Ted Cruz Slams Democrats, Reveals Why They’re Really After D.C. Statehood

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, House Democrats approved legislation that would grant statehood to Washington, D.C.

Yes, even though they claim that imperative racial justice policies must be passed as the deadly pandemic rages around our nation, they are still trying to worm their way into two extra Senate seats in the otherwise Republican-controlled upper chamber.

Only one Democrat opposed the bill, amazingly and obviously, it is destined to fain in the Republican-controlled Senate.

D.C. residents have long been hoping for voting representation in Congress but Friday marked the first time that a measure relating to providing them with this right was successful in either chamber in Congress.

The Blaze notes that currently, “residents in the nation’s capital are represented only by a delegate — Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton — and are allotted three Electoral College votes via the 23rd Amendment.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called out the Democrats for why they’re really after D.C. statehood following Friday’s vote, however.

He explained that the Democrats are only supporting statehood for the capital because it would help them secure two more senators.

If they were allotted statehood, they would most certainly elect Democrats, as the city is notably deep blue.

The Blaze notes that, in the modern era, the city has only ever elected Democrat mayors.

What’s more, Cruz explained, the legislation passed Friday will be dead in the water as it would require a constitutional amendment to achieve statehood for D.C.

“The House bill fails bc DC statehood requires a constl amendment,” Cruz explained. “Just politics: every Dem supports bc you want 2 more Dem senators.”

Cruz also took a swipe at Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) of Virginia, asking how he’d feel about Virginia being forced to return Arlington, the city that borders D.C., to the capital.

Arlington is a deep-blue city and was once part of D.C.

Cruz also rebutted Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), explaining that D.C. statehood may be bad news for his political career if Virginia had to return Arlington — the northern Virginia city that borders D.C. — to the nation’s capital. Arlington is a heavily Democratic city, and was once a part of D.C.

“Am curious, would you still support if VA had to give Arlington back to DC? W/o northern VA, Virginia would likely return to 2 GOP senators….” he wrote.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore


  1. D.C. is on the Maryland side of the river so why not make a change to be part of Maryland and you will have your representation. If D.C. became a state all the large cities would demand that right also….caous would result. Do not allow that to happen. If Maryland does not want that burden then perhaps Virginia would take it as they did Arlington. Either would be somewhat reasonable assuming the Constitution could be amended by the states as required.

  2. Why didn’t Senator Cruz finish off explaining why Arlington is no longer apart of the District of Columbia? Arlington is in Virginia because when the trading of slaves would not be permitted in DC, the state of Virginia refused to allow Arlington to be apart of such an endeavor. DC was always supposed to be a neutral and never intended to have a vote. Just move to Virginia or Maryland if you want that. If they want to create two extra Senators beg Puerto Rico to commit to becoming a state.

  3. Why is it the democratic are always trying to over through the US Constutition. The US Constitution says the District of Columbia was establish so that only the Federal employees will be able to live there and it is suppose to be an area whereby those who do are not able to vote in the states and or the country–DC is only qualified to vote as out lined in thre US Constitution-And the Declaration of Ind, I wish those who are trying to change the Official documents are written as they were so no one can change them… If you do not like it–GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY ___NOW

  4. I have ONE message here……Anyone thinking about a Biden vote, better wait and see who is his VP selection. BECAUSE, should, God forbid, the Biden ticket win, the Dumbobrats would immediately have Biden committed, then his VP WOULD BE PRESIDENT, and so on. As we know and love our current US, would be screwed, and we would become a 3rd world country within 6 months. THINK ABOUT THIS PLEASE, I don’t care how much you may not like President Trump, you MUST give him credit for what he has already done for us. Vote for the policies and our future, or America will be off the maps in the next generations school books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This covid-19 was planned by the country of China to unhinge the USA. They-ve done a great job of it. NOW it’s our time as citizens to take back America and restore her to her beauty and land of opportunities!!!!!!!

  5. The District of Columbia was set aside politically as the seat of the federal government, and was not designed nor intended to be a State or part of any other State! Senator Cruz was correct in his argument that all the Democrats want is two more Democrat senators! Otherwise, they would attempt to bring that Third World shithole called “DC” up to First World standards!

  6. The “REAL” facts are that Ted Cruz and the Republicans care more about keeping a majority in the Senate than the fact that D. C. citizens are being subjected to Taxation without Representation.

    If D.C. where RED , they would be telling you a very different story.

  7. Anyone who has a brain,knows their only goal is to take total control of this country,so they can continue to destroy it, just like the Obama administration did.

  8. All of this stupid behavior with the goal centering around insane intentions is all due to the likes of Schumer and Pelosi trying to drum up support and/or deflection to help a mentally deficient Biden rally votes. The fake polls that MSM keeps dredging up is really gone to lose the election . These are failed politicians doing what they can to try and move toward New World Order and Americans should resist the lunacy that surrounds this trash! Avoid Obama, Kerry, Clintons, and all their minions of fools.


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