There It Is: Dems Now Claiming “Trump Not Exonerated”…You Won’t Believe This Latest Stunt

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, all seven Democrat House impeachment managers in the now-concluded impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his program to moan about their devastating loss in the trial.

Trump was acquitted, as they always knew he would be.

In their complaints, they declared, as we should have imagined they would eventually do, that Trump is not, in fact, acquitted.

You see, to these psychotic people, the Constitutional process is only valid when it works out in their favor.

This whole fiasco reminds us exactly why we have so many checks and balances in our system!

You see, they’re declaring the whole trial unfair because the Republican Senators, who they knew full well had the majority in the Senate, didn’t vote the way they already knew they wouldn’t.

Anything to declare that Trump’s election, i.e. the will of the American people, is illegitimate.

The House rushed forward this sham impeachment without any evidence, after the partisan witch hunt during the first two years of the Trump presidency that ended in exoneration.

Have any of these people ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?


“I think he’s not been exonerated,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) declared because he’s apparently just tin control of reality.

Dem. Rep. Jason Crow (CO) followed up, agreeing that “it’s hard to have an acquittal without a fair trial.”

Rep. Val Demings then declared that Trump’s acquittal was “fake news.”

Oh my gosh.

“Well, and back to the acquittal part of this, I would consider that fake news, because we did not have a fair trial,” Florida Rep. Val Demings said.

“The president is not exonerated today,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler repeated.

The Gateway Pundit explains how wrong they are:

The House has no say whatsoever how the impeachment trial is conducted in the Senate.

The Senate voted several times to block additional witnesses and ultimately voted to acquit Trump on both articles on Wednesday.

Chief Justice Roberts then made it official and declared: “The Senate having tried Donald John Trump, president of the United States against two articles of impeachment exhibited against him by the House of Representatives, and two-thirds of the senators present not having found him guilty, it is therefore ordered and judged that he be and is hereby acquitted of the charges in said articles.”

President Trump is acquitted forever no matter what the House Democrats say. Case closed.


  1. Following Democrat’s logic ( I know , I know Dems don’t do Logic ) , then the impeachment NEVER Happened because it was NOT Fair to omit Trump and his Lawyers from those proceedings……

  2. How did these pathetic politicians get so privileged? They are not going to go away until we STOP them. I think Hillary the CROOK is behind most of this nonsense. I know I should watch what I say, I could end up DEAD! The original accusations on the Clintons and the Bidens have yet to be dealt with. WHY?

  3. Drowning people clutching at straws. What has happened to the dems is what they did to themselves. Look what happened to Jo Biden in Iowa coming fourth behind three much weaker candidates, if this isn’t a fallout from the impeachment hoax what is?

    • The democrats just have a bad case of diarrhea. They are trying to wipe their rears with straw. Trump is quite hard to chew. Yet they still want to feed the public that is tired and sick with anymore of it.

  4. INNOCENT, until proven guilty, is the order of the law. It is the law the for everyone, not certain ones. I am fed up with Democrats rewriting the laws to fit into their rules, not the rules that we are governed by. By their definition, there should be rules for them, rules for the blacks, rules for whites, illegals, and rules for hispanics. And how do Judges get away with recognizing Muslim law. In New York , we have a “king” who writes his own set of laws. Everybody under him may be guilty, but not him. Oh, is Mr Silver in jail yet? No. A close friend of guess who!

  5. when are they going to start investigating this bunch of morally corrupt, treasonous democraps. their all involved with the ukraines, china and other countries along with their sons. one can only hope come election time all these moron will be voted out of office. can’t wait to see their ugly faces when trump wins the 2020 elections. you’ll need a scraper to wipe the smug, pompous, frown off their faces.

  6. Here’s a thought, somehow bloomberg as well as soros has bought a majority of the DEMOcRATS. And intend on subjugation of AMERICA the poor in particular. Watch video of Bloomberg who says over taxing poor is for there safety since they won’t be able to buy anything dangerous. Will post on F.B

  7. Trump will be Forever Acquitted” no matter what they say. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court signed it and said so – so again with the whining and crying and weeping and knashing of teeth. You tried the “coup” it didn’t work and now you want to take back your votes. No jury can take back their votes even if they are lying.

  8. This theater was conducted by two kinds of democomms. One has near terminal TDS and are truly mentally ill. The other kind is so afraid that their graft and corruption will be exposed by Trump that they concocted this drama as a defense.

