Texas State Supreme Court Pours Cold Water On Dems’ Plan To Use Coronavirus For Ballot Harvesting

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court blocked an order from the lower-court which allowed residents to vote by mail in the name of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

After the appeals court upheld a lower-court ruling last month which had lifted restrictions on mail-in voting, Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton petitioned the court of a stay.

County officials, as per the stay, are now prevented from formally taking mail-in ballot applications from voters who were supposedly concerned about contracting the coronavirus which they can do starting 60 days before an election.

Texas held its primary in March. It’s not yet clear if the high court will hear arguments and issue a final ruling before November’s general election.

Newsmax reports:

Voting by mail in Texas is generally limited to those 65 or older or those with a “sickness or physical condition” that prevents voting in person. Paxton petitioned the Republican-dominated high court after officials in some predominantly Democratic areas approved measures to would allow voters to claim a disability and request mail-in ballots if they are worried about getting sick at polling places.

County officials and Texas Democrats cast Paxton’s move as an effort to disrupt the election and an ongoing voting case. The attorney general’s request contends officials in counties that include Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso and the border community of Brownsville have broadened eligibility to vote by mail beyond what the Legislature intended.

This ruling comes amid national consideration of similar mail-in voting measures which many conservatives, including President Donald Trump, are concerned may set the stage for widespread mail fraud.

Democrats, of course, have been banging the drum of mail-in voting since the pandemic first arose.

“Protecting the integrity of elections is one of my most important and sacred obligations,” Paxton said in a statement. “The Legislature has carefully limited who may and may not vote by mail. The Travis County trial court’s decision to allow everyone to vote by mail is contrary to state law and will be reversed on appeal. I am pleased that today the Texas Supreme Court confirmed that my office may continue to prosecute voter fraud and issue guidance on mail-in ballots while that appeal plays out.”

The Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, meanwhile, called the decision “a dark day for our democracy.”

“The Republican Texas Supreme Court is wrong to force the people of Texas to choose between their health and their right to vote,” Hinojosa said in a statement. “They would have Texans die, just so they can hold on to power. Voters should have the ability to vote-by-mail during a pandemic if they feel their health is in danger. … We will continue to fight like hell to protect every eligible Texan’s right to vote and have their voices heard by their government.”


  1. “They would have Texans die, just so they can hold on to power…” So he is admitting that the only way demoRATS can win is if they allow mail-in ballots so that they can skew the tallies to sway in their direction!!!

  2. Every state has to make their mail-in ballots as anonymous as possible, with no indication on the outside of the envelopes on whether the voter is democrat or republican, and simply leave no way to ascertain anything without ripping the envelope open. Any indication of republican or democrat on the outside of the envelope is an open invitation to CHEAT. If state governments want to maintain any public trust in their election systems then this is a must. (Those trying to destroy faith in the system will of course be delighted to see otherwise, and enemies both foreign and domestic abound.)

    The American voter needs to understand that the left ALREADY allows illegal immigrants to vote in some local elections. GO TO DUCKDUCKGO.COM and do a search for “illegal immigrants allowed to vote in local elections” (minus the quotes) and read away. In places like San Francisco this usually starts in limited cases like local school board elections and so forth, and slowly builds from there as they slowly desensitize the locals to this outrage.

  3. I voted absentee the whole time I was in the USMC. In order to do so I had to have the unit voting officer sign off on my application for an absentee ballot.
    So there are good reasons for people to do mail-in ballots. HOWEVER, for the vast majority, there is no reason for them not to get off their butts and go to the polls.
    Voting should not be “easy”, I don’t want lazy, deadbeat dimbiciles voting.

  4. I am so glad, to see a Good Judge, standing up for the LAWS, instead of giving in to the Lawless Democrats.

    • Obviously that good judge isn’t from California!
      We have ballot harvesting here in California and it is just another form of voter fraud! In the 2018 elections we lost 7 Republican seats! After the elections was over on election night the Republicans had won the election. But a group went out and collected ballots up to a month after the election! They allow people to register to vote right up to the day of election, and what they do is go from door to door, to the homeless and get them to register and convince them to vote, in this case, democrat! Votes were counted a month after the election and we lost 7 republicans. We did have a special election last Tuesday and a Republican won back that seat! In 2012 our Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq votes didn’t get counted because they didn’t arrive on time, they arrived after the polls closed, SUPPOSEDLY! If you remember right, Obama didn’t want their votes to count because he got a very lukewarm welcome when he went over seas to visit them! One plane carrying the ballots supposedly crashed and all the ballots burnt up, the next plane didn’t get to the polls in time!

