Thinking Of Opening Up Your Business In Illinois During Lockdown? Here’s What Gov. Pritzker Will Do To You If You Try

(Liberty Bell) – Tyranny is alive and well. And it’s currently getting its kicks by sucking the life out of the state of Illinois with draconian “safety measures” like an economic vampire. Apparently, Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a very wealthy Democrat, has decided that until the end of the shutdown, anyone who dare to try and provide for their families by opening their businesses could end up going to prison.

Yes, that’s right. You want to put food on the table, you could end up behind bars. Guess this guy hasn’t ever read the Constitution has he? It goes without saying, but this is totally bonkers and is something the good people of Illinois are going to have to fight back against rather hard.

As if that’s not crazy enough, Pritzker told CNN that citizens of the state might be forced to wear masks and socially distance indefinitely.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Now Governor J.B. Pritzker warned small business owners that if they try to reopen their businesses they could face up to a year in prison.

Pritzker the tyrant wants to jail business owners. reported:

Small business owners trying to save their livelihoods could face up to a year in prison under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s new emergency rules, unless a key committee fights back.

Members of a key legislative committee are scheduled to meet May 20 to discuss a newly filed emergency rule that criminalizes businesses who defy Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay at home order.

Pritzker amended Illinois Department of Public Health rules so business owners can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for violating his closure order. The rule immediately took effect Friday, and now business owners can face a maximum penalty fine of $2,500 and one year in prison. Since this new rule was filed as an emergency rule, it would be effective for 150 days.

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, or JCAR, is facing pressure to strike down Pritzker’s new rule at its Wednesday meeting, scheduled for 10:30 a.m.

Wow. Just wow.

So this Pritzker fellow really wants to take complete and total control over people’s lives, doesn’t he? Not sure what’s more tragic. That he’s doing this, despite knowing full well it’s wrong, or the fact that his constituents are likely to go along with it out of fear? Fear is a powerful weapon in the hands of tyrants. And Pritzker is definitely a tyrant. You’d think the left wouldn’t want someone who is part of the one percent to be calling the shots over them, but apparently they just don’t want rich Republicans in charge.

We are a free people, but freedom isn’t actually free. It comes at a cost. That cost is the illusion of safety and the acceptance of risk. There’s no way to be completely safe from this virus. Any claims to the contrary by the left are lies designed to get you to give up your liberty. Don’t buy it.



  1. Put him in Jail, with no food and let him see what it is like to suffer. He can go a couple of months without food anyways, it looks like.

  2. Pritzker is a corrupt pig. I apologize to the pig for the comparison. The pig is much more acceptable. This man was being investigated for questionable activities but the results have not been revealed. He is a sewer rat of the highest degree and should not be allowed to continue as Governor or as anything else for that matter in the state. I think the State Legislature and police forces throughout the state need to take this thug down to his knees. A little tar and feathers would work nicely as a reminder he is not an emperor but just a mere shoveler of horse dung. He needs to be run out of the state. Send him to California so he can be with Newsom and the other Nazi storm troopers trying to step on the people’s necks.

  3. Today the democrats call themselves progressive. The progressive came into use when at the time of Franklin Roosevelt. Communism party wasn’t popular so it was renamed the Progressive Party.So now you understand why the democrats call themselves Progressive. The Constitution provides a method to remove politicians and it specifies their powers and protects the people from abuses by the government. Unfortunately we the the people have been complaisant and have allowed the government to violate the very same Constitution they swore to obey and protect.We the people have forgotten that two wars were fought on this soil over the rights guarantied by the Constitution. This ground has been consecrated by the blood of those who believed in the Constitution. It made this country united, strong and prosperous. What is happening today is what we fought against and these tyrants need to be brought down and replaced and we the people need to return to the Constitution and become free once again.

  4. The people of this state needs to stand up this rich bully and have him thrown out of office. I can’t believe this man is getting away with such abuse of power and nothing is being done. Lock this man up through away the key. Fellow Politicians Stand up to this man he’s making you all look bad.

    • Question to everyone…”Should we only obey the laws set by the government when we like them?”

  5. This Illinois governor should be jailed or at least thrown out of office for issuing such illegal order. This is the same guy who sent his wife to one of his estates in Florida during a state-wide lock down. If the citizens of Illinois don’t remove him from office then they are endorsing abuse of power, tyranny, and corruption.

  6. Sending innocent people to jail, just because they want to feed their families is out unheard of. Hope the people in that state fight back, if not America won’t be a free nation any longer. We will be depending on our government (which they want us to be) and there goes our freedom.

  7. ” WE THE PEOPLE ” and ” UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL ” have u forgotten y we went to war with England? ??

  8. Multigenerational independent wealth telling potential competitors that they cannot open their businesses. Sounds like old style European aristocratic tyranny. Back then, such tyranny was usually followed by people’s armies ordering up guillotines or firing squads. Question of when, not whether. It may get to that. Not that the results (Cromwell, the Jacobins, Communism) were any better. Better solution. Illinois is one of many states where the citizens need to figure out how to split in two. Cook County plus any adjacent counties dumb enough to join it as one state, let’s call it Greater Chiraq, and the rest of the state as Illinois.

  9. This slob is even more obnoxious than most of his libraturd fellow governors!!! Although the clowns on the west coast are also bad!!! However, it is up to each states citizens to decide! I love it that Pritzker’s own Illinois State Police WILL NOT ENFORCE HIS CONSTITUTION VIOLATING DECREES!!!

  10. The want complete control over the people. They want to destroy all of our freedoms. They are power starved trash and this is the only way they can achieve that power.

  11. It makes little difference whether it is Illinois, California, Michigan, or New York the most tyrannical of governors seem to be the Commiecrats. Why is that.?

    • Colon – you left out at least 3 other states I can think of off the top of my head – NJ, OR, and WA. But the key is that not a single one of those ‘governors’ will do the dirty deeds themselves – they will send their loyal minions to do it. Can’t risk their oh so important backsides by mingling with the little people in any way.

    • You ask why, I’ll tell you why. First, the Democrat’s ideology pretty closely aligns with communism and socialism, that is the Democrat party of today! They want total control of the people, and they feel that this corona thing gives them the right to try to control people’s lives! What I truly have to wonder is if, just maybe, the people of states like Mich., Ill., Penn. Calif., etc. might say we’ve had it with you, governor, and vote them out of office! I truly believe that there are some Democrat governors who will be voted out, because of their actions during this crisis! What also may very likely happen is that some businesses will say, enough of this crap, I’m out of here, and take their businesses to states that are much more business friendly! It will be very interesting to see just how this all shakes out, but I do believe, and hope, that it will not end up well for the Dems!


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