  9. Penny C:

    At least have the courage of your convictions. Quit hiding behind the lie that you are a Republican. Come clean. Although we true Republicans recognize cow by-product when we see it.

    • Then you know what Bull Sh smells like. Just like the Repubs who voted for self and not country. Patriots like Romney voted for country not for party or self. Many many Rebups will parish in the next election. Thank God.

  10. Now when you are acquitted that in no way means you are exonerated, now I could name you about 25 cases in the past few years but the O J Simpson trial is the one most remember, now O J was acquitted but few thought he was innocent, now when any trial ends with an unjust verdict like O J and Trumps, where even the Republicans who acquitted him say that Trump did what he was charged with by the House, butt hey did not think that it rose to the level of impeachment so close to a Presidential election.

  11. Kenneth Harrison , Schiff called 18 witnesses !! He released HIS VERSION of what 17 said !! Would not release any testimony from 18th !! Why ?? This was a democRAT COVER UP !!
    Also Schiff WOULD NOT ALLOW republicans to question witnesses or call any !! So yes the democRATS would NOT allow testimony from,witnesses !!

    The House investigates and writes articles of impeachment and takes them to SENATE !! Senate acts as jury !! Juries NEVER CALL FOR WITNESSES !!

    • The Supreme Court has no business reaching a verdict between the house and the Senate or the house and the executive branch. Trump has bribed them all the only solution is MORTAL COMBAT Donald and Uncle Joe behind the woodshed at 5 till only one walks out

  12. The question is why did the democrats push the impeachment process through the house claiming a emergency but held up releasing the articles of impeachment and trying to extend the process in the senate? They are now threatening more investigations and a continuance of,” Out to get Trump”.What is the end game and the end does not justify the means.Here is what I think 1.they want to influence the next election, isn’t that what they accused Trump and Russia of doing.2. to keep Trump from appointing the next Supreme Court Justice

    • Here’s a thought, somehow bloomberg as well as soros has bought a majority of the DEMOcRATS. And intend on subjugation of AMERICA the poor in particular. Watch video of Bloomberg who says over taxing poor is for there safety since they won’t be able to buy anything dangerous. Will post on F.B

  13. 13 witnesses testified by way of 192 video excerpts from the House testimony supported by over 28,000 pages of transcripts and other documents.
    Defense team wasn’t allowed to cross-examine any of these witnesses or to call witnesses of their own to testify but were still able to destroy the House narrative of what they say happened through the testimony of those same 13 witnesses.
    House mis-managers presented a case based on almost no eye-witness evidence relying instead on an entirely fabricated narrative by a bunch of water cooler gossips who were pissed off that Trump didn’t follow their foreign policy recommendations.
    The term “fair trial” applies only to the person actually on trial, President Trump, not to the prosecution. It’s not up to the triers of fact, the Senate, to make the case for the prosecution which didn’t do it’s job and fully investigate.

  14. Let’s face it…Trump’s impeachment is what is illegitimate. Besides the fact that they failed to specify any actual crime, the entire process in the House was an unprecedented kangaroo court…a star chamber-like proceeding with secret deliberations from which the defending parties were excluded and denied the right to call any witnesses. For the House members who crafted this sham impeachment travesty to claim that the Senate trial was illegitimate would be laughable if it wasn’t so outrageous!

  15. Here is the part these hysterical pundits fail to realize: it was a FAIR TRIAL because there were EIGHTEEN witnesses (although one was concealed because his testimony did not fit the liberal agenda). The fact that they failed to call other witnesses they thought might harm the president is NOT our problem. Bad lawyers lose cases. Anyone who continues to vote democrat is voting for the demise of our entire nation. I personally don’t care, I can move overseas as I am eligible for dual citizenship. What about the rest of you?

  16. Acquitted does not mean “not guilty”!! In order to have a “NOT GUILTY” ruling, there must be a trial, with witnesses, and documentation (if any). An acquittal only means that the spineless Senate asked Donnie the Dotard of he was innocent, he said yes, they said, that’s good enough for us, case dismissed. Not, INNOCENT!!!! Only ACQUITTED !!