  5. It amazes me that people had to show ID to get tested for Covid-19 but can’t show ID to vote. It’s just another Democrat tactic to cheat as always. Voting by mail is just like blocking the ID. They know they have a better chance at padding the votes. This kind of voting cannot be allowed. If everyone can go and shop of groceries, or shop at all, this kind of voting should not be allowed. To me it seems that this Covid-19 came along at an opportunistic time. Shut everything down, Democrat States slow to “if at all ” open up states. My guess is they want to bankrupt our economy. They will do anything, even kill to win. As far as mail in voting, They will be sent to illegals also then they will be able to vote. Democrats will stop at nothing to win. Right now, if everyone wants to know what living in a Socialist Country is like, just look at how there are going to be Covid trackers (*Which Washington State alone says they will have thousands of trackers) that will take children out of their home if someone has Covid 19. then they would put these children in a secure place. .This is in Washington State. They are going to have thousands of trackers.. This is just the same as concentration camps. California has government “places” that when the trackers go into a home and finds an infected person and there isn’t a room that has a separate bathroom in it will be taken out without choice to said “facilities” prepared for them. Does that sound like they are taking our choices and freedoms to you? Does this sound like Democrat leaders are honest and will deal honestly with the public when it comes to the election? Gavin Nusum has already said he will send ballots to ” All ” Californians to vote by mail, which will of course be non-US citizens to vote as well. Fear and panic is gripping the country and the Democrats and their News Outlets are the ones that are creating it.
    Cheat to win, that what they do. Wear a mask, gloves if you want and stand in line at a social distance and vote in person. Or are the democrats afraid if they do this that they will see just how crazy people think these leaders really are. Don’t trust anything the Democrats tell you to do. I would proudly show my ID. I’m not afraid at all because I want to be honest as Dawn said to use my right to vote and vote honestly. Now I’m in no way saying any of the people on this forum is dishonest, but if you study both sides and who wants to really be for the people, I truly believe an intelligent, caring and honest person would see the light. Oh yes the new Hero Package that the Democrats have put together to help stimulate the economy and HELP THE PEOPLE, wants to give each person 16 and over in a family 2,000.00 each a month until 2021. They want 50,000,000 dollars to get new computers for the government workers. That’s just the edge of the cliff. 1. What’s wrong with the 2 thousand per person over 16, this causes people to not want to work, which crashes the economy and makes everyone depending upon the government. Then they will do just like Venezuela and they will better be able to control the people. (Socialism)
    2. 50 thousand dollars for Computers. Seriously. What does that have to do with helping the American people during a pandemic? It doesn’t. They can buy their own dang computers. They also slipped into the “Hero Bill” to give amnesty to all of the illegals. They don’t care about them. They are just a vote to them. They promise them everything free. Free medical, free housing, free education. They don’t give that to Americans. And even if they do they know that the Country can’t sustain this practice for long. But by then, the country is destroyed and they have all the power that they are seeking. Everything they do is for self gratification and to benefit themselves. They don’t care about the American People. The democrat agenda is to have control. Food, living situations, no Churches, and all aspects of our free lives. They want to control us all. The way you know when these Democrat leaders lie is when they open their mouths.

    • Ruth, Well said.
      As to your 2. NY gov has complained that his Dept of Labor, unemployment div now needs 20 million dollars for a new computer to be able to pay unemployment payments to thousands of out of work people who haven’t received any money in 2 months or more and he is the wit who put them out of work.

  6. ballot harvesting = persons (apparently chosen by committee) go to mail in ballot drop boxes and collect the ballots. Such persons (some being unscrupulous) can identify which party the voter is registered in and trash those ballots so they do not get counted. In Oregon the outer envelope has a red or blue stripe along the top edge, red is republican registered, blue is democratic registered. WHY broadcast the voters registration and allow easy removal of the votes??? Mail in could work .. IF … complete anonymity is exercised, and voter rolls are carefully vetted.

    • Michael,
      So right. I have to produce my ID for nearly everything I do, go to the doctor, pick up a prescription, who knows what else. I can get off my butt wear my mask, and go the voting booth and show my ID like I wish everyone else was required to do and stand in line on election day- at a socially acceptable distance- without whining even though I am well into my 80s.
      Vote In Person
      Vote R.E.D.

