Stunning Draft Kings Election Poll Reveals Who Majority Of Americans Think Will Win Election Day

(Liberty Bell) – The momentum has been in favor of President Trump and now that Election Day is upon us that has not changed a bit. The Democrats have been panicking for weeks and rightfully so. Their candidate, Joe Biden, has turned out to be an absolutely abysmal pick.

Not only is Biden clearly suffering from some form of cognitive decline but he is a puppet for the radical left. As if his constant gaffes and weak policy stances weren’t enough, in the last couple of weeks evidence has surfaced confirming what many have suspected for a long time about his and his son Hunter’s international business dealings.

Joe Biden is a corrupt, old establishment politician with nothing to offer America and will only serve as a trojan horse for the radical left.

Somehow people actually support him though the majority of this support is actually just blind, vehement hatred for President Trump. Nobody actually believes Joe Biden is going to do good things for America. Nobody in their right mind at least.

It also appears most people don’t even believe he is going to win on Election Day. According to a Draft Kings Election Pool that was updated the night before Election Day, the majority of participants in 49 of the 50 states believe that President Trump is going to win.

Draft Kings’ official Twitter account posted a “DK Election Pool Alert” for its $100,000 pool on Monday. The results of this poll indicated that in every state, save Colorado, the 373,000 participants (as of Monday afternoon) predicted Trump will win.

The Democrats have been in a clear panic for the entire month of October as it has become increasingly clear that Joe Biden is just not getting the job done. Perhaps nobody in the Democratic Party could have predicted just how awful he would end up being as their presidential candidate but surely nobody could have expected things to go this badly.

President Trump’s ground game in the state of Minnesota, which has been solid blue for 48 years, is proving to have been extremely effective and most people in the state just don’t want to go as far left as the current Democratic Party is taking them. President Trump could end up flipping this Democratic stronghold.

Trump’s popularity in battleground state Pennsylvania, where he has been drawing crowds of tens of thousands, has also been of concern to Democrats. There doesn’t seem to be much anyone in the Democratic Party can do about that, however, since people seem to be flocking to President Trump because of Joe Biden’s constant waffling on fracking and the oil industry.

The unions have all but abandoned promoting Biden and law enforcement has emphatically come out in support of Trump. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed Trump over the weekend marking the first time since 1972 the most popular paper in Pittsburgh has endorsed a Republican. If Trump wins Allegheny County he will have the state locked down.

Then there’s Florida. Breitbart News reports that “While Democrats hold a 108k ballot advantage in the Sunshine State moving into Election Day, Republicans outpaced Democrats in early voting, dramatically narrowing the overall gap.” Also, reports in the state indicate that in Democratic stronghold Miami-Dade, Republican turnout has been greater.

State Senator Oscar Braynon (D-FL) noted that the black community hasn’t been turning out like they have in the past. “There is not the turnout here [Miami] in the black community that I’ve seen in the past,” he said, according to Politico. “I can speculate about the reasons, but the fact is, it remains concerning.”

Despite the fact that there has been massive support for President Trump leading up to Election Day, the left has made it clear they refuse to accept any results Election Day brings. On Monday, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon stated that there won’t be any scenario where Trump will be “declared a victor on election night.”

We’ll see about that. If President Trump pulls in enough votes the race could be called in many parts of the country on Election Night. That could even include crucial swing counties within swing states.

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