Study Reveals The Disturbing Cost Of Common Core Education

(Liberty Bell) – Common Core education has been enthusiastically touted by many over the last decade, but the proof that it’s an effective way to raise up young minds is in the pudding.

And so far, it’s not looking good.

According to a new study, US reading and math scores on multiple assessments have all seen “historic declines since most states implemented national Common Core English and math curriculum standards six years ago,” according to a news release from Pioneer Institute, which published the study.

The study, titled “The Common Core Debacle,” was concluded with some scathing words for Common Core by author Theodor Rebarber.

“The notion that a single set of national curriculum standards could be wielded by education policy elites — most with little experience operating successful schools — to create excellence in classrooms across America has been a dream for many decades. Except that now, it seems more like hubris,” Rebarber said.

The Common Core’s website states that the Common Core State Standards are meant to provide students of all ages with the knowledge and life skills necessary to succeed in college and in their careers.

The website also asserts that the idea that “adopting common standards means bringing all states’ standards down to the lowest common denominator” is a myth.

“The standards are designed to build upon the most advanced current thinking about preparing all students for success in college, career, and life. This will result in moving even the best state standards to the next level.”

Clearly, the Pioneer Institute’s study begs to differ.

WND notes:

The Pioneer Institute is an independent, privately funded research organization based in Massachusetts.

The group conducted the study by comparing fourth- and eighth-grade student achievement scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress after the implementation of Common Core to their scores before Common Core’s implementation.

“From 2003 to 2013, national fourth- and eighth-grade reading scores were increasing at an average of about half of a point each year,” the institute’s press release states.

According to the study, Common Core was adopted at a widespread level in 2014.

“Since 2013, fourth-grade reading scores have been falling by less than half of a point each year, while eighth-grade scores have dropped by nearly a full point a year,” their news release notes.

The study also found that on average, national math scores for fourth- and eight-graders were on the rise…before Common Core.

“Post-Common Core, scores at both grades have fallen, eighth grade at nearly the same rate as it was previously increasing,” the news release said.

Common Core stripped schools of the fundamental competitive nature of educational reforms, Rebarber said.

“Before Common Core and before the earlier Congressional mandate on curriculum standards, states competed to design the best education reforms, including the best policies on curriculum and standards and local control,” he explains in the study.

“It was an entrepreneurial and vibrant atmosphere, some states did a better job in some areas, and other states picked up ideas from them. We also avoided a nation-wide debacle like Common Core.”

The study indicates overall that kids from different states and communities have different educational needs.

“With a more bottom-up approach, more school systems will have the opportunity to choose curricula consistent with our international competitors and many decades of research on effective classroom teaching,” Rebarber said.


  1. At least we don’t have to worry about the youth taking over. They are too busy trying to figure out how to pour the piss out of their boots.


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