  7. Anybody can vote by mail. It’s a rigorous process and you need your driver’s license number and SSN number to register. You need to attest to allow the office to compare your info against the voter rolls or you can’t vote by mail. Stop politicizing our right to vote, be part of the solution not a creator of problems.

    • I don’t agree with mail-in voting there is to much of a chance of voter fraud. I live in Washington state and in the primary we had to sign our name on the outside envelope and mark whether we were a democrat or a republican. Gee how nice of us, that way since Washington is a very liberal state the counter’s don’t even have to open the envelope to count your vote, they can just pitch republican votes into the trash! In order to vote you should have to go to the polls, show your ID and vote unless you are disabled. And if you are to lazy to make this effort then you do not need to vote! An election of an official is very important and you should know what that person stands for and whether you agree with them, your decision affects everyone! You do not vote for or against someone just because you do not like them, it is their view of what they want to accomplish for the country that you should consider period!

    • If the communist Democrats keep the HOR and take the Senate and the Presidency laws will be created to make voting by mail the only course of action. There will never be another Republican party candidate able to hold any office in the nation. We will become Venezuela. In the Matrix Neo was offered to take the red or blue pill. Red meant to know the truth about your existence. Blue means to stay oblivious and continue down through life as a source of energy for the invaders of everyone’s existence. Vote red and don’t be a deadhead.

    • Dawn if that were true, and you have to identify yourself with ss# and drivers license then why are Democrats always witching about having Voter ID’s

  8. The communists -democrats- are NOT above God; LET’S PRAY, and Jesus Christ gives us the Victory of the Truth.

    • But only if we keep the communists honest.

      God helps those that help themselves, if we sit back and say “God will take care of it”, we can kiss the country goodbye.

  9. Democrats simply WANT slavery back for all American citizens, so THEY can control every area of our lives… and TAKE our hard earned money through high taxes. SORRY demon rats, intelligent American citizens see right through your EVIL ways. We’re NOT as dumb as you like to think we are ! Grow up and oh, Get JESUS in your life ! Let Him TEACH you His ways !

  10. Dear Rober: When a second-year American college student cannot identify the three major sections of the government such as: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The future of America looks dark.
    Do people die? Yes. Do people move from one state to another? Yes. When a foreign national becomes a United State citizen they take a test in English. Why do I see four different languages protested at the polls? The U.S. Census will be counting the population in 2020. Why is it when the U.S. Census states the adult population of a county is 100,000, will 110,00 votes be counted? Both political parties have had problems with legal votes. What is a legal vote? My definition of a legal vote: a live person over 18 years of age, United States citizen, eligible to vote, registered to vote and actively votes in an election. In most areas of the United States about 10 to 15% of the eligible individuals vote in primaries, usually under 50% of the eligible individuals vote in the final election. Why?? Do you like higher taxes? Do you like lack of job opportunities? Do you like the lower test scores of American students? Do you like the increasing social conformity of the NEW WORLD ORDER? Do you like the same wage for the past ten years? Do you like the United Nations 2021 and 2030 agenda? Do you like individuals saying one answer to a question under oath behind closed doors and 180-degree answer in public? Then stay home and do not vote or vote Democratic. A genuinely concern United States citizen.

    • Vote Democratic? After all the BS we’ve been fed by the democratic party? After Pelosi and Schumer have lied through their teeth and have tried to blackmail Congress into passing whatever the democrats think that they can push through without thinking of the damage that they are doing to our economy? After they held up the passing of the first relief bill so that they could try to load it up with BS that had nothing to do with the virus? The democrats do not want Americans to have money in their pockets: they want all of the money in the country to go to them and the citizens to have a government provided debit card which will be loaded every month with whatever amount think that you need,regardless of what you wish. The democrats think that they can manage your lives better than you can. While Pelosi eats $13 .00 a pint ice cream. You Ms Parker need a reality check 1

    • voting dimbicile is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

      EVERYTHING wrong with the USA today is because of the dimbiciles, like you.

  11. Our paper ballots for 2019 local elections here in North Carolina worked far better than the touch screens. Everyone was lined up with distancing between us long before Coronavirus. In person, on paper, 6 feet apart, masks recommended but not required. And I wish, wish, wish photo ID required as well.

  12. As always Dems say they are saving our democracy, when in fact they want to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Vote by mail is one such scheme. How is it that just recently it was discovered that 24 million mail in ballots from 2018 in tubs at USPS sub stations. The tubs were clearly marked as ballots.

