Tom Cotton Issues Serious Warning Shot To China, Calls On U.S. To Do This

(Liberty Bell) – Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has long been one of the few China hawks in Washington, D.C. who consistently calls out the communist regime for taking advantage of the U.S.

The Democrats will have long forgotten this in their severe case of COVID-induced amnesia, but Cotton was one of the only people in the country calling attention to the potential severity of the virus and the serious need to close the border.

Now, he is also calling on the U.S. to revoke China’s most-favored-nation (MFN) status for China and has introduced legislation to approve the status on a yearly basis.

By the way, Joe Biden, as a senator, Biden was a big supporter of the communist nation receiving this status permanently.

Cotton explained that when the U.S. granted China permanent special trade privileges 20 years ago, that MFN status “supercharged the loss of American manufacturing jobs.”’

He told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday:

This week is the 20th anniversary of Joe Biden voting to give permanent Most Favored Nation Status to China. Just think about that — Most Favored Nation status to a Communist country. And over the last 20 years, that decision has supercharged the lost of American manufacturing jobs.

And Joe Biden just defended it last week. That’s why I’m introducing legislation this week that would repeal permanent Most Favored Nation status and require the president and the Congress to decide on it annually.

He went on to explain that our nation would have the advantage of being able to respond appropriately to China should they do something that goes against our interests should we approve the status annually.

This is, indeed, exactly what we need to hold China accountable. They’ve been taking advantage of our country for far too long.

They need to learn that there are consequences to doing so.

“Let’s say China shoots missiles at our ships in the Western Pacific or cracks down on Hong Kong. Then we would be able to say each year, we are not going to renew Most Favored Nation status for China,” he said.

“Joe Biden supported it 20 years ago, Joe Biden supports it now. Joe Biden will continue to send our jobs to China if he’s the president,” he added.

Breitbart notes:

The revocation of MFN for China would restore the U.S.-China trade relationship back to what it was before 2000, when it was extended on a yearly basis.

Cotton’s bill comes as Biden has claimed he would crack down on Chinese made goods and make sure “everyone is playing by the same Made in America rules.”

However, as Breitbart News recently reported, when Biden was vice president for eight years, he ignored opportunities to help American manufacturers.

American companies have invested billions of dollars in China since 2001, which helped to build Chinese factories and contributed to the siphoning away of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.


  1. Yes I can see this senile corrupt clown negotiating with China. As long as his family gets rich China will dominate America. Then he’ll never blame Trump for his ignorant moves. A more corrupt or useless dope would be hard to find in such high office ( other than Obama, Clinton’s, and Piglosi).

  2. ONCE a b*tchf*ck, ALWAYS a b*tchf*ck! Joe Biden is living proof that not everyone gets smarter OR wiser with the knowledge and/or experience acquired over the passage of time! The fact that he’s gone down mentally doesn’t help his case, either!


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