The Deep State Heavy-Hitter Who Just Accused Barr Of Lying…He May Want To Sit This Out

(Liberty Bell) – I don’t know about you, but if I were a member of the Deep State, I’d be laying low right now.

Never before has more been out in the open about the extent to which the Obama intelligence agencies worked to undermine the election, and then administration, of President Donald J. Trump.

Of course, being the vindictive, treasonous coup plotters that they are, they’re doubling-down on their inflammatory rhetoric, accusing the Trump administration of corruption left and right.

Who has ever seen such amazing feats of projection?

Notorious former prosecutor for the Muller probe, Andrew Weissmann, has accused Attorney General Bill Barr of lying during his closely-watched testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Weissman claims that what Barr said in April of 2019 about the White House’s cooperation with the Mueller probe conflicts with comments he made on Tuesday.

“Mueller’s pitbull” made his accusation on the very Deep State-friendly MSNBC.

“I thought Rep. [Joe] Neguse did a phenomenal job in cornering the attorney general in what I think is going to come out of this is something that really is a false statement,” Weissmann said.

“He said, ‘You said in a press conference that the White House fully cooperated in the Mueller investigation,’ and the attorney general would not repeat that under oath. He said, ‘No, no, what I really meant was fully cooperated only with respect to document production.'”

He explained that he’d re-watched Barr’s April 18, 2019 press conference and confirmed that Barr had claimed the White House cooperated with requests from the Mueller team for documents and access to witnesses.

The Trump administration has been long accused of restricting access to documents and witnesses.

During the hearing on Tuesday during a sensational back-and-forth, Neguse demanded of Barr “Today, yes or no, Mr. Barr – under penalty of perjury – do you testify that that statement was true at the time you made it?”

BizPac Review describes the exchange:

“I thought it was true at the time I made it,” the attorney general replied. “Why wasn’t it true?”

Instead of offering any clarity, the not quite ready for prime time freshman lawmaker tried to ask another question, only to have Barr push the issue. Neguse shouted that he was “reclaiming” his time — a common refrain from Democrats throughout the day — insisting that Barr had already answered the question.

“No, actually I need to answer that question,” Barr countered.

“Mr. Attorney General, you did answer the question,” the Democrat replied.

“No. You said under penalty of perjury,” Barr then reminded the lawmaker. “I’m going to answer the damn question. OK?”

Republican lawmakers are heard laughing off-camera at Neguse being outclassed.

Barr would proceed to clarify that when he made the statement in question that he believed he was referring to the handing over of documents.

Here’s a sampling of the responses to the exchange from Twitter:


  1. Hey, “JusticeForTrump”!! Why don’t you slither back into the same hole that all your Dumbocrat Clowns are heading for? If you can’t recognize the illegal, sleazy crap that they’ve been pulling ever since Trump was elected, you belong in the same rathole as them. The “Good Guys” are going to sweep the Presidency, and the House and Senate races by historic margins in November. I can’t wait to see you and all your moronic brethren kneeling in the streets and bellowing your hearts out, just like last time…

  2. The deep state sees that it is not incombustible. The Swamp levy’s are weakening. The left is so far left, they’ll be devouring their own for control. The behavior of the Communist Democrats has become that of the panic driven fear of an animal who sees the end is near. They are so irrational in thought and action that they don’t even realize how pathetic they’ve become to their subjects/constituents. Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, the Squad, and all the Soros minions mark these words……YOU WILL BE JUDGED and historically remembered as the most heinous and despicable criminals to hold a public office. November 2020 your failure will be complete. Trump 2020!

  3. Barr and Trump are criminals and traitors and if you don’t see that you are effing brainwashed or evil like them.

    • No we are just not stupid COMMUNIST DEMOCRAPS, who only know LYING, STEALING, BULLYING and RACISM as their answer to TRUTH! You are an absolute MORON and a DEGENERATE! You belong to the party of HATE, RACISTS and BABY MURDERERS YOU BRAINWASHED FOOL!