    • What a completely unintelligent comment. It’s your right to vote. Why do you want to block processes that allow you to do so? Have you bothered to go to the website to find out how the process works?

  13. Amazing you can stand in line six feet apart at a big box store but you can’t stand in line six feet apart to vote. The only reason to vote by mail is to commit fraud and its always the dem’s that do it. Why don’t the elected republicans come out in full force against this fraud.

    • It’s called having a choice. Those who are not comfortable or may be vulnerable shouldn’t have to choose between their health or the their right to vote. Are you saying don’t support everyone’s right to vote because they might vote Democrat? There is no evidence of fraud in vote by mail.

  14. We need to have in person, paper ballot voting only with totals tabulated by physical counts only. The software used for remote tabulation is as flawed as vote harvesting. Voter ID verification is the only use of facial recognition I would accept. On file photos of those registered to vote verified with the person showing up to vote. No mail-in voting at all. Those too ill to go to the polls aren’t that many and could be visited by a registered poll worker and people out of country can either plan their travel better or appear visually online with their home polling place for visual identification to vote remotely.

    If people could travel back to their home towns from afar in Biblical times to be counted in a census, people today can more easily do so to vote.

  15. And in that statement he made he just admitted what the democrats intentions are and that is to steal power away from the republicans by harvesting ballots. That’s the reason they want the mail in ballots so illegals and dead people can vote too and for democrats no less.

  16. The only reason the democrats want voting by mail is to be able to cheat. I am against
    voting by mail for this reason. The liberal democrats are all liers. The only people I can see voting by mail are the people that are bed ridden or in the hospital. Anything else would be fraud.

    • What a completely unintelligent comment. It’s your right to vote. Why do you want to block processes that allow you to do so? Have you bothered to go to the website to find out how the process works? It’s very rigorous.

  17. Thank our God above that Texans are not falling for the “let’s vote by mail” and become a blue state PLOT by the left who want us all under socialism or WORSE! Keep Texas red and get yourself to the polls – I’m 81 and can certainly “toddle” up to the polls, mask clad and rubber gloved to vote for my great GOP and our wonderful President.

  18. That TX Democrat Party Chairman is a study in blatantly obvious hypocrisy when it comes down to voting by mail! Honest elections are infinitely preferable to the policies of Democrat governors who would impose lockdowns initially and then extend them repeatedly and indefinitely when they encounter opposition by the people, all in the name of enhancing and increasing their political power and gaining control of the means of production, one of the basic goals of good Communists everywhere! As for election/voter fraud, that’s how Communists win elections in the first place! As a matter of fact, it’s the only way they CAN win! “Past is prologue” is just another way of saying “it’s happened before, and it can happen again!” WHY should the American people let such as this happen again?

  19. Now exactly where is the fraud in mail in ballotts, except when they do not arrive on time, through no part of the voters fault. Now most who look at it open minded see the most cheating done by the Republicans in power in the states. By cheatinfg I mean purging the voter ropols just before an election, mainly effecting minorities, and not putting polling places in places according to the population density especially in minority areas making it a long wait and harder to vote, also requiring voter ID when the Constitution says nothing about having to prove who you are to vote.
    Now Military and Federal Employees have been voting by mail as long as anyone here knows yet no voter fraud or harvesting ever found, a lot of accusations but no proof.
    People should look at anything political just like a judge looks at statements in a court, where is the actualo evidence.

    • Purging dead people and those who no longer live in that county is NOT cheating. Leaving them active IS. As to the federal employees and service people voting “by mail” they are strictly controlled, unlike the rampant fraud in general mail-in votes. There is also rampant fraud in many areas that are not over-seen by federal employees, with boxes of ballots “magically showing up at the last second” when the dem looks like they will lose.

    • Robert you are an ignorant person. Listen to the real news and quit being brainwashed by the fake news. Find out what is really going on before you spew your garbage.

  20. Vote in person on election day, with an ID. Put a mask on, put a bag over your head and keep 6′ between voters……. Or don’t vote.

  21. When our Texas voting day arrives, my husband and I (who will both be 76 by then and both have disabilities) will be proudly using our walker or cane and voting in person. We want to prove that everyone can vote in person, except for bedridden and hospitalized citizens. We will be pulling the lever for the Republicans (but not rinos) and cheering them on to victory.


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