Ted Cruz Slams Democrats Accusing GOP Of Treason For Challenging Election Results

(Liberty Bell) – What our nation needs more than anything right now is leadership that will actually stick to the principles they claim to believe in, which means folks who are willing to do the hard things in order to ensure that the values that make our way of life possible continue to exist. This is an effort that the radical left in the United States is working hard to undermine and destroy.

Thankfully, there are quite a few patriots in the Republican Party who aren’t afraid to face down the liberal masses and take criticism from the establishment in their own party and ensure that the way of life we enjoy right now continues to exist for future generations.

One such patriot is Sen. Ted Cruz.

According to Infowars, Sen. Ted Cruz has called for Democrats who have been accusing him of “sedition” and “treason” due to his challenge of the election results, to “tone down the rhetoric.”

“I think everyone needs to calm down,” Cruz said to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. “I think we need to tone down the rhetoric. This is already a volatile situation. It’s like a tinderbox and throwing lit matches into it.”

“Yesterday, when I released my statement with the 10 other senators, I had multiple Democrats urging that I should be arrested and tried for the crimes of sedition and treason,” the Texas senator explained.

“That’s not helpful…at a time when we’re pitted against each other. Just relax, and let’s do our jobs. We have a responsibility to follow the law,” he continued.

Cruz then went on to explain that challenging election results is not seditious, especially since there’s a large concern among the American public about whether or not the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

The senator is, of course, totally right.

In fact, our elected officials are obligated to ensure the integrity of our electoral system has not in any way been compromised, whether by people of our own country or from foreign nations across the globe. They are only doing their jobs. It’s critical that we protect our free and fair elections, otherwise we lose our republic.

Conservatives are only asking for the evidence of voter fraud that exists to be thoroughly and properly examined. This in no way makes someone seditious.

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  1. “If Biden makes it to the High Office, get a chair, place it in the middle of the room, spread your legs far apart, bend over as far as you can and kiss your ass GOODBYE”! “I AM FOR REAL”!

  2. With Hillary, we had a corrupt candidate who used her office for personal gain, helped engineer a coup against her opponent, and paid for a fabricated dossier against him. With Biden, we have a mentally vhallenged candidate who was part of the same coup d’etat, and used his office for personal gain and that of his entire corrupt family. And with our greatest strategic enemy no less. And we have a US attorney still spinning his wheels.

  3. The Nov 3 election as well as today’s run off in GA were so blatantly fraudulent, your head had to be so far up your ass not to see it then you also vblind.

  4. The best example of sedition I can think of is the way the Democrats acted the last 4 years. The Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer/Adam Schiff sideshow of impeachment was about the best example of sedition I’ve ever seen. Since even before Trump was sworn in, the Democrats were plotting and planning to carry out their coup. But, Apparently Keith Olberman, a washed out hack sports reporter, didn’t see the disrespectful acts that the Democrats did for 4 years in trying to sabotage his efforts to straighten this country out. And then Pelosi had the audacity to tear up the SOTU address. And, how come Olberman and the other frauds on the left mention about 2000, 2004, and 2016 when the Democrats did the same thing and challenged the results of the elections? I guess when they do it, it is perfectly legal. The day we have no more Demcorats in political office will be the day I am finally content. The Democrat Party should be disbanded, exterminated, kicked out of America, because they are nothing by Communists.

    • Hear, hear! Denis, you nailed it. But Demonrats have no shame and are the ultimate hypocrites. The spawn of Lenin and Stalin.

  5. Cruz knows full well that the election was fair and not won by fraud so to encourage those who are assert falsehoods is at best dishonest and because of the damage it does to our democracy treasonous. However I doubt if his actions are illegal, but they are disgusting, then so is he, and always has been.

    The election was good and valid and has be so certified by Republicans and Democrats alike and by the Trump appointed judges in the courts. Only a deranged individual or a dishonest one could believe otherwise.

    • Yet, you keep on being an idiot. You really need something to keep you busy besides trolling conservative sites.

    • R Phillipson is the perennial village idiot. He and Keith Olbermann need to drill holes in their heads and let the sap out.

  6. Libertybell why to you give any comments from oberman on your site? This guy is a loser sportscaster trying to discuss wold events which he has no idea about. Don’t give this racist any time on your site.

  7. You fools that do not understand that Senator Cruz has the right to do what he is doing, need to hear 👂 him out! Half of this country believe that fraud has happened! Especially you that has been in military! None of the facts has been heard, especially from the ones that should and the ones that need to hear this! You people who do not have any balls 🏈 and who are willing to let the country go down the tube, I have nothing for you!

  8. Ensuring that the election was fair has already been done. It was done when the states certified their Electoral College votes. Senator Cruz is a seditious traitor. It is the height of arrogance to HIM to tell US to “calm down.”

    • Another moron who speaks of democracy when the Demoncrats worked for four years to undermine the 2016 elections and no one went to jail for it. Go play in your sandbox, little boy.

  9. The way the republicans party are acting, it’s sad to think that we are in America but acting like we are in Cuba or a third world country. I’m convinced more now that we didn’t really win in 2016.

    • Glad you’re retired. You should go live in Venezuela where you belong because you have no idea how a constitutional republic operates. To think the U.S. gave you control over troops. Sad.


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