Survey Reveals What Americans Really Want Trump To Do About The Election

(Liberty Bell) – A stunning number of Republican voters believes that the election was stolen from President Donald Trump and that former Vice President Joe Biden is not the legitimate winner.

Amazingly, 90% of Democrats believe that Biden’s victory was in earnest, leaving 10% who apparently aren’t so sure.

That in itself is rather striking, is it not?

Republican voters are far more skeptical.

Just 20% of Republican voters, according to a Thursday USA Today/Suffolk University poll, believe that Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

78% of Republican voters and just 3% of Democrats believe that Biden was elected unfairly.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

That’s millions of American citizens who believe that this election was stolen.

This just goes to show that the GOP has the backing of its voters when it comes to challenging the results of this fraudulent election—so where are they?

We the people elect our officials. We need to put pressure on them to do more to support Trump in his efforts to overturn the results of the election.

Just 37% of Republicans agreed, when asked, if Trump should concede the election.

While of course, 95% of Republicans said he should, just 37% of Republicans agreed.

57% of Republicans backed President Trump in his efforts to fight the fraud.

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has been leading the campaign’s efforts to challenge the election.

Giuliani has said he has at least 1,000 sworn affidavits from citizens who have alleged wrongdoing—which means these people would be willing to go to prison if proven to have lied.

This, the former New York City mayor said, should be “enough to overturn any election.”

President Donald Trump called for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate allegations of election fraud.

“After seeing the massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, I disagree with anyone that thinks a strong, fast, and fair Special Counsel is not needed, IMMEDIATELY. This was the most corrupt election in the history of our Country, and it must be closely examined!” Trump tweeted.

Time is running out.

If Biden gets inaugurated—it’s going to be that much harder to reverse the results of the election.

We’ve got to make a bigger fuss than we’ve ever made before—patriots, it is time to save our country.

Copyright 2020.


  1. During the Russian fiasco and the Impeachment of President all I heard the Democrats say was “The Rule Of Law” and “Nobody Is Above The Law” Well many States broke Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court must take up the Election. They can not be bullied by Justice John Roberts or anybody else fearing riots or anything else. The States that violated the Constitution must have a repeated election as soon as possible. The Supreme Court can delay the Inauguration to an appropriate time to allow for the election and time to determine the winner. If not then President Trump should invoke the Insurrection Law since the past election surely was an Insurrection. Then a new election must be demanded before the Insurrection Law can be lifted. If riots ensue they will be dealt with. But, Constitutional Law must be upheld.

  2. I think the election was stolen and there is enough proof to overturn it, but what can a private citizen do? We can say this SHOULD be done; but that doesn’t help get it done. What can we do????

    • Agreed! It’s TIME to show the demonrats WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THEIR BS ANYMORE!
      They have to GO! The ONLY WAY is Civil War.
      It’s what they understand. Let’s give IT to THEM! Slaughter them ALL!

  3. A special counsel is needed so if by chance Trump does not return for his second term in office, no one can disrupt the process of convicting the crooked politicians and the Biden cartel.
    The election should be held over, in person, with paper ballots.

    • If you did a one day “hand count” it would BE OVERWHELMING the “WELL OVER 100 MILLION votes” Trump would GET vs. Biden’s piddly ten or 20 million! A LANDSLIDE that’s called, FYI!

  4. “The only difference between JFK and President Trump is that the bullets that removed JFK were live rounds and he ones removing President Trump were paper bullets doing the same damage to the once upon a time Republic”!

  5. The Supreme Court should step in IMMEDIATELY! They have a duty to PROdTECT THE CONSTITUTION and the citizens of the USA.If not, FIGHT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP. This country is not up for socialism/communism and would not vote that way. A global COUP. We are not drone bees. How can you lockdown citizens but have open Tborders. There is an agenda and ut us bit to support the Constitution and save our country and CITIZENS.

  6. It was never the intent for Biden to be the President. Ultra-liberal Harris is their real choice. Biden will be stepping down for health reasons allowing for the crowning of the new queen. One could wonder what the connection the Biden family has with China, and the sudden rise and spread to the USA of the corona virus, truly is. Kamala seldom heard from, Biden hiding in his basement, Antifa and BLM ‘peaceful’ riots allowed by city democratic governments, and the ‘fake news’ covering for them. Democrats have always been good at voter fraud, and have learned how to cover their tracks well.
    This election democrat control of easily manipulated Dominion voting machines and disallowing observers may have turned a Biden landslide loss to a impossible to justify win !

    • This “ENTIRE THING” is an effort (BY CHINA) with the COMPLETE AID of our Treasonous demonrat party! To undo, break and CRUSH tge American Middle Class! Small business and independent thinking in general! Simply put, after the Hong Kong uprising, the conspiracy for Global Domination began and make no mistake about it… They’re doing it ALL “AS PLANNED” RIGHT NOW! The Chinese government KNOWS… Fascist Socialism can NOT exist anymore with Freedom, staring their people in the face (online, ect.) EVERY DAY! So they conspired with OUR “POWER HUNGRY” EVIL (TREASONOUS) demonrats “to spread COVID to everyone” (no one hit harder than the USA!) & crush Trump… his minions (our hard working American people, the middle class) and TAKE OVER by outright CHEATING THIS ELECTION! You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise or… that “THIS” is some kinda conspiracy! It’s REALITY PEOPLE! Only someone retarded or on the payroll, thinks Joe actually “WON” the election! SERIOUSLY!
      RISE UP!… REVOLT!… THEY CAN’T KILL or JAIL EVERYONE! Heck, they didn’t have “space for” 1 million COVID patients! That alone should tell US ALL… SOMETHING! WAR! FIGHT THE DEMONRATS AND KILL THEM!

  7. Yes, it was an unfair election! There should have never been mail in voting! If you were afraid to stand in line to vote, you could have done an absentee vote! The very same thing as mail in vote, but legal. If you can stand in line at Walmart you could have stood in line to vote! It was rigged from the start!!!

  8. We need to have a re do on the swing states. This would be the fastest way. With all the proven fraud we know Trump would win. It’s time for the people to have their say.

  9. The Republican Party is full of spineless, idiots….probably, most of them are part of the China plan to take over our country….let’s be real…we know Trump was never suppose to win the 2016 election…that was also fixed for Hillary but something went wrong….the Corrupt opposition never thought Trump had as much support so the stolen votes were not enough to win the election…they screwed up on that election so they weren’t going to take any chances with the 2020 election…they went for it…all or nothing !!! The Dems are desperate to get Trump out of the White House…they know their plans to destroy our country will be spoiled by Trump…so WHAT DO WE TRUMP SUPPORTERS DO NOW… ??? DO WE LET THE CROOKED DEMS AND THEIR BUDDIES, THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT TAKE US OVER ??? IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT KNOWS HOW TO ORGANIZE A GROUP OF OVER 72,000,000 million PEOPLE…TO FIGHT FOR A FAIR AND HONEST ELECTION ???? TO FIGHT FOR TRUMP TO REMAIN OUR PRESIDENT ??? WE KNOW HE WON THE ELECTION !!!

    • You GO GIRL! But with THEM “CONTROLLING” MASS MEDIA communication is gonna be tough! And they’ll definitely KNOW “WE’RE COMING!” And… TRY TO STOP IT! But they should BE AFRAID! VERY AFRAID! Because I intend to make what ANTIFA & BLM did on our citu streets, “look like a kiddies backyard birthday party” by comparison! IT’S TIME! WE RISE UP AND CRUSH THE IMMORAL MINORITY “WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!”

  10. I agree with what President Trump said about the election and we need to have a special election quickly with strict guide lines the same in all states!


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