To Reduce His Carbon Footprint, Michael Bloomberg Recycled Lies About Trump For Super Bowl Spot

(Liberty Bell) – In an ongoing display of the Democrats’ addiction to lies, little Michael Bloomberg took to Twitter during the Super Bowl with a new campaign ad blasting President Trump with the same old tired lies.

Bloomberg tweeted along with his ad, “Donald Trump said he was going to bring change to this country”, adding “He did.” and the obligatory hashtag #Superbowl.

While many Trump supporters would enthusiastically agree that yes…Trump did change the country and has a long list of promises kept, Bloomberg fails to even make the argument that Trump changed the country for the worse and instead showcases recycled falsehoods about the Trump era.

What was included in the ad, however, seems quite odd to anyone unfamiliar with psychopathic projection.

14 seconds into the 40-second spot, we see an image Bloomberg and his team felt would appropriately offend their target audience of woke liberals, a notorious depiction of children in cages.

Not only are these the same cages that the Obama administration used, but these photos were also, in fact, taken during the Obama era.

The image is from 2014, but in 2014, the media didn’t feel a need to show the American public those kids, or those cages, or to draw a straight line from those kids in cages to the sitting president.

The Daily Caller confirmed this, reporting:

The DCNF compared this image to a photo taken by Ross D. Franklin for The Associated Press in June 2014. The picture, which the DCNF obtained from Getty Images, was taken inside a Customs and Border Protection facility in Nogales, Arizona.

A simple comparison of the two images can prove that they are, in fact, the same.

For example, the crossed legs of the individual laying down in the Bloomberg photo is the same as the crossed-legged individual seen in the middle of Franklin’s photo. The placing of the three mats near the head of the individual are stacked in the exact same position, as well.

In the background of both images, one individual with a black shirt is seen sitting next to others with white shirts.

Additionally, a row of five individuals with white shirts are seen sitting together, their backs turned to the camera, at a table in both images.

This must just be a one-off, Democrats, being the honest, God-fearing, patriotic bunch we all know them to be wouldn’t make a habit out of lying, especially telling the same lie, right?

As it turns out this lie isn’t even original. Democrats have been repeating this lie for years now.

Did the media call out former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau when he tweeted out Obama error images of children in detention facilities and blamed Trump for it in May of 2018?

Or when Linda Sarsour tweeted the same lie, same content?


Armed with the knowledge of past media complicity little Michael feels comfortable to climb atop his box and lie to our faces with a media industry ready and waiting to cover for him.


  1. If leftists like Bloomberg really want to reduce their carbon footprint, they should all stop exhaling so much. Maybe they could cut back to once or twice a day.

  2. It is impossible to reduce a carbon footprint, when everything is carbon based. Carbon is recycled when it is in the air because it holds on the the moisture and then rain occurs and the carbon is there to refeed the vegetation. I New York City want to rid themselves of smog which is unclean air that has become stagnant; build wind mill off the coast that will draw the air out to sea, and where 98% of the carbon that is in the air, will eventually fall into the sea.

    • Nope he pays somebody to make cookies with it and feeds it to his armed guards….His paid servants…..since they carry guns they’re his low life paid servants……..Isn’t that what Michael Bloomingidiot says only low lifes carry guns……..

  3. Mr. Bloomberg would be a great, fearless leader that would exemplify every core principle of our Nation. He’s a natural leader, whether it’s in Industry, the Political Arena or as.a Humanitarian. He exemplifies the leadership skills of Lenin, Stalin, Castro or Adolf Hitler. In short, if we as Citizens should embrace the ideology of being lackeys and mindless tools on the Bloomberg Train, pick a Box Car and get on board. It worked out for the other Peasants.

  4. Unfortunately Mr. Bloomberg reached his level of competence when he called for NYC to ban 16 ounce Coke’s. If there is any question about how great this country is just has to look at this idiot billionaire Bloomberg. This is the poster BOY for the Peter Principle.


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