Tom Cotton Speaks The Heart Of Every True American Who Loves Their Country In Condemnation Of Violence, Riots Ripping Our Cities Apart

(Liberty Bell) – One of the hardest parts of this year, besides the coronavirus, is watching our nation rip itself apart due to the false narratives of racial division and tension the mainstream media has created and stoked for years now. Riots, looting, violence, and whole neighborhoods burned to ash by Black Lives Matter “protests” in light of police shootings has become a regular thing in recent months.

However, this isn’t the way our country is supposed to be. Not at all. And we shouldn’t be standing for this and allowing it to happen in our cities.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas gave his reaction to President Donald Trump visiting the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he met with law enforcement officers and local leaders after a bloody, violent week of protesting in the city.

Via Breitbart:

Cotton, on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” praised Trump’s response to criticize Wisconsin Gov. Tony Ever’s (D) slow action to prevent violence. He also emphasized that the United States “cannot tolerate violence, rioting, looting, arson” that has been seen in some of the country’s major cities.

“The president, like [me] and most Americans support law enforcement in trying to defend innocent lives and property from these rampaging mobs in the street,” Cotton outlined. “We cannot tolerate violence, rioting, violence, looting, arson that we have seen in places like Portland and Chicago and now smaller towns like Kenosha. So, the president is going to Kenosha today to thank law enforcement and comfort many of those small businessmen and businesswomen who have had their life’s work go up in flames over the last week. The president is right that the Democratic governor of Wisconsin acted too slowly. He should have called out the National Guard to support the Kenosha Police Department in protecting innocent lives and property from the very beginning last Sunday. He only did so after three days. That resulted in so much damage and even more lives lost. So, I join the president in commending our law enforcement and, where necessary, our National Guard to help protect the lives of our citizens and their property.”

Cotton went on to warn against a Joe Biden presidency, saying his administration would “not crackdown on the violent mobs that we see in our streets.”

Radical progressives on the fringe of the left have been working tirelessly to push a narrative that would divide Americans and provide the level of chaos necessary to help crash the system so they can begin to replace it with a socialist one. It’s taken many, many years for these efforts to bear fruit.

Yet here we are. Finally seeing the result of the labor they have put in to brainwash young people into believing they are back in the early 1960s. It’s horrible to say the least.

Americans are now focusing on what makes us different instead of what makes us the same. We are all human beings. We all have the same basic needs, wants, dreams, and desires. There’s so much we have in common, far more than what we don’t. Yet, because of the media and lies being spoon fed on broadcasts every night, folks are drinking the Kool-Aid and believing lies.

Here’s to hoping we can one day stand united again.



  1. When Trump is re-elected he has a bunch of things to do.The top priorities are exterminating the BLM, Antifa, the DEMONRAT Party, The CORRUPT so called News Networks, The CORRUPT Print media, The Teachers Union and last but not least The Deep State. It may take the Abortion of 50,000,000 POS to do this but so be it. Hopefully we get the House Back and pick up 10 or so seats back in the Senate to have a super Majority to Pass all the Laws we need to rid this Great Country of the Hater’s and Liars.

  2. We have to get Trump to state that he will see all Americans are treated the same regardless of race and that police are to use other means than shooting or choking of suffocating people they must control emotions and take an approach that is safe for all


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