    • @Kenneth Harrison ‘not guilty’ is in fact THE VERY definition of aquitted. Exhibit A-Z below

      Learn to pronounce
      past tense: acquitted; past participle: acquitted
      free (someone) from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty.
      “she was acquitted on all counts”

    • I didn’t see the house call any factual witnesses either, not one person who actually heard anything. Where was the whistleblower, why didn’t Adam Schiff testify. The house only had people give their opinions or concerns, no eye or ear witnesses at all. Meanwhile Adam Schiff got caught in lie after lie. Let’s say I agree with your statement, it works both ways. There was no real trial in the house either, you know why. Cause it is all BS. Haters are going to hate

    • Well demolemming, the beginning of a true and fair impeachment trial begins with the house of representatives conducting one. The onset of the hearings were supposed to identify the specific Treasonous act(s), high crimes and misdemeanors that were violated, which they did NOT. They were required to have witnesses with DIRECT and FACTUAL evidence of the crime(s) that were allegedly committed. There was only hearsay evidence provided which is absolutely inadmissible in a true court of law, not their rigged kangaroo sham. They were supposed to allow the defense to call witnesses, which they did not.They were supposed to allow cross examination of witnesses by the defense and representatives on the committees, which was was restricted by both chairs. They were not supposed to coach witnesses like Skippy Schittless did on several occasions.

      They were then required to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that a violation of statute(s) occurred, which, again, they did NOT. They were required by federal statute and the Constitution to presume a person is innocent until proven guilty, which they ignored. How many times did everyone hear from the demomaggots that since Trump didn’t participate and didn’t offer a detailed explanation they had to believe he was guilty? What happened to his right to remain silent?

      They were responsible for gathering and compiling all of the pertinent factual evidence to make their case and then present that evidence to the Senate for conviction or acquittal. It is not the responsibility of the Senate to fix the haphazard, reckless and hurried job the house did.

      With flagrant violations of the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and fourteenth amendments by Skippy Schittless and his complicit minions, the Constitution was trampled on relentlessly. They are the ones who are extremely guilty of dereliction and malfeasance of duties here, not the Senate. Just because you support a bunch of incompetent morons suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangment Syndrome like you are, is not everyone else’s fault.

      Face it, YOU LOST AGAIN JUST LIKE YOU DID IN 2016!!! Realize this too, if they so willingly stomp all over the Constitution to try and remove a duly elected president, they will have no qualms about trashing yours and not thinking twice about it. Now get over your TDS and get some professional assistance.

    • I thought Schiff would be packing those bags under his eyes and leaving but maybe he couldn’t find a clean pair of cronies to pack.

  17. It was like sending a high school team up against an NBA team. The house lawyers didn’t have a chance against real lawyers. It was a farce from the beginning.

  18. The Dems are pissed because they rushed through the Congressional sham trial just to label “impeached” on our President, and was banking on some of the Reps do fall in tune with them when the trial went to the Senate. They failed with their gamble and now acting like sore ass loser babies which they are!
    They will no doubt drum up some more bullcrap to try to attack our President and our democracy as a whole. They know that he will demolish them in the election and they are already rigging up a plan B to come at President Trump again. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves with this disgusting display and attempt to hijack our democracy for their own agenda. Money, power, and all-out greed is the agenda and we the people need to rid those idiots from Congress and the Senate. Vote them out!!

  19. Question: Why did the Senate allow the brainless Dems to advance their findings when the Dems impeachment did not meet the qualification for impeachment?

  20. One of the reasons Dump wants to run again is that a President can’t, under current laws, be sued or criminally charged for laundering money and other offenses. But brother ..when his term is over…. the IRS and other Federal Depts. will put him in jail. I’m a Republican that loves their country … but I know how idiots especially Russians will respond to this. Fact are facts.

    • Penny C Gordy. Money laundering? Think you have the wrong family. Better get your facts straight. Biddens will get proven of this. Hopefully soon

    • You do realize Trump donates ALL of his federal salary to various government agencies and has done this since taking office, don’t you?

      Stop believing the demoscum controlled propaganda puppet talking heads and the false garbage they spew. They have been relentlessly lying to everyone since before he was elected. They only tell you what they want you to hear, not the whole unbiased truth, good or bad.

      You need to ask yourself this: what specific Treasonous act, high crime or misdemeanors did Trump commit that warranted impeachment? Also, what direct evidence and factual evidence was provided to substantiate the accusations? Check out the true facts before making a misguided decision.

    • Penny “pcg,phd.cand. You are not an American, you are probley from the same place oac hails or more likley where he towelhead terroist does. So pack up your bags and GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY…

  21. Are they going to cry, when they are voted out of the house? If they had half of a brain , they would not even tried to pull such a stunt. you can’t fix STUPID Vote TRUMP 2020, also vote Republican across the board

  22. Talking about unfair trial. Did they forget how unfair the House was in locking out the House Republilcan s from the cellar secret meetings with witnesses, or not allowin g Trump witnesses or cross examining? The impeachment was unfair and phony.

