Thanks To Big Tech Censorship, Liberals Officially Outweigh Conservatives On Social Media

(Liberty Bell) – The Silicon Valley Tech Tyrants can virtually get away with whatever they want, and we’ve all stood by as they’ve established their own corporate version of China’s social credit system under which conservative ideals are undeniably verboten.

President Donald Trump and a host of various associated accounts were banned from Big Tech outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google-owned YouTube following the January 6th riots at Capitol Hill, but the Tech Tyrants had already long been laying the groundwork to aggressively purge anyone right of Bill Maher from their networks.

They’ve done this by branding our ideas as official Wrongthink with the enthusiastic help of various “fact-checking” authorities whose biases are often even further far-left than the Big Tech CEOs themselves.

Now, Democrats officially outnumber Republicans on social media, according to data from CrowdTangle and reported on by Axios (H/T Information Liberation).

“The combined Twitter following for the 10 elected Democrats with the biggest audiences is 102 million compared to 23 million for the top 10 Republicans. Even taking President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris out of the equation, Democrats’ following is nearly triple Republicans’,” Axios’ report read.

“On Instagram over the last 30 days, the 10 most-engaged Democrats drove 76 million interactions vs. 6 million for the 10 most-engaged Republicans, according to CrowdTangle data. Take away Biden and Harris and the advantage is still double,” it continued.

“On Facebook, the top 10 Democrats have generated 2.5x more interactions than top 10 Republicans over the last 30 days, per CrowdTangle data.”

The majority of the Republicans left, other than the “heroic” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Information Liberation scornfully notes are “all cringe.”

“Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul — all of 2016 GOP primary fame — currently have the three biggest Twitter followings among elected Republicans,” they note.

Over on Instagram, young, progressives rule the day.

Socialist princess AOC has 8.9 followers and Sanders has 6.7m, while Rep. Dan Crenshaw (2.3m) is the only elected Republican with over one million followers.

However—and this is a big however, Infowars notes that “Outside of elected officials, Republicans have a bigger bench of social clout, including the Trump family, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and the potent right-wing media ecosystem.”

That’s right—because the majority of Republicans actually committed to carrying out the people’s agenda in Washington D.C. just got ousted.

Interestingly, this all comes as the public consistently trusts Silicon Valley information lords less and less.

Information Liberation also notes that they’ve recently highlighted the major drop in approval ratings for Big Tech over the past few years alone:

You can certainly see why—they only want certain Americans utilizing their networks.

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