Surge In Support For President Trump Among This Minority Group Indicates Big Win In November

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats have taken minority voters for granted. They demand their votes but give them literally nothing but more poverty, more crime, and more disadvantages. Blacks, Latinos, and other minority groups are starting to see just how deceptive the Democrats have been with their empty promises and lip service and are turning to President Trump in record numbers.

President Trump has been gaining serious momentum among minority groups, especially Latinos, and this thrust in support could make all the difference in him securing reelection November 3rd. A newly released survey of Christian Latino registered voters by Claremont McKenna College is showing Trump’s support among Latino voters is significantly higher than in 2016 with a 32 percent favorability rating.

WND has more on this uptick in Latino support for President Trump:

The president’s level of support among Latinos overall in July 2016, just months before the election, stood at 14 percent, with 82 percent of registered voters viewing him unfavorably, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC/Telemundo poll released in the middle of last month revealed Trump had 26 percent support among registered Latino voters, which is nearly double his 2016 support. The telephone poll was conducted between Sept. 13 and Sept. 16 among 300 Hispanic registered voters, with a margin of error of +/- 5.7 percentage points.

Gaston Espinosa — chair of religious studies at Claremont McKenna College and author of the college’s survey — told The Western Journal during a Zoom call with reporters on Wednesday that the level of Christian Latino support for Trump closely tracks the overall tally, which he thinks will be higher than 26 percent.

“The percentages are not going to change that much in the general population of Latinos because they tend to more or less mirror the findings among Latino Christians,” he said.

Christian Latinos — Catholic, Protestant/other Christian — make up 85 percent of the population’s voting electorate, Espinosa added.

Espinosa estimated Trump’s support among Latinos as a whole to be over 30 percent.

“Based on Trumps favorability rating, the fact that conservatives underreport, and that a high percentage of independent and undecided voters nationwide are born-again Christians, Trump may end up taking 31-34 percent of the U.S. Latino vote — though probably around 32-33 percent,” he said in a news release.

The Claremont McKenna survey consisted of 1,292 Christian Latino registered voters, conducted from Sept. 8 to Sept. 22, with a margin of error of +/- 2.73 percent.

An Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll released Friday backed up Espinosa’s assessment, finding Trump’s support among Latinos at 36 percent.

CNN exit polling from the 2016 election showed Trump taking 28 percent of the Latino vote in his race against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

If Trump were to garner 32 percent or more of the Latino vote, that would put him above the late Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who took an estimated 31 percent in his 2008 presidential race against Barack Obama.

The Claremont McKenna survey found that Trump is performing particularly well with Latinos in key swing states.

“Although [Joe] Biden is outperforming Trump among Latinos in every swing state, surprisingly, Trump is doing better than expected in five electoral-rich swing states, including Florida (41%), Nevada (38%), Texas (35%), Georgia (35%), and North Carolina (28%),” according to a Claremont McKenna news release.

But that’s not all. It appears Trump is even doing well among Latino voters in Miami-Dade county. Another poll found that Trump could be taking 38% of these voters in Miami-Dade. NBC News reports that Miami-Dade is home to a large Cuban-American population and a Florida International University poll released Friday found that 59 percent of South Florida Cuban Americans say they will vote for Trump.

According to the news outlet, Trump’s strong support among Cuban and Venezuelan Americans is linked to his strong stand against the evils of socialism, which the left has fully embraced.

All signs point to President Trump winning over massive numbers of Latino voters including an NBC News/Marist poll published early last month that showed Trump beating Biden 50 to 46 percent among Florida’s Latinos overall, as well as an unscientific flash poll among Telemundo viewers conducted via Twitter following the first presidential debate which showed 66 percent of participants believed that Trump won the debate versus 34 percent for Biden.

President Trump will win in November if we show up in person to vote for him. He most certainly has the support.

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  1. JM…….yes…..thank you……..again teach the kids the reality…….since they often grow up here with more privilege, freedom and things ……they must be taught that other countries or even those their parents/grandparents came from……..had no freedom, and no nice life and often threatened with death. Since they didn’t experience any of that……..they ……the youth……..rant …..join stupid protests, loot, burn……showing their ignorance.

  2. If they were actually intelligent, it would be MORE THAN 36% FOR TRUMP, but because they are too immersed in the left wing b.s. for decades with welfare, handouts, programs and promises that keep them dependent on the government tit, many of them are still too stupid to comprehend that this country DOES IN FACT GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY, if they apply themselves even modestly and stay out of trouble, but too many of them are brainwashed by schools, progressive politicians etc and keep following the socialist path inton dependency….while the rest of us suffer and have to pay for their lousy voting choices.

  3. Any minority who votes for Trump is a traitor to their country and their people they identify with, Hispanic, Asian, Black, etc/

    • Any American who votes for Biden is a traitor to their country regardless of race religion color or creed!!!!!

    • voting for that dimwit Biden and that fascist Harris is equivalent to wanting to create another 3rd world rat hole like Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Mexico etc. Next you have some real garbage in Tlaib, Omar…….who represent the Sharia law group that want the US to become another Islamic state (imagine women actually wanting to expand sharia law… absurd…since it’s abuse of women is global). Then you have that idiot Cortez who not only killed thousands of jobs in NYC by pushing out Amazon, but believes we “must” do away with cars, planes and buildings of steel and concrete. So if you really believe the garbage from these morons……..move to a place that already is riding on donkeys, using candles and washing in the gutter. …….IDIOT

    • P.S. Oh by the way…… about …..if you live here or are a citizen here…….DROP THE HISPANIC AMERICAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN labels and try to identify as an American first………Like AMERICAN of Mexican decent, or AMERICAN of Turkish decent, or AMERICAN of Italian decent, or AMERICAN of Chinese decent…….GET IT???? I move that anybody who demands that their “culture” be granted first place for signs, licenses, instructions be asked to learn English, use English……if not hire your own interpreter……or finally return to that paradise you still praise!! My final question is……if your “homeland” was so wonderful, free, with opportunity, no oppression, great leaders, great medicals, schools ………WHY ARE YOU HERE??????

  4. We have a lot of Latino (which collectively is anyone south of the US) citizens here in FL and usually they are family bonded, faith based, and patriotic. They are firm in their disdain of the Socialism which is being thrust forth by the Democratic party as many of them have fled from those crushing freedom beliefs. Our Latino population in our county of Brevard really goes unnoticed as their assimilation with the already citizens is relatively complete. Quite frankly, I am very happy to have this group of individuals here.

    • Susan………excellent……be sure to teach your youth what you already understand and say. The rest of us are glad to have you as fellow citizens……….our problem is the others that are still anti…US……riot, protest, burn the flag, vote for socialists/Marxists…….ie Sanders, Cortez, Tlaib, Omar……..and even the old libs like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and the rest are the problem and we all cannot recognize them……….because we all look the same……..and in a free society……all should be free to do as they wish, but the schools have been perverted, teaching the youth hate, guilt, and PC crap……from grammar school to college……they have voting rights while being brainwashed from reality…….Thank you for your efforts

  5. Our Latino population knows first-hand the EVIL of socialism the Democrats want to implement in America! SOCIALISM is bad for The People no matter how Democrats try to hide it. DO NOT GIVE AWAY our Freedom and Safety for the promise of free stuff! Especially Government run healthcare (they say free to illegals) is not healthcare worth having


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