Ted Cruz Highlights Biden Administration Connections To The Chinese Communist Party

(Liberty Bell) – By now everyone should be pretty aware of the fact that Joe Biden is a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party. Not only that but they played a major role in getting him fraudulently installed as the president of the US.

In truth, Joe Biden might not even know he’s a puppet, he doesn’t seem to be aware of much. Nonetheless, a number of his administration picks reflect his allegiance to China rather than America and these people definitely seem to be cognizant and a threat to our republic.

Recently, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a series of tweets calling out Biden and his administration for their obvious loyalties to China and noted how he’s already done so much to benefit the CCP and hurt America.

The first move by Biden to support China rather than the US was rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement which imposes major restrictions on the US but not China.

Biden also wasted no time getting the US back into the World Health Organization which has run cover for the CCP over the coronavirus pandemic.

In one tweet, Cruz noted how Biden’s Health and Human Services nominee Xavier Becerra “defended the CCP against allegations of human rights abuses claiming that China has a ‘different perspective’ on the issue.”

He went on to highlight how CIA director nominee William Burns led a think tank that accepted a $2 million donation from people with connections to the CCP.

Cruz said Commerce nominee Gina Raimonda, “refused to commit that she would keep Chinese companies like Huawei (a spy agency impersonating a tech company)” on a list of banned organizations.

Department of Homeland Security pick Alejandro Mayoraks “allegedly abused his power to provide special government favors to benefit well-connected Democrats, which resulted in a high-level official at Huawei obtaining an EB-5 visa.”

Clearly these administration officials shouldn’t be in the powerful positions they’re now in but we all knew from the time Biden was just a candidate that if he should succeed at ascending to the White House, the US would surely be bending the knee to China.

As a report by the blog RedState points out, there are others not mentioned by Cruz such as Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN, and others who “have simply acted as mouthpieces for the CCP, white washing their human rights abuses at every turn.”

RedState notes that these nominations amount to one giant slap in the face to American voters and pointed out that the press will just continue to cover for Biden no matter what he does and how obvious his allegiance to China is.

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  1. “C’mon Man”?! “Give me a break”?! “This guy is as crooked as my dogs back leg”! “His chair is formed like leather cork screw”! “What did you think when he was toasting a drink with the
    Chinese PRESIDENT”?! Answer: “Kiss your ass goodbye America and goodbye “FREEDOM” and hang on for the ride of your life”! “High Treason Rules”!

  2. R Philipson you really need to wake up and smell the coffee. As the old saying goes “Where there is smoke there is fire” Don’t try to convince me or anyone else for that matter with your Nazi propaganda that this past election was on the level and there is not much to be investigated. If Trump would have won you, “Adolf Pelosi” and “Herman Goering” Schurmer would be screaming for an investigation. I’m from Chicago where the political motto is “Vote early,vote often” In a city and state controlled by Democrats I cannot remember one time in my lifetime that some type of corruption in city government wasn’t taking place. 3 Democrat Governors have served prison time. An elected official died and several hundred thousand dollars in cash were found in his personal effects.The Chairmsn of the Democratic Party in Illinois who was also Speaker of the House probably should have been in prison 10 years ago. And let us not forget that the Mafia stole the 1960 Presidential election for John Kennedy. Yes there should be an investigation into President Trump’s charges of election fraud. However this is the last thing the Democrats would want because it would upset a system that is tilted in their favor and it would expose them for the corrupt criminals they are.

  3. It is amazing that so
    many of our own people are so stupid now!!! If the people who are here now had been in power in WW2 Hitler would have won because our president would have been Hitler’s buddy. FDR is turning over in his grave! And so
    Is Harry Truman.

  4. Follow the money coming from China and there is the corruption and treason most of the people being picked for the Biden administration including Biden himself have those $ ties

    • The leader of the Republicans in the Senate has a wife with huge Chinese connections. The Trump family were out selling citizenship to the wealthy Chinese. Which money are we following today?

  5. What absurdities, Cruz is trying to lie like a Trumper, but he really isn’t up to it. Once again you talk about fraudulent election. No fraud in 7 million more votes than Trump and an election when the Republicans held seats they were expected to lose. You are the fraud and liar to boot.

    • Apparently you have your head in the sand if you think that. Biden has been all in for China for years as his cabinet picks show.


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