Tom Cotton Slams The Democrats For D.C. Statehood Plot, Here’s Why He Says It’s A “Naked Power Grab”

(Liberty Bell) – For some reason, despite professing to be determined not to rest until the planet is saved and racism completely eradicated from the human consciousness, the left has now fixed their sights on a seemingly rather small issue: statehood for Washington, D.C.


Well, according to rising GOP star, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), this is far from a petty issue.

He denounced the left’s efforts to make the District of Columbia the 51st state from the Senate floor on Thursday, denouncing the plot as a “power grab.”

“All my observations about the practical effects and constitutional obstacles give too much credit to what the Democrats are really up to: a naked power grab,” Cotton declared, according to Newsmax.

“Democrats in Congress are advocating D.C. statehood against the will of the American people — including the will of Democratic voters, a majority of whom oppose D.C. statehood. Democratic politicians are pushing for this radically unpopular idea, not because it’s a sound idea, but because they’re angry that they don’t win every election under the current rules.

“So they want to change the rules.”

Newsmax explains that, were D.C. to become a state, it would give the Democrats two more Senators as the district is decidedly blue as it is.

This would turn the balance in the Senate away from the Republicans, who currently control the upper chamber.

“If you doubt this whole endeavor is about power, consider that the Democrats could just as easily call for retroceding the District of Columbia to Maryland,” Cotton continued.

“This would give Washington residents the voting power in Congress that is supposedly at the heart of this matter: a voting member in the House and representation in the Senate.

“There’s even historical precedent for retrocession, unlike turning the federal district into a state. But retrocession wouldn’t give the Democrats their real aim: two Democratic senators in perpetuity to rubber-stamp the Swamp’s agenda. So you won’t hear them talk about it.”

Sure enough, many prominent Democrats are going all-in for this agenda.

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  1. DC is just a political cesspool whose residents are Government employees dependent on largesse from the federal government. The Founders had an unbelievable prescience to prevent from having self-serving representation in Congress.


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