So Joe Biden Claims We Have Coronavirus Outbreak Because Of Trump; That’s Not Exactly The Truth…At All…

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to disasters and things like virus outbreaks, which our country is currently experiencing right now, it’s never a shock to see folks from the Democratic Party take full advantage of the situation and politicize it for the gain of the progressive agenda.

Especially when these kind of situations take place during election years, which, conveniently, the coronavirus just happened to hit.

Former Vice President and likely Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden has made the claim that the coronavirus outbreak ravaging the country is the fault of President Trump. The reason? Because he “eliminated” the pandemic office created by former President Barack Obama.

The problem is his claim is false.

Here’s more on that from Breitbart:

Former vice president Joe Biden claimed on Twitter on Thursday that the U.S. is “paying the price” of coronavirus because President Trump “eliminated” an office that dealt with pandemics.

Biden is wrong — very wrong. This falsehood almost deserves an entirely separate category of ignominy because of its ability to divide and frighten people in the middle of a crisis that requires social cooperation and trust.

The truth — as explained earlier this week in the Washington Post by former National Security Council official Tim Morrison — is that the office was combined with others in a reorganiztion that “left the biodefense staff unaffected.”

Just to clarify and restate what actually happened to the pandemic office, it wasn’t dismantled and tossed into the garbage can. It was reorganized and combined into other offices.

The news media, of course, isn’t too hip on reporting these facts because, well, it would destroy the narrative they’ve built around the coronavirus, which they’ve now turned into a political weapon against the president, hoping beyond hope that it will help defeat him in the election come November.

It’s not about the loss of life from the virus for the news networks. It’s about fear mongering and doing everything in their power to get you to keep tuning in and making them rich. Oh and helping to further the progressive agenda.

Breitbart News had already fact-checked similar inaccurate claims by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he made them in the Democrat Debate in South Carolina on Feb. 26. We did it again last week.

Biden has a particularly poor record on handling pandemics. In 2009, he caused panic during a swine flu outbreak by telling Americans not to take flights or ride subways. Today he barely remembers what disease we are fighting.

Not once has Biden offered President Trump his support in the fight against the coronavirus. Instead, he and his campaign are trying to score political points as Americans suffer. That is worse than “false.” It is disqualifying.

If Joe Biden really wants to help the American people as he claims, perhaps he ought to be trying to find common ground with the president and his efforts to stop the spread of this awful disease? You know, rise above petty politics and remind folks that right now, we need to pull together and put aside left and right in order to get through this difficult time.

That’s something a true leader would do. Guess that’s why Biden’s not doing it.



  1. Joe, HOW can you blame the virus on trump? If this is how you think then I CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOU. YOU are just to dumb

  2. The Democrat Virus is worse than the CHINA Virus. Their virus kills all Brain Cells. They have and will kill more than any Virus.. Vote Trump 2020 and Republican Forever

  3. It is not the time for Political BS. Let us, for the current time, forget Politics and work together to overcome this Pandictic. AMERICA FIRST POLITICAL BIAS LAST.

    • Joe Biden wouldn’t know the first thing about telling the truth. His entire life has been one lie after the other, his vice presidency was a lie, he needs to be impeached even though he does not hold office anymore. Obama chose him as his running mate because he is a master at corruption,. But he is not a good liar. Anyone that has any brains can see right thru him and read him like a book. So what he says about anything should be completely ignored. Turn your back to him and pretend that he doesn’t even exist. His days of freedom are numbered he is an insignificant rodent that needs to be put in cage. Momma always said if you just ignore it, it will go away.

  4. Now most think that Trump not taking this seriously back when it got started in China and the disassembly of the Pandemic part of the NSC, is why this is nmuch worse than it could have been, if we had the Pandemic office and sent people to China when the disease first appeared as the Pandemic office would have done as it did with the ebola and other infectrious diseases. So the bottom line is most likely Trump is responsible for the disease getting abigger foot hold in the USA thn it would have had, if he had not down played it so the announcement would not hurt his economy. Narcisist never change they always think they know every thing, and never depend on anyone, because they may not get the credit.

  5. Virus came from China. Only question is whether accidental/incompetent release or intentional. The timing, given that Trump is the ONLY President in recent memory to seriously take on China is more than a bit curious. With the Clintons, Gore and Obama all having taken Chinese campaign contributions, Biden’s comment is not surprising at all. Trump needs to hit this point hard during the campaign. Did Biden also directly take