The Facts: President Trump Leaves White House With Higher Approval Rating And Better Positioned GOP Than Bush

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the left’s insistence that President Trump is the worst president in US history, he is leaving the White House with a much higher approval rating than the last GOP president had upon departure and with the GOP in a much better position to win elections up and down the ballot in future elections.

President Trump has started a movement like no other politician has been able to in recent history. That’s likely attributable to the fact that he was a Washington-outsider and not an establishment swamp creature.

He completely transformed the Republican Party to a party for ALL Americans, especially the working class. He gave a voice to the millions of forgotten Americans who reside between the two coasts.

He fought for America like no other president has done in the last three decades and when he said “America First” he truly meant it.

Now Joe Biden threatens to undo it all. Nonetheless, we can only hope Biden’s tenure is short and the damage not too catastrophic.

According to a series of polls at RealClearPolitics, President Trump’s overall approval rating is nearly 40 percent, while George W. Bush left office in January 2009 with an approval rating of slightly under 30 percent.

One poll taken in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill attack by the Pew Research Center showed President Trump with nearly the same approval rating as Bush. However, that poll is an outlier among seven other polls that show his approval rating at well above 30 percent.

The most recent poll included among the RealClear aggregate conducted from Jan 11-14, from Rasmussen, shows Trump with a 48 percent approval rating.

Rasmussen has been one of the few pollsters to have consistently polled accurately both before and during President Trump’s term. They were one of the only polling places to correctly predict his 2016 victory over Democratic failure Hillary Clinton.

Polling averages showed at this point in Bush’s two-term presidency, with just days before President-elect Barack Obama was set to be sworn in, his support was just barely at 22 percent. That’s significantly lower than Trump.

In addition to his much higher approval rating, President Trump has also left the GOP in a much better position going forward to win elections after having attracted record numbers of minorities to the Party as well as making it the Party of the working-class.

Currently, Democrats hold a very thin majority in both the House and the Senate. That’s because the Republicans won big time on down ticket elections on Election Day. That was, of course, due to President Trump.

The Senate is split 50-50 thanks to the GOP losing seats in both historically red Georgia and Arizona. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats only have the majority in the House by 10 seats. When President Bush left in 2009, Democrats held a 79-seat advantage.

In the Senate, at the same time, Democrats held a 59-41 majority which soon became a 60-40 supermajority after long-time moderate GOP Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania switched parties.

“For all the negative headlines about Trump, it’s clear the president remains far more unpopular in the media establishment driven by beltway narratives than in the rest of the country,” The Federalist noted.

President Trump can be credited for both expanding and redefining the Republican Party as well as ensuring the GOP will find future success in elections to come.

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  1. President Trump is going to come back and destroy OLD MAN BIDEN AND DEMOCRAT PARTY they harassed him for four years and Biden Harris Pelosi Schumer and McConnell should be impeached

  2. Trump should have a 95% approval rating. He created the greatest economy in history, he got rid of the Virus, he stood tall against Putin, and he showed his love for black people by pardoning the crooked mayor of Detroit.

  3. More importantly why should we believe Gallup poll? Why not quote the Rasmussen poll where he finished with 51 percent approval. Rasmussen was one of the few polls that had the 2016 election correctly. Gallup was way off for the 2016 election. Phillipson…being wrong doesn’t mean you lie, no one is calling anyone a liar.

  4. I believe that in a year or so Americans are going to realize that Biden is a far worse president than trump! Just wait!!
    Socialist media wanted trump out because he wasn’t one of their crooks

  5. That is 34% of dems. Only. Add in the rest and it is well over 50%! Just like they said the other day about vetting the national guard. 70% for Trump! Look at the facts, numbers don’t lie.

    • Gallup shows 34% made up of Dems, Reps and others. No weird arithmetic can change that. The man will go down in history as the worst President ever.

    • Because I don’t tell lies, I don’t believe lies help anyone, and it is time all of us learnt to recognize the truth and live with it.

  6. Can’t you ever tell the truth:

    President Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 34% in a Gallup poll released Monday, the low point of a presidency that already had the weakest average approval rating of any of his predecessors since the survey began in the 1940s.


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