Three Teens Busted At Mar-A-Lago After Trespassing On Property, Running From Cops; What They Had With Them Is Super Scary

(Liberty Bell) – If you aren’t already worried about the younger generations in America and how these mostly brainwashed kids are going to grow up and run this country, what three 15-year-old boys were busted doing at Mar-a-Lago should drive home the point.

Apparently, these boys were trespassing on resort property while brandishing an AK-47 while running away from police officers.

Folks, this is the kind of America liberal policies are creating for our kids to inherit. Children raised on violent content, taught that it’s acceptable to trash and burn cities to the ground when you want something. It’s a self-entitled group of individuals being brainwashed to hate this country. Truly terrifying what lies ahead.

Via BizPacReview:

The incident occurred Friday around midnight, according to police, WPTV reported. The teens were reportedly parked in a silver Hyundai and sped off when police approached the vehicle.

After a short car chase, the teens exited their vehicle and ran towards Mar-a-Lago, WPTV reported. Security at Mar-a-Lago found a backpack containing a Mini Draco 7.62 caliber AK-47 with a 14-round magazine, according to police, WPTV reported.

The boys were apprehended in Mar-a-Lago property and taken into custody by police, WPTV reported. The teens are facing charges of armed burglary, armed trespassing, armed burglary, and resisting arrest without violence.

The teens told police they didn’t know they had run onto Mar-a-Lago property, WPTV reported.

The unidentified boys are being held in West Palm Beach at the Juvenile Assessment Center, according to WPTV.

Can you imagine being 15-years-old and making insanely stupid choices like this that end up wrecking your entire life? I mean, the vast majority of teenagers make bad choices from time to time. We were all that age once. However, not all teens decide to complete flush their life away like this.

What would prompt kids to do something like this?

Simply put, it’s the entitlement mindset. These kids don’t believe they should have to work to earn the things they want. In fact, culture and schools have shoved the idea down their intellectual gullets that they deserve to have things handed to them. Life should be easy, pleasant, and enjoyable. Unfortunately, that’s not what reality is actually like. Once these kids get out into the real world and find out how it works, they get disenchanted with things and suddenly think violence, theft, and other deviant behavior is acceptable.

It isn’t.

If you want to have good things in life, if you want to be someone who is successful, working hard is the only way to get there without serious negative consequences. There’s nothing wrong with pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into something that you want to see become successful. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

We need to straighten this mess out by raising our children with values before more damage is done to our youth and our country. If we don’t take the bull by the horns now, there won’t be much of an America that we recognize by the time we are old and gray.



  1. If these 3 children learned early in life what it means to be Catholic, have morals, have values, and share through volunteering at the hospitals, nursing homes, cutting grass, washing cars, and babysitting ….they may have had a responsible commitment to attend… instead of stealing, packing heat, and trespassing on the POTUS’ property. Amen.

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  2. What’s wrong with the. Parents teaching their kids about a God says it’s wrong to steal? People leave to much to the schools to teach right from wrong. That’s the parents job!thats where a lot of problems come from!my kids would have never dared act like some do now! If my kids or them and their friends informed the school. Once my one son complained to me that I got him and his friends in trouble. I asked how I got them in trouble, he said they got a week of staying after for skipping school. I said, you guys got yourselves in trouble by skipping school. I didn’t tell you to skip, so don’t blame me! I sent you to school to learn. They learned their lesson. Parents, do you know where your kids are?

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  3. Not only did they have possibly an illegal weapon, but what are 3 15 yr olds doing driving a car. To young to have a Dr. License and did they steal the car either from parents or someone else.

  4. I agree Michael. Our whole education system is perverse especially Left Wing Colleges. The indoctrination they’ve been brainwashed with well, you reap what you sow. Evil is all around us and above us and we need to stand up to the tyrannical government. Another reason you won’t hear from the Left media is it doesn’t fit their narrative. Would they call that AK 47 an Assault weapon?

  5. “GITMO should be fully occupied with all the Insurrectionists involved in the UNLAWFUL FISA attempts to unseat the sitting President”! Note: “We can’t beat him, We must impeach him”! Al Green from Texas Democrat Rep!

    • You can’t put US citizens in GITMO unless they’re captured on a FOREIGN battlefield.

      BOTH Portland and Seattle ARE NOT foreign battlefields. ;-(

    • I think its the NRA that protects people’s right’s to run around it AK-47’s and other dagerous weapons.

  6. “All Positive Law is Null and Void in this Country”! “This claim is based squarely upon the Insurrection and Tyranny fostered and Financed by Hillary and the DND in concert with the LIARS to the FISA COURT enforced by higher ups in the FBI to unseat and DESTROY the sitting ELECTED Mr. President DonaldJohn Trump”! “GITMO should be totally occupied by “THE FILTHY TREASONOUS BASTARDS” “that continue to the devious UNLAWFUL activities masked by “FAKE” Democratic charges”! Quote me, History does NOT LIE!

  7. When LB Johnson(D) in 1964 eliminated the draft, a bunch of old veterans ww2 and Korea said this a very bad idea. When a draft lottery started, a lot of people went to Canada. I would have never allowed their return to this country. Rich parents bought their “sweet little darlings” a deferment. In my days it was an honor to have served in USMC(51-55) Korea (51-53). I am willing to bet the little darling’s couldn’t make it, marines are not cry babies.

  8. Never owned a gun that could commit a crime or just be violent on it’s own somehow. I agree with everyone here. Those who fought to keep us free all these generations would want us to do the same, even if it’s against these Commies & radical Islamists within our borders. They are already destroying, killing, threatening, harming anyway they can, let us now allow it to continue like this – a war with only them shooting at us. They are cowardly, attacking old ladies & fold wherever confronted. Do what you can where you are, we must unite in the end & force them out. They control the media except for bits like Fox & OAN, they have ruined most of the educational institutions, they are after our guns & our health care. That would complete the typical Marxist method of takeover……..except they got to wipe out at least 20% of us. I think we can take them.

  9. Pelosi’s scheme is to maintain high unemployment so the jobless youth continue to protest and destroy. Along with the criminally selfish governors, mayor’s and jail wardens empty the jails so the jobless criminals inflict pain and destruction on cities and communities. Because if it wasn’t for braking laws, lying and cheating, the Dems would never win elections.

  10. We all need to pray to God that these radical teachers are fired and teachers who love or country are hired. That goes for all schools including left wing colleges who are the worst teachers in country,Mo’s and dad’s you need to confront the school board in your area and tell them to get rid of these teachers and professors as they have no place in our society.

  11. Restore the education system. Teach History. Geography. Civics. Teach them about the country they live in any how it got to be great. The blood shed so they can have a country safe for them kick the commies out of our education system

    • Restore RELIGION and I don’t mean Islam….as this behavior is what Islam teaches, lie cheat, steal and kill the infidels any way you want.

    • Unfortunately liberal “professors” are saying the teaching of history, grammar, math, civics, and other such subjects is RACIST.

  12. Exactly right; Michael Skok. And these are the things they NEVER show on Mainstream Media. And the Democratic Party blames GUNS. But like you said. It’s the people with the guns.

  13. Wake up America your country is being overruled by Marxist, socialist that want to destroy your goddamn nation

  14. The evil is not that they were brandishing AK-47s. The evil is that they were trying to steal something. The evil is that the Supreme Court banned Bible reading and prayer in our public schools. Our public school no longer are allowed to tell our children that we have a God who told us it’s wrong to steal.


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