The Draft Platform For The Radical New DNC Contains Shocking Statements About “Whites”

(Liberty Bell) – The 2020 draft platform for the Democratic National Committee convention mentions “whites” a shocking 15 times.

And yes, every mention is a “damning” context, the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard discovered.

“In more than 80 pages in the draft platform published by Politico, whites are mentioned 15 times, all critical, including three references to white supremacy or supremacists and one to white nationalists,” Bedard reported.

“In most mentions, the reference is to how whites are better off at the expense of others. And the promise often is to ‘close the gap’ between minorities and whites, though no solutions are offered,” he adds.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte also noted, if this is indeed a legitimate draft, “the fact that it’s a merely a draft means nothing.”

Rather, “It still reveals how ugly the Democrat Party has become and how ugly and divisive the future will be, should this approach to national politics ever prevail.”

Bedard pointed to each of the 15 times that “whites” were mentioned in the platform which, if resembling its final iteration, will be embraced by former vice President and presumed Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden, who, despite having boasted “centrist” leanings his whole life seems to be inevitably slated to be the most radical candidate in a presidential election in history.

By far.

Included in this shocking draft platform is also an attack on the American military as racist and the outrageous claim that white prosperity hurts racial minorities (if this were even true, what about all those poor and working-class white people that the Dems have long sought to appeal to rather than cruelly demonize and deride?)

The extreme gap in household wealth and income between people of color — especially Black Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans — and white families is hurting our working class and holding our country back.

All this serves to underscore the inflammatory, Marxist rhetoric of the “Democrat Party’s Brownshirts,” as Nolte describes them, i.e. Black Lives Matter and Antifa-linked “protesters,” which most normal people describe as terrorists.

He explains:

And, as we have seen throughout the country over the last two months, and in pretty much every Democrat-run city in America, libels like this are intended to justify and encourage the Democrat Party’s Brownshirts — in the form of the terrorist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa — to rampage, riot, loot, burn, and desecrate our history.

This draft platform is nothing less than monstrous — monstrously un-American and dangerous.

While every decent America finds white supremacism repulsive and is also fully aware that supremacism is nothing close to a widespread or “systemic” problem, what you have here is the Democrat Party furthering the dangerous and divisive conspiracy theory that white supremacists are everywhere, that whites are to blame for everyone else’s problems, that white prosperity and greed eat up America’s wealth (because wealth is a zero-sum game).

Nowhere, obviously, are there any calls for racial reconciliation between blacks and whites, nowhere is there even a call for black Americans to look beyond the past and towards the future, or to forgive a past that has nothing to do with any living white person today.

How can the party even pretend to strive for civility and order when they are fanning the flames of patently lawless civil unrest and hate?

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  1. It’s actually funny that the dummucrat party is preaching segregation again. And what’s more funny the top 2 dummycrats running the party are two old senile bags of worthless raw sewage, Biden & Bernie. Then one of their top Senators is the whitest American Indian in history and old Chucky is also in the same league as Biden & Bernie. Then there’s the white privileged Pelosi and Feinstein who eat $9.00 per pint ice cream. And about half the people in the dummycrat darling BLM/Antifa punks are white privilege college air heads. What a big laugh!

  2. I have been watching the USA slowly sink for the last 56 years with the government ( mostly federal) gaining more and more power over our everyday lives. Government should have very little say our everyday lives.
    The liberal “news” is creating more stress between “:whites’ and others than it is helping to mend any disagreements.
    I believe most “liberals” have had it too easy for too long with “free” assistance from the government ( taxpayer money ) in one form or the other, rich or poor alike.
    All government power should be reduced to only that specified in the Constitution.

  3. What does this say about our veterans who fought and died to keep America safe? Was it all in vain? I can’t believe this is happening to our beautiful country. Wake up and smell the coffee. What you are creating will be what you’ll be living should you actually have your way. Have you not seen how beautiful our country is as you traveled through America? Why? Money? I am disappointed in your behavior and I can only imagine how disappointed your parents/grandparents must be with your antics. All lives matter, not just black lives. Slow down and think and look around – you are free as of 1865. Live your lives!

  4. These are looking like Democrats of 20′-60’s trying to segregate, belittle and tell the Black people how inferior they are to White’s and need the Democrats to defend them. The same White Democrat’s how have held office and power for last 40-50 years. The same Democrat’s who have been in charge most of the largest cities in our country for 60-80 years. The same cities where they are rioting against the systemic racism, where they have black mayor, council, police chief and majority of police black. The same Democrat’s who had women, Blacks and LGBTQ representation running for their parties nomination as President and it boiled down to 2 70+ year old White men.

    If there is systemic racism in the US it is being driven by Democrats

  5. ANY and ALL American citizens registered to vote who cast ballots for ANY Democrats for ANY elective offices are FOOLS, and as such are beyond redemption, rehabilitation, and/or re-education! They’re all mentally DEPRIVED, morally DEPRAVED, factually DISPROVED, or any combination thereof!

  6. For 30 days EVERY American needs to LISTEN ONLY to what the Democrats are saying, then decide if that is the America they want to live in. THEN VOTE FOR A STRONG UNITED AND FREE AMERICA.

    • We should urge our elected officials to get us out of the United Nations, whose New World Order agenda has been adopted by the Democrat Party and the source of the rioting and insurrection in the streets.

  7. Well, the cat is finally FULLY out of the bag! What you have here is the makings of America’s Second Civil War! If President Trump wins in November, all of these Communists who are coming out of the woodwork had better tape their ankles. I believe that they will redouble their terrorist attacks and that will be when the SHTF! President Trump will come down on them like a ton of bricks and there will be a lot of BLOODSHED!!! If Biden wins (unlikely if we can keep voter fraud from the Communist Democraps down to a minimum), American Patriots will NOT accept the kind of government that he wants to bring to this country, which would be a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State. This scenario would be absolutely BLOODY and many would DIE in this conflagration! It would be an upheaval that would exceed the first Civil War!!!

    • The Russians and Chinese are watching our domestic issues very closely, you can believe that! Hell, they may even be instigating a bunch of it behind the scenes! That Nazi-turned-
      Communist quisling, George Soros, is definitely playing a significant role in the financial aspects of this situation! He sold out his own people to the Nazis in 1944, and wouldn’t think twice about selling the USA out to our enemies, either foreign or domestic!

  8. These people are crazier than hell,TRUMP 20/20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.


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