Tom Cotton Calls Out Silicon Valley Censors, Tells The Truth About Their Motives

(Liberty Bell) – Never before have we seen the kind of blatant, politically-motivated Silicon Valley censorship that has taken place this week.

The tech giants have been trying to silence conservatives and Republicans as much as possible using their vast influence over the past four years, while saying out of the other side of their mouths that they totally believe in free speech and diversity of thought.

Yeah, right.

We’re just weeks away from the most consequential election in our nation’s history and, when faced with an explosive bombshell that should sink the Democrat candidate’s entire campaign in a flash, they’re censoring it without even bothering to check if it’s true or not.

This. Is. Election. Meddling.

Here’s the deal, in case you missed it.

This week, the New York Post released a bombshell report that refuted claims on the part of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden that he had “never” discussed business with his son Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden, meanwhile, sat on the board of Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma Holdings, where he earned millions without having any expertise or even knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

While his father was serving not only as Vice President, but the Obama administration’s point-man for Ukrainian foreign policy.

Hunter Biden also flew to China with his father during a state visit and returned home having secured a lucrative deal with a CCP-linked bank.

Joe Biden is now running for President of the United States with not only his son’s lucrative business dealings overlapping suspiciously with his own foreign policy efforts, but having also bragged about threatening Ukraine to withhold millions in aid if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating the company on which his son sat on the board.

Oh, yeah, did I not mention that?

He did that too.

Contrary to his past comments, the Post‘s article claims Biden allegedly met with an adviser to the board of Burisma while he was Vice President. The meeting was arranged by his son Hunter, who worked as a lobbyist for the company at that time.”

There is ample evidence enough that Hunter Biden was engaged with all these business dealings, and the media has been covering for the Biden family by absolutely ignoring this for years.

This is a huge, explosive story, and by Facebook and Twitter’s own admission they censored the story before it was even fact-checked.

Instead, both platforms flagged the New York Post story as “unsafe” as it lacked “authoritative information.”

How many fake news mainstream media articles have they allowed to be shared by the tens of thousands across their platforms?

The tech outlets have officially surrendered the right to claim to be bipartisan.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed the Tech Giants from–where else?–Twitter this week, calling them out for their blatant censorship and fascistic control of the flow of information.

“Big Tech has spoken,” Cotton declared. “You will see and read only what it finds politically acceptable.”

“Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest of you: If you want to act like publishers, we will treat you like publishers,” Cotton warned the tech giants.

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