Take A Look At Who Just Took A Massive Ten Point Lead In Democratic Party Poll; This Is Terrifying

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has been moving more and more to the left in recent decades, but the latest poll conducted by Morning Consult reveals that it seems the liberals in the party are now willing to embrace socialism in total.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is riding high off of a major victory in the New Hampshire primary, but he’s now getting more good news as the latest polls have him leading the pack of candidates by a whopping ten points.

In other words, the complete shift to the left for the modern Democratic Party is one step closer to a total embracing of communism, a fact that should terrify those of us who value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Following his narrow victory in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary — his second successive strong showing in the party’s first nominating contests — Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up a double-digit lead over former Vice President Joe Biden and entrenched himself as the best-positioned candidate heading into next week’s Nevada caucuses.

According to a Morning Consult poll conducted Wednesday, the Vermont independent is the first choice for 29 percent of Democratic primary voters, up 4 percentage points since polling conducted Feb. 4-9. Biden’s support fell 3 points during that time to 19 percent, leaving him 1 point ahead of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It should be obvious why this is super scary. It’s likely that Donald Trump is going to face off against a radical socialist who wants to destroy all of the rights we hold dear to our hearts, the very liberty that so many of our forefathers and military members shed blood to create and defend. This raises the stakes for this year’s election a hundred fold.

No longer is this just about the battle between limited government and bloated, big government statism. This is a fight for the survival of the American ideal of freedom and liberty, an idea that has become the last beacon of hope for the whole world. If freedom falls here in the States, it will vanish off the face of the earth. Period. That’s not to sound alarmist, that’s just simply the truth.

We need to be on board with President Trump and give him our support, even if we aren’t big fans of his personality, because the alternative is the death of America. We must not allow that to happen. Our children are depending on us to provide them with a free country where they can pursue their dreams uninhibited by the greedy, power-hungry hands of the federal government. Standing against people like Bernie Sanders is not optional. It’s mandatory.

Sanders’ socialism is just a few short steps away from full blown communism. Once we embrace the system Bernie wants, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump to the kind of government our Founders fought against tooth and nail.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/commies-unite-bernie-sanders-takes-10-point-lead-in-latest-democrat-party-poll/


  1. I think is good. Of those that might win the Democrat nomination, Sanders would be the easiest for Trump to beat.

    That said, I hope the White House and the RNC are working _now_ to combat electoral fraud in 2020. It’s going to be worse than ever. It will be enough to make the entire concept of “national popular vote” worthless (and that multi-state compact a travesty).

  2. You do know his name is bs lol bull shit he can talk more trash that a cheap radio he never had a job until he was elected to the Senate then he tries to tell me he is for the working people BULL SHIT he is for Bernie no one else

  3. Crazy Uncle Bernie has eked out a couple of wins that last election he won easily. As time goes on, he may not as popular as he now appears. Super Tuesday will be most telling. His lack of candor on the costs of his BIG programs will be his downfall.

  4. Mighty Mini Mike is high in the DEM polls because he hasn’t been to a debate yet or been out campaigning against his rivals. I have not heard what his platform is and how he will address America’s problems/issues-immigration, taxes, climate change, gun laws, healthcare, prison reform, or how he will handle China, Russia, NoKo, ISIS, Syria, or Iran, just to name a few.

    Little Mikey has some skeletons rattling around in his closet that he may not want falling out. The Other Democrat candidates will drag them out and wave’em about.

  5. Guess that the democrats do not research in order to learn anything, especially American history and our constitutional form of government that allows liberty for all with responsibility by all. Guess they like using the great outdoors as their personal toilet, trashcan and ashtray. Guess they want to see America fail because they themselves are losers. Guess I’m going to make sure they lose again! How about you?

  6. Well this is the results of letting the left indoctrinate our children instead of educating them in History and Civics. We all saw the Communist party stop running political ads and leaders in the early 70’s as they joined the Democratic party. Now they have slowly wormed themselves into the workings of the Democratic party and now are pushing the people to take over the American Government and convert it into a Socialist government. And of course since the indoctrinated are not educated in Civics and History, they do not know that Socialism is the first step to COMMUNISM; and Communism needs a disarmed population to take over. For all you woke uneducated people out there, you are a bunch of stupid sheep getting ready to happily go to the slaughter house. You will soon find out how comfortable you bed is after you made it, just at the Virginians are finding out.

  7. Sanders – just another chicken come home to roost thanks to Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders were also eliminated.

    You can also thank today’s hoodwinked Christians and patriots who have been bamboozled into promoting the biblically seditious Constitution (including Article 6’s Christian test ban) as the law of the land.

    For more on Article 6’s Christian test ban, google online Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

  8. ANYONE would be better than the liar we have now, ANYONE at all….how can you trust trump…..i was taught liars are liars, cheats are cheats, fornicators are fornicators and greed such as his is anything but christian, despite any claims to the contrary!! I dare you to print this comment with the rest of your trump propaganda!!

    • a Liar and a cheat are just prerequisites for politicians! However a communist and a socialist deserve a free trip feet first through a wood chipper!!!! The real problem is there are people out there that are just too stupid to understand that. And as the saying goes you just can’t fix stupid!!!

    • Boy I see you’ve drank too much of the dims koolaid and need to go to rehab. That or you’re just plain old retarded and blind as well as unintelligent.

    • Only liars and cheats seen in USA are dem politicians and supporters. Other dem supporters may not be bad people, just misindoctrinatedi That being said, not all republicans are good people either. President Trump has been portrayed by dem party and MSM as a liar, cheat, racist, etc. but have not seen any proof of it. President Trump may not be a person I would invite to dinner, but he is the right person for the job of President of the USA. Glad I voted for him in 2016 and will do so again this year. Stuff it dems.

  9. So the modern day equivalent of a ‘snake oil salesman’ is leading in the Dim polls. Shouldn’t surprise anyone as whomever promises the most and best free stuff can always win out against hard work and being self-sufficient and B.S. knows that. First B.S. tells everyone who will listen what ails them and convinces them they are all doomed to forever be marginalized and at the societal bottom of the economic ladder. However everyone can be saved from their doom an gloom by simply buying into what only he can provide them at the cost of just their one measly vote. He promises to tax every hard working person and the insidious businesses to lift them out of their marginalized quagmire. Of course simply applying themselves and working hard would work too. But it is easier to be like B.S. has been his whole life. Misery loves company.

  10. We have to vote Oresident Trump back into office if we want our freedom Bernie Sanders is another puppet for that communist George Soros we can’t have him as President of this.wonderful country. Vote for Trump 2020

  11. You cannot convince me that the majority of the democrats are not mentally ill. They believe so many impossible things every day and so many lies from their “leaders” that it’s impossible for them not to be mentally ill. The problem is, they’re going to take the rest of us down with their fall if we don’t stand strong and tell the truth loud and often. We need to buy up media companies and set them straight to tell the truth and fire any so called news reporters who spread nothing but lies and innuendo about good people. We need to get constitutionalists elected instead of RINOs. We need to elect people who will stand up to the democrat machine instead of folks who go along to get along and in so doing cave to the unprincipled leftists.

  12. You totally discredited yourself by equating communism to socialism. They ARE different!! Fear tactics with erroneous information will not help this country.

    • They are both totalitarian regimes who cannot tolerate individualism. Thus there is no effective difference between them.

    • Bernie honeymooned in Moscow and PRAISED the Russian government …..
      Bernie PRAISED Fidel Castro and the Cuban government…..
      Bernie PRAISED the totalitarian Venezuelan regime….

      Bernie BASHES America…..

      THAT is all I need to know…..

  13. What does this say about the “DEMORAT” party almost 50% in the poll say that the Democrats support a Independent-communist and the former Republican Mayor of NYC?

  14. I wonder what the odds are or will be at Super Tuesday, I’ll bet poor old Bernie gets the shaft again ..the DNC wants Bloomberg & Clinton ..Bernie is out they do not want him.

  15. One may well ask why each Presidential election is more important than the previous election! The obvious answer is that the domestic enemies of this country are becoming increasingly more corrupt and radical, and will stop at NOTHING to obtain and retain political power over the American people! In a word, these “domestic enemies” are known collectively as Democrats, and must be put down like the terminally ill political animals into which they have evolved! If they EVER attain majority status again, the lights will go out and the USA will go quietly into the night, perhaps never to be restored or resurrected!

  16. Why is the dummycrat party so worried about Bernie? They’ve been striving for this moment since Woodrow Wilson was president. Socialism/communism has been the ultimate goal of the dummycrat party for the last 100 years. The only 2 exceptions have been Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy.

  17. How anyone can want the failed 1970’s socialism Sanders is trying to peddle I don’t understand.
    Socialism looks great on paper. Everyone chips in and everyone benefits. Until someone realizes that they get the same benefits even if they don’t contribute. Then the whole system falls apart.
    While or representative republic form of government and our capitalistic economic system has it’s inherent problems, it is still the best workable system available.
    I’ve been all over the world curtesy of the US Army. I’ve seen how people actually live. The US is the only country I’ve ever seen where the poor are fat and have cell or smart phones.
    Bernie wants the government to take control of aspects of your life where it has no right or reason. It’s all about who is in power and who has control. The people or a select few government elites. Your choice. But this kind of crap makes me fear for my grand children.


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