubt BLM is all that wealthy. I’m just not really sure why people should have to spend money in order to exercise their right to vote. If states provided IDs for free, that might be okay, or if they accepted a wide variety of ID, provided they had a name, picture and signature, then I guess that would be all right.
      Heh! Thinking about voter literacy, there was a group of hippies back in the 60s who typed up the Bill of Rights and tried to get people to sign it as a petition. LOTS of people rejected the petition as a commie plot!

  5. Once again you talk of wide spread voter fraud, a total falsehood. Spreading such lies is damaging to the country and unpatriotic. You know what you write is a lie and yet you continue. There are many arguments you can use without distortion and lies that injure democracy and mislead people.

    • Philipson is a Chi-Com bot. He’s paid lunch money money to troll these sites. Right R. ? Of course you are a troll, and not very original at that either. Some old B.S. democrat talking points. Hope you enjoy your Micky Ds Happy Meal.

    • Not a lie, but a very obvious ploy, evident in the many aspects they stole the Nov. 2020 election. There are thousands, possibly millions who firmly believe this. When Mr. Trump gets his people together to fight this trend, we’ll all be the better for it. Wouldn’t you prefer that who elected officials be put in place fair and square? If not, YOU are part of the problem.


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