    • Jim.. Amen. Most haven’t caught on that this so called liberty site is a computer word crafted site that sucks people in to keep their advertising rates high. Have you noticed in order to generate revenue they advertise scams that no other business would touch? Also… most of the replies here aren’t even real. I know since i have checked a few out. Facts are facts except when Russian generated like here.

  23. The Democratic party for the most part is the Swamp and
    I hope that the President and the American people will
    continue kicking their sorrow ass out of Washington and out
    Of Politics!

  24. Honestly none of the impeachment’s have ever been about the law. Maybe Nixon was the closest. But Andrew Johnson, Clinton, and certainly Trump were only about politics and the desire of the party that lost to get a win. Even with Nixon, the Dems had been looking for a way to get him since before he was VP.

  25. This post is right on the money. It isn’t up to the Senate to introduce new material. Their job is to evaluate the evidence brought by the House of Representatives and to ascertain whether or not the charges constitute a high crime or misdemeanor worthy of removing a sitting president. Pelosi, Schiff, and company had plenty of bellicose hot air, but nothing rising to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor. Michael is right. These people swore to impeach President Trump from the day he got elected. President Trump has been the most effective and competent president we’ve had in decades. The democrats know they have no one who can rise to that level of competence. You’d have to be unearthly ignorant or brain blind to not see it.


  27. Nobody really expected it to end, did they? Theyll keep trotting out their stupid stunts as diversions, they think Trump may get distracted enough to blow the election. They really ARE that stupid!

    • YEA
      F A K E MADE UP
      B U L L S H I T
      ANY MORE

  28. So right Michael, any failing first year LAW STUDENT could have put on a better case than the Demo’s. I bet the respective Law Schools are laughing and using this case in classes to show “HOW NOT TO GO TO COURT IF YOU WANT TO WIN” Law 101 Do your job before you go to court! They failed they loose. End of story! I’d fire them all! I want my share of their bills back too! They neglected to do their job in a professional manner gross neglect of duty!

  29. My takeaway from the impeachment is the satisfaction that these ‘genuises’ failed miserably while wasting time and taxpayers’ money.

    February 9, 2020

  30. There has been a steady drumbeat of “IMPEACH TRUMP” since before he was even elected. One would think that after three years of “investigations” if there was anything actually illegal, or, impeachable, they would have been able to show some actual evidence. Not just hearsay, rumor and assumption.
    What is the old line? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result could be the definition of insanity. One would think the Democrats would eventually learn.

  31. FYI BOYS AND GIRLS. THE JURY FOUND “NOT GUILTY”!!! Trump has been judged not guilty. Therefore acquitted no matter want you in you little hate filled minds want to believe!!!

  32. Allegedly those idiots are lawyers. I defy any one of them claiming to have been prosecuting attorneys to try that grandstanding stunt in ANY court in the land. When a prosecutor brings a case to trail he/she is advising the state that they are ready for trial. That means that they HAVE everything that they need to convince the court or jury that a crime has been committed and that the defendant IS the party that committed the charged crime.

    In this case not only did they not have the “evidence” but did not attempt to get it in a diligent manner. Instead, they poured and cried that the president didn’t play fair ( as opposed to their little inquisition?) and even withdrew the subpoena one one witness because he did the proper thing and sought remedy through the court as he must rather then just disregard a subpoena that at the time he “believed” was liget. Instead, they brought their case to the Senate and DEMANDED that the Senate, the jury do the prosecutions job for it. They played the game “Oh,the country needs to know” what this villain has done. They fail to mention that THEY FAILED TO DO THE JOB BEFORE THEY TRIED TO GET A CONVICTION!!!! In effect they demanded that the “defendant” not only incriminate himself but provide evidence for it!!!! They fall back on the tired out lie “if he had nothing to hide he’d give us what we want”. That ploy has been used by prosecutors since the Miranda warning became attached to the 5th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. What they are saying is “WE GOT NOTHING SO WE WANT YOU TO HELP US CONVICT YOU”. These jerks have been trying to impeach Trump since BEFORE HE WAS EVEN SWORN INTO OFFICE!!! Anyone who doesn’t see through this crap is willfully blind!!!


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