The Lying MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know The Truth About President Trump’s Actual Support

(Liberty Bell) – One of the strategies of the left is to convince the American people that President Trump is utterly tanking in popularity and the polls but the actual truth couldn’t be further from that. The lying propaganda outlets, apparently, don’t account for the fact that Americans have the ability to go on social media and connect directly with the President who is the most accessible, transparent President in US history.

You’d have to be legally blind to not be able to see just how popular President Trump is. Everywhere he goes thousands of people flock to see him, some people camping out overnight while others stand in lines from sun up until rally time. You can’t make this stuff up or fake it. It’s right there on social media for everyone to clearly see.

Where are the crowds for Joe Biden? Are they all just locked up in their basements, too afraid to leave out of fear of catching the coronavirus? Even if they are locked up in their basements they still aren’t tuning in online, something Trump supporters are also dominating in.

Here’s a breakdown of Trump’s rally and online supporter versus Sleepy Uncle Joe Biden’s from The Gateway Pundit:

CNN came out with a recent poll showing Joe Biden ahead of President Trump by double digits. But this makes no sense. Democrats and their media are telling us to trust them and not our own two eyes. No thank you!

CNN and other fake news outlets are now pushing fake polls.

Yesterday we reported ample evidence that President Trump is way ahead of former Obama Vice President Joe Biden.

We also have been keeping a ‘rally tally’ which shows President Trump is crushing – JUST CRUSHING – Biden in supporters attendance at his campaign events.

Since Labor Day the President has entertained more than 250,000 supporters at his events compared to Biden with a little over 300 supporters at his events.

And this is despite President Trump’s recent illness!

But some may argue that Democrats have pathetic numbers of in-person attendance at Biden events because Democrats don’t want to leave their homes due to being ‘dominated’ by the fear of the China coronavirus.
Today we have evidence that proves this is false. 

The Biden campaign has no energy period. No one is showing up for their events and no one is viewing their events online as well. 

The Biden-Harris campaign is pathetic! There is NO EXCITEMENT for China Joe.

Looking at each campaign’s most recent event and viewership online, provides us another measurement for how well the Trump and Biden campaigns are doing.

President Trump’s last campaign event was in freezing cold Duluth, Minnesota on September 30. He had a massive crowd but he had an even bigger online presence. Bloomberg reported 779,000 viewers of the event on their site:

FOX News reported 1.1 million viewers:

Right Side Broadcasting reported 175,000 online watching the event on two different streams:

At Biden’s event yesterday in Phoenix with his VP candidate Harris the Biden camp showed about 8 participants inside the event.

We are not sure if these people were press or not. Online they did better.

FOX Business reported 16,000 viewers online viewing the event:

The Biden site showed 19,000 viewers of the 30 minute event:

PBS showed 34,000 viewers:

In total here’s the comparison of the online views for each party’s most recent events:

President Trump had nearly 2.5 million views. China Joe had 77,500 views. China Joe could only muster 3% of the views online compared to that of President Trump.

Joe Biden has been running a campaign in cahoots with the leftist media and all they have are lies and fake news. Unless there is a miracle for Biden, President Trump is going to win the election November 3rd in a landslide, even with Democrat cheating and tampering.


  1. We all know Joe has dementia and Kamala would be the one to take over. I would have to side with the Babylon Bee on this one: “Kamala Harris’s Ratings Plummet As People Realize They’d Have To Listen To Her Voice For Next 4 Years” Goodness! that voice is cringe-worthy. And the faces! How can anybody tolerate a person like that! She has the quality of provoking certain revulsion on people, kinda makes you want to leave the place when she starts to speak.

  2. Trump in a landslide. There is simply no enthusiasm for a 77 yr old made with obvious signs of dementia. My God how can this old man deal with our foreign enimies. At this point he couldn’t debate a 6 th grader. So sad. His handlers need to be arrested for ELDER ABUSE along with his wife.

  3. To Craig Northacker: “We would have surrendered to the British in 1776” without a shot fired and we would still be suffering with slavery.

  4. Thanks for sending this. Info like this always makes me feel better about what’s really going on. I know that the polls that CNN and other members of the fake news put out are not true, but It still makes me nervous sometimes. God is in control and there’s absolutely nothing that’s the left and haters of this country can do about it!!

  5. They may be counting all the Barney Fifes that they have hoodwinked into early voting thus shooting themselves in the Barney Fife foot again and wasting their one bullet just like Barney used to do on ANDY OF MAYBERRY.

  6. The game is simple — discourage the opposition. No pole is perfect (at BEST) and it is VERY simple to slant a pole in whatever direction you want. Just, DON’T BE TAKEN IN !! Their intent is to get you NOT TO VOTE — just remember, VOTE — VOTE — VOTE !!

  7. Looking forward to the calling out to f Biden criminal cronies. If DOJ continuously refuses to do their job then I will create a court of public opinion engaging Trump nation to do what those gutless bastards refuse to do. We would have surrendered to the British in 1776 with them in place.


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