The US Senate Just Passed A Bill That’s Going To Make Federal Employees Who Use TikTok Very Angry

(Liberty Bell) – The communist nation of China has come under heavy fire over the last several months, after finding out that they may have been covering up the number of coronavirus cases and deaths they had in the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tensions have escalated between the United States and China as the US has also discovered possible security issues with the country, going so far as to close down the Chinese General Consulate in Houston. Part of the violations they’ve been caught doing is an attempt to steal information related to coronavirus vaccines and research from 11 different nations.

Now the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has unanimously voted to approve a bill that will ban all federal employees from using the Chinese made video-sharing app TikTok on government-issued electronic devices.

The bill was introduced by GOP Sen. Josh Hawley and fully approved on Wednesday.

Here are more details from WION:

Earlier, a report was released by the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee saying that the United States and its allies have not taken sufficient measures to counter Beijing’s efforts at mass surveillance and censorship.

The 58-page long report warned against China’s “mounting influence” which will transform into “digital authoritarianism” and very soon it will “write the rules of the Internet as a leading tech superpower if necessary steps are not taken to halt its progress.”

“Three and a half years into the Trump administration, the United States is now on the precipice of losing the future of the cyber domain to China,” the report stated.

“If China continues to perfect the tools of digital authoritarianism and is able to effectively implement them both domestically and abroad, then China, not the United States and its allies, will shape the digital environment in which most of the world operates.”

The report highlighted China’s use of biometric and facial recognition technology, big data analytics, internet censorship and surveillance of digital communications.

China has proven time and again they are not a country that can at all be trusted. The whole mess involving the coronavirus is just the icing on the cake. One of the greatest threats to freedom worldwide is without a doubt the Chinese Communist Party, and what is truly unfortunate is that radical leftists are willing to defend that government, despite egregious human rights violations, simply to oppose President Trump.

Guys, this goes so much further than politics. It’s time to put that aside and look at what is going on with China objectively using moral reasoning. Clearly, there are things going on there that are sketchy. It doesn’t take an intelligence expert to note that.

We cannot afford to ignore the threats posed by China. They need to be monitored closely and certain actions taken to let them know we will not stand for breaches of privacy against our citizens.



  1. Since China is one of the top 6 countries in the world still having Slavery, shouldn’t left avoid any and all Chinese products anyway?

  2. How does the USA confront a totalitarian Communist nation whose population constitutes some 20% of the total number of inhabitants on Space Ship Earth? VERY CAREFULLY!

  3. No mention, or did I miss it, the possible grave consequences of Obama giving away Internet and Domain control. How much will this play in future Cyber Warfare.?

  4. True American patriots should avoid buying or using ANYTHING from China, whether it’s an American company or not. If it was produced in China, it’s bad. Period. They have proven beyond any doubt (to me at least) they CANNOT be trusted.
    American companies who go to China, to beat their employment and production costs (and end up making use of slave labor) should be avoided. They are NOT patriots.
    If we stop giving China our dollars in exchange for cheap knockoffs and trinkets, they will not have the funds necessary to further their dreams of world domination.

    • Something POSITIVE can be stated about American Nationalism after all (America and Americans FIRST!). If ANYONE should dominate within our own jurisdiction and sphere of influence, it should be the good old USA!


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