Take A Wild Guess How Many Arrests Were Made After Antifa Insurrectionists Tried To ‘Break Down Door’ Of Police Union Headquarters

(Liberty Bell) – Radical left-wing insurrections attempted to break into the headquarters of the Portland Police Bureau’s labor union located in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday. Given all the hoopla coming from diehard liberals across the country about how dangerous right-wing insurrections — you know, the people who sieged the Capitol — you’d think these same individuals would be wanting to see the Antifa thugs responsible go to jail.

However, a new report on this from BizPacReview has revealed that unlike those dastardly villains in the riot at the Capitol, there was not a single arrest made in this particular siege. You know why? Because the folks involved in the incident are the foot soldiers for the more radical elements of the Democratic Party tasked with ushering in violent revolution.

At around 5:15 pm, which is actually 2:15 pm in Portland, the Portland Police Bureau took to Twitter to report that a “protest” had developed outside the building and that some of those participating in the event had “tried to break down the door of the Portland Police Association.”

Well, now. That doesn’t really sound like any kind of protest I’ve ever been a part of. How about you, dear reader? No? Yeah that sounds much more like a riot being carried out by insurrectionists.

The Portland Police Association is a local police union. At the time the riot took place outside their doors, local officers were in the building for a meeting to discuss current contract negotiations.

When this “riotous, but mostly peaceful” protest erupted, the bureau put out a statement on Twitter saying, “To those participating in the protest, this direction is being given over loudspeaker: stay on the sidewalk, do not try to break into the building or violate any other laws. If you do you’re subject to arrest and/or use of force including less lethal weapons.”

Two hours later, the Portland Police Bureau reported that the protesters had vacated the area.

So what we have here is the Bureau stating that despite these miscreants attempting to break into the building where government employees were meeting and the admission that there was vandalism, no force was used to quell the “protest,” nor were any arrests made.

The message being sent here is that if you are a leftist you can pretty much get away with anything. However, dare to think for yourself and suddenly everything you do, even picking your nose, can be labeled a terrorist activity.

What hypocrisy.

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  1. Hey, Billy Wilson, Feb. 15 ! Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it ? I’m saying that the Dems don’t want you to know the truth and fully expect us to believe whatever they say. For me, if a Dem’s mouth is moving , it’s telling a lie ! Read all of my comment made Feb14, and don’t just pick parts. I’m about as far from a Marxist Liberal Democrat.

  2. Good luck getting Biden and Harris to do anything against either of these terrorist organization, They used them to commit the fraud for the Democrat’s. Now they can do anything they choose to do. Our Government is leaning far left going toward Communism. Watch the next few weeks.

  3. It was just a little minor, accidental damage which occurred when a handful of peacefully assembled antifa and BLM members were attempting to speak to local officials. Been blown way out of proportion. No arrests necessary. Dems would rather you believe this than the truth. Then it goes away without you knowing what their words, and actions, or inactions, precipitated.

  4. Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 11-24-2020 A. D.”! “As of this date “40” “EXECUTIVE ORDERS” signed in to “LAW” endangering “Family America”! Analogy”! “All Positive Law is Null and Void” with a stroke of a pen and the Country is a “TITANIC” with the “Administration” on the fantail singing “GLORY HALLELUJAH” “ WE DID IT”!

  5. Antifa and blm are nothing but a Marxist organization trying to take over our government and should be designated a domestic terrorist group and punished as one!


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