  4. These Dems are absolutely frightened that they will not only inherit another 4 years of Trump, but also lose the house. The thought they will no longer have any power in the Fed Gov is scaring the pants off all of the deep state actors and the radical lefties including Joe Biden. The only original idea or plan he has presented is to take away all the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. I can’t believe that people are actually saying to themselves “this is the guy I want for President.” I have a suspicion that he will fold before the convention and we will have a different candidate, one where the puppet strings are better hidden.

  5. Joo Neguse. The last name is an acronym which means N(ever) E(ligible for any) G(ood) USE. He is living up to his name at least.

    He has established himself as the heir apparent to the clown king himself, Hank “but won’t the island tip over” Johnson.

  6. those democrats are the worst at everything especially at lying worst bullshitters ever plus they steal other people’s ideas because they aren’t smart enough to come up with one of their own. Pathetic

  7. Some members of Congress proved once again that they DO NOT DESERVE THE RESPECT THAT THEY DEMAND!!! They are childish in the extreme!!! The ENTIRE PURPOSE of this ” hearing was to give them the opportunity to preen for their base and to attempt to belittle the AG and this administration. They definitely did not want most of their questions answered because those answers would clearly damage their credibility. Their bias was on clear display.
    TRUMP 2020!!!

  8. Only due to their Russia Hoax did Dems obtain House majority in 2018. And ever since then they have used their majority to cause mayhem in America. Don’t give in to their tactics! Peace will not come if you vote them in again. Dems need to lose in a big way to learn you cannot gain in America with LIES, Fake News, Violence and Mayhem

  9. The Democrats showed no respect, no class, no intelligence, and no idea what they should be doing as Congressmen and women. They are not educated about current ideas and happenings, and the Mueller team was and is a disgrace to America.

    • And Weissmann can rot in hell, along with all their Socialist/Communist Buddies!
      They should all, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler (Mr. Myth), maxi Waters, Schumer and their Ilk, should all crawl back into the hole they came out of. They are guilty of everything that they’re saying the Republicans are guilty of!! They want to defund the Police? Let them get literally and physically attacked by these whackos and see how they like living in a lawless Country!!

  10. I wish Barr would make the statement to the committee “If I am not given the opportunity to answer your questions, I will not answer any other questions from that member of the committee and No More Yes or No Questions”

  11. Andrew “Mueller’s Pit Bull” Weissman may well have let his million-$$$ mouth write a check that his two-cent ass can’t cash! To top things off, the recent farce of a “hearing” by the House Judiciary Committee with AG Bill Barr gives a whole new meaning to the expression “kangaroo court!” When does all this Marxist Deep State INSANITY END???

  12. this pos has been caught numerous times lying falsifying documents hiding info, he should be the poster child for the dnc he ran the mueller investigation,. mueller didnt even know what was in the investigation at the hearings

  13. Why the hell is this POS Weissman still walking? He should be prone on a slab and he’s lucky I don’t have the power. And it’s not only about the Trump bovine scat, it’s what he’s done to many other innocent Americans. Look the other way and I’ll slit, well you get the drift.

  14. Well, if ANYONE would know about lying, it would probably be Weissman.

    I watched some of that “hearing”.

    The demonrats all ganged up on him, and were totally rude, disgusting, dismissive, demeaning, disrespectful, and even clownish, childish, uneducated and ignorant.
    They cut him off almost every time he opened his mouth.

    “I asked for a Yes or No”
    “Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time”
    “You are making me mad”.
    “I’m surprised at the lack of respect you have for a member of Congress!”

    The demons have abandoned all perception of decorum and parliamentary procedures in the chamber.It was a fiasco, run by the inept moron Nads-handler. It was television posturing at it’s worst.

    They are desperate to put on another show-trial before November to sway the lemmings. They promised their lemming constituency they’d “Get Trump” — to get elected in 2018; but have failed at everything. They have nothing to show for it.

    It’s making them crazy. All their FBI and DOJ deep-stater efforts, lies pushed, fake news published, violence and mayhem now in the streets can’t save them — and they know it.

    The anticipation of having Trump in office FOUR MORE YEARS is making ALL demons insane.

    • All those adjectives describe Trump’s actions quite well, and I will add a few about Trump, egomanical, criminal and traitorous


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