Swedish Schools Change Curriculum To Include Greta Thunberg – The Course Subject Will Surprise You…

(Liberty Bell) – Sweden has lost their minds for Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old autistic climate alarmist has risen to heights of fame no one could have possibly predicted. For sane, rational thinking people it’s all over-the-top ridiculousness and Greta is nothing more than a pawn being used by her deranged, attention-seeking liberal parents and the left. For Sweden, on the other hand, she’s being heralded as a hero, a modern-day prophet, a pioneer, a saint!

Now, Sweden is incorporating Thunberg into their school curriculum, in the most zealous and bizarre of ways.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Greta Thunberg is being taught to Swedish children as part of a course about “religious knowledge,” with kids being asked to mock her opponents.

News outlet Samhällsnytt reported that the 16-year-old climate activist is now included in the school curriculum and is being portrayed in an overtly sympathetic light, with the course describing her as an “alarm clock” that “allows us to discuss, talk, and reflect on what is happening to our world.”

According to one student, “Greta is practically painted as a saint.”

Students are tasked with making memes about Greta that mock her opponents and disprove criticism that has been leveled at her.

“In one task, they are asked to find a picture to illustrate the sentence “One simply doesn’t mess with Greta,” a nod to an outdated Boromir meme from “Lord of the Rings,” reports Sputnik.

According to education publisher Liber, including Greta in lessons is “important to constantly offer materials and teaching materials that reflect the contemporary.”

Where to even start with this mess. A 16-year-old autistic girl from Sweden is the “alarm clock” that is raising awareness on climate change? What good is science anymore if hypocrite teenagers like Greta can just jet-set around the world lecturing grown adults on the alleged grave consequences of their lifestyles, and is just believed and treated like the authority on the matter?

Does nobody care what actual scientists have to say? Even among scientists there is no consensus on the actual dangers facing the climate and planet Earth. Of course, there are alarmist scientists but at least they have credibility thanks to their profession. It’s understandable for looney leftists to at least put value in what actual scientists have to say, albeit however wrong they are.

What is hard to reconcile is how much blind faith and trust the left is willing to put in Greta Thunberg. A 16-year-old child with autism, to boot. What qualifies her to speak authoritatively on the matter of climate change? Yet, here is Sweden, making a modern-day prophet out of her. Last year, the Church of Sweden even went as far as to blaspheme God Himself by saying Greta is “Jesus’s Successor,” and now they ring bells in her honor.

How can anyone even defend such a delusional, blasphemous statement? The condition of the climate is not a moral issue and nobody is receiving salvation from being a good steward to the climate change agenda. It’s totally unbelievable that a church could make such a statement.

This Greta Thunberg hysteria really has gone too far. Mentioning her in schools when discussing the climate change debate as part of a science, not religion, course would be a healthy perspective but Sweden has officially gone off the deep-end. Swedish children are being fully indoctrinated to treat climate change like a religion and to hail Greta as its great prophet and saint.

Is there an end to the madness?


  1. In answer to the question ” Is there no end to this madness?”, the answer is “Only if the fake money source the feeds international globalist and liberal madness is destroyed”.

    It is time for the American oeople to force their bought and paid for (with fake money) politicians to end the source of that fake money to which they’re addicted: to end the Federal Reserve Bank(FRB).

    The FRB is a huge deception.

    First of all, it is a privately owned corporation with shareholders so IT IS NOT FEDERAL.

    Second of all, no cash or actual valuable material assets like precious or strategic metals is held by it so THERE ARE NO RESERVES.

    Thirdly, it serves no useful banking function except lending money; which it creates out of thin air; to the Federal government.

    But this ONE bank function of lending is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY as the US constitution gives to the US congress – and to the US congress alone (with no authority given to palm this responsibility off on to any other entity, especially a privately owned corporation) the EXCLUSIVE right and POWER to “MINT” MONEY.

    Notice that the US constitution says “MINT” money, not “PRINT”money.

    The first is TRUE money which holds value in itself. It is gold, silver, and other precious metals.

    The second is merely CURRENCY which is only useful for TRANSACTIONS. Value is held in the assets acquired with the currency, but NOT in the currency itself.

    This means that congress does not need the Federal Reserve Bank. All the Fed really does is present is a huge opportunity for European private central bankers to meddle in the US economy to their enrichment and the impoverishment of the citizens of the US. THIS MUST STOP.

    If money is needed for infrastructure development the congress can create credit dedicated exclusively to the task and sell bonds.

    It is the method of Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury secretary, that allowed the recently born USA to quickly pay off debts from the Revolutionary War that were a much higher ratio in comparison to then GDP than our current debt is in comparison to our current GDP.

    The efforts by tyrants to overthrow our republic – as showcased in their cureent Seinfeld impeachment or impeachment about ‘nothing’ – will never stop as the children of satan and eternalky prodded towards this by the emptiness within them causes by the ansence of Christ. BUT AT LEAST we can discontinue financing and propping up their evil.


  2. A child that gets the notion that the trash laying around our planet is not so good decided to go out and pick it up and then put it in a container built to recieve discardable wast. An adult that thinks it is below their status in life to stup so low as to clean up a mess unless their is some kind of reward. Looks away.
    Please tell me WHO is the fool?And WHO is the concerned citizen? Can not think of a religion on this planet that does not hold cleanliness to be top shelf.

    • Your comment made me think of the clear difference between political rallies of say those of the Tea Party and some liberal organization. Reports often showed a clean National Mall after the Tea Party was finished.

  3. Little girl, if you REALLY cared about humanity and fear GOD, you would be better off worrying about your soul and the souls of others! We as mere mortals do not have the power to destroy this earth – READ YOUR BIBLE. You would do better to humble yourself and pray to God for yourself and the rest of this evil earth! We ARE in the end times.

  4. Poor little autistic robot. They wind her up, send her out into the public domain and provide her with a prepared script. I prefer listening to the 30,000 scientists in the world who agree climate change is a hoax.

  5. What is wrong with Sweden!? Sweden is now throwing out it’s citizens from public housing and replacing them with muslim migrants! Need I say more!?

    • Sweden and Germany have been doing this for a couple of years now. Not only that, when a muslim rapes a Swedish woman they get off and the women is told to stay in at night and dress appropriately!! Sweden has been off the deep end for a long time now.

  6. In future annals of psychology, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ will be joined by the equally pernicious ‘Thunberg Syndrome’.

  7. Sweden is getting what its current weakness deserves. Its ancestors are rolling in their graves, as their land is fouled with idiocy.

  8. Pray for America and the world leader to open their mind,hearts and ears to God..we need to stand in the gap..God has had about enough with disobedient human kind!

  9. Whether she will or not will likely depend largely on the degree & type of her autistic dysfunction, & others surrounding her as well. I also have my doubts.

  10. I just wonder if we said the same things about your daughter or son how you would react? Where is okay to criticize someone this age in this manner who has an opinion? One writer calls her autistic, others have called her a Nazi, and others indicate she does not or is not allowed to have opinions that disagree with their own. Especially because she is a young woman.

    What if YOU are wrong and global warming is real? You old people that comment here will be long gone and the young people in our world will have to clean up your mess. When have we had 97% of people agree on anything. Never that I can remember. Except until we get the scientific community together to tell us that our actions and inactions are creating global warming.

    Think of how YOUR failure to act on global climate change will affect your children and grand children. God gave us this planet to take care of. Trump and his minions are not doing a very good job in my opinion. God gave us the tools to take care of our world. We just need to use them. The US puts out more damaging CO2 than any other Country per capita by a huge margin.

    • Doug, some of us who are older have lived long enough to see repeated predictions of imminent doom by those who worship Gaia & claim Earth is doomed,fail, as well as to have learned some real science, before it was “bought and paid for” conclusions & left-biased to the point it’s not been science at all for decades, but a quasi religious cult, in fact.
      Fact: climate has been changing, since the Earth was created, in cycles, warming & cooling, according to SUN cycles.
      Fact: we are currently in a grand solar minimum, which always causes more violent atoms,when it occurs, but a grand minimum is rare, so generations pass between them.
      Fact: US air & water are cleaner today than they were 50 yrs ago, despite the fact we have more cars on the roads & more people heating homes with fossil fuels than we did then.
      Fact: I’m still waiting for that ice age that was going to wipe us all out back then. And yes,I was an adult that long ago, to clearly remember that “threat”.
      If your dead set on pursuing this “greenhouse gas” insanity, at least go after the correct gas; CO2 is not the worst culprit; you want hydrogen hydroxide!

    • Doug, You have missed the main point here. First of all, scientist don’t agree about climate change so: How can a 16 year old girl, who does have some form of autism, know enough to disrespect and rebuke world leaders about climate change? What the left has done to this girl is absolute horrible. In my humble opinion, they have destroyed this girl’s life. They have made her think she is more intelligent than world leaders, than many scientist (who believe global warming is a hoax), and that she has the right to speak about something she cannot possible know about, and on top of that have glorified her to the point of deity, This is extremely destructive to her and to her future. MHO

    • Hi Sandra

      Thanks for your polite reply. The facts you reference do not relate to global weather change other than the approaching grand solar minimum which will affect the near term only, probably yours and my lifetime. We probably both could learn from Greta Thunberg. Air pollution is totally different from the pollution from greenhouse gases.

    • Honestly! Trump did not create the problems you and your minions blame him for. What of China and other global polluters? And what of global POPULATION EXPLOSION!? How about exposing the real Politically Incorrect TRUTH!

    • Doug, characters on the left keep saying horrible things about Barren Trump, did you even try to defend him as much as you defend Greta?
      The earth has survived far worse than the pollutants we have today, this planet was once full of corrosive gasses. Sure we should do something to clean up our air and water however not all of the climate alarmist are living up to their expectations of everyone else. If they want change then they should lead by example and not by being self righteous, smug critics.
      Off grid living would really help, collecting rain water, disconnecting and using solar and wind but in places like for example, California (run by democrats) will not permit this.
      In some other places, having solar panels raise your property taxes.
      Desalination plants would help plenty where there are water shortages especially in arid places such as the African continent, parts of California too. The ocean has vast amounts of water, it never leaves the planet.
      Water just changes form and moves around.

    • The whole global warming scenario was created by a group that me in Australia with the goal of transferring wealth from developed nations to third world countries, and global warming was invented to do just that. Should we care for our earth, absolutely, but Greta needs to go to China and India and lecture them, because most developed nations, the U.S. in particular, have come a long way and any more will contribute little if anything to conserving our air and water. One young mad developed and produced a method to keep a lot of junk out of our oceans by stopping it from entering at the mouths of the rivers — just an example.
      Much of the statistics on “global warming/climate change” were proved to have been manipulated for a certain result, and all scientists do not agree. And Greta is not a scientist, nor a successor to Jesus, nor a saint, prophet or anything else. She is being used — follow the money!! It is all about the money.

    • The climate and what the global changes will be are in the hands of GOD, not a few nerdy scientist or tree huggers, or OAC who gives the world only 8 years (now) to still be in existance. Oh boy will she be shocked when she wakes up that morning and sees she is still here, oh well we can’ t win them all.

    • Whether she will or not will likely depend largely on the degree & type of her autistic dysfunction, & others surrounding her as well. I also have my doubts.

    • And I hope that one day, you realize what a terrible mistake you’ve made by denying the science behind climate change, but I doubt it since you seem to know it all.

  11. This girl is a joke, obviously being played (willingly) by the nazi ,leftist,new world order,communist,victim-card playing,attention-starved,democrat-voting,brainwashed,lying,cheating,desperate,group-thinking,feckless,socialist,weak, Godless,cannibalistic,lawless,unethical, gutless,soulless,Soros-loving, liberal,pedophilic, ass-kissing,scum-sucking,lowlife,muslim-loving,reprobate,cowards!!!

    • AMEN Hp. I never have been able to come up with that many descriptive names for the communists all at once. Great job! The communist morons are making their own mess, (and prison) and blaming it on older people, just as they’ve always done. Their creed is to do rotten, stupid destructive things and blame anyone and everyone else. These spoiled wastes of “human” hide will never own ANYTHING. We desperately need to rid the planet of this “human” pollution.

  12. This whole climate change or global warming has become a cult with deranged folks using children to push the narrative. This is really sad. These kids have no idea what in the hell they are spouting from the talking points of supposedly grown-ups. We know it’s all about power and to some like Al Gore and Obozo-money. I guess Obozo figures he has only 12 years for the earth goes to hell, he and his mrs. might as well enjoys beach front property-or maybe he really knows something.

    • Hitler used children to spread his message too. The left is more Nazi like everyday. They don’t have facts, they make up their own facts and they can’t prove a thing it’s just about funding more nazi leftist propaganda. No doubt if this continues we are going to war with Leftist Democrats and I’m not talking words here soon the Republicans are going to have to decide to continue to be sidelined asswipes Who talk allot of shit but don’t do anything Especially to expose the corruption in WA probably cause they are just as much sewer rats as the socialist Dems are. or they need to wade into the fight and destroy the left as they seek to destroy America.

  13. Who knew that all I had to do was scream about the earth burning up and I’d get out of school! Silly me, I only claimed a stomach ache. And I didn’t get paid to skip school either, just more make-up work.

  14. I feel sorry for Gretta, she’s had her mind poisoned by the overzealous fools, who push their agenda on the same world. She’ll never have an original thought, nor a rational one.

  15. As long as the left continues to exploit, among others, minorities both racial & gender confused, radical & other extremist groups, anti-semites, abortionists & other fools who address contraceptive needs with the undermining of our protective Constitution, they will continue to ignore appropriate thought process and non junk clear science and scientific methodology in their pronouncements. I for one will continue to oppose such garbage thoughts and other nonsense which the left promulgates to support their nefarious motives which always translated to money in their dirty pockets or more illegitimate votes in their terrible bailiwicks!!! Throw them out with the feces & other waste!


  16. How SAD!!!!!!!! Her parents are very sick creatures. Put GOD in their life and they will learn that The GOOD LORD IS IN CHARGE OF CLIMATE. Why don’t you all take care of the PLASTIC that is infesting our OCEANS?

    • Yes! Prosecute the polluters….I assure you it isn’t the USA dumping raw garbage into rivers, streams & the ocean.

  17. The Swedes have lost their minds PERIOD! . . . They have NO concept of the word called TRUTH. I’m glad I don’t live in a country like Sweden whose populace live in a constant state of CONFUSION. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  18. First of all, she is almost a “woman”, and every liberal (which the vast majority of Sweden qualifies for) knows that women are “sacred”, for their “feelings”. Secondly, she is a good rallying point for “feelies”, you know, those who put the way they feel above anything else, including self-preservation or survival. Thirdly, she is the poster child for the media, which is bent on self-destruction, and taking us with them.


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