The Tables Have Turned: DOJ “Whistleblower” Zelinsky Has Complaint Filed Against Him

(Liberty Bell) – Now that the case against General Michael Flynn has completely fallen apart, it’s time to take a look at the rest of the bogus charges levied against Trump associates in the course of the completely debunked Russia investigation sham.

Namely, the case against Roger Stone, whose only crime was to be associated with President Donald Trump.

Just the News reports that the National Legal and Policy Center, along with former Stone aide Andrew Miller, have filed a complaint against one of the prosecutors who worked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to build the case against Stone, a longtime Trump associate and friend.

Miller and the NLPC allege that Aaron Zelinsky, the prosecutor, engaged in ethical misconduct in his use of a grand jury against Stone.

Above: Aaron Zelinsky

In the 17-page complaint, Zelinsky is accused of misleading the court in 2019 as well as changing grand juries without informing Miller, his attorney, or the court. Miller was set to testify in the case.

“Mr. Zelinsky abused the grand jury by seeking Mr. Miller’s testimony long after Mr. Stone was indicted, which violates Department of Justice policy prohibiting gathering evidence on a defendant after indictment, unless the government was seeking evidence for new crimes against Mr. Stone or other targets. Neither exception appeared to be the case,” said Paul Kamenar, a National Legal and Policy Center attorney and counsel for Miller.

According to Peter Flaherty, the chair of the NLPC, Zelinsky’s claim that Miller’s grand jury testimony was needed for an ongoing investigation was untrue, and that Mueller’s final report confirmed this.

“Our complaint must be thoroughly investigated and Mr. Zelinsky disciplined if the facts support our claims,” Flaherty said.

The complaint against Zelinsky was filed with the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice.

Zelinsky testified before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week.

He stated that Attorney General William Barr lessened Stone’s sentencing recommendation, which Barr changed to 40 months in prison.

Earlier this week, Zelinksy testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr lessened Stone’s sentencing recommendation, which Barr changed to 40 months in prison.

Naturally, the left jumped all over this.

But will they be as eager to examine the complaint filed against Zelinsky?

Somehow, I doubt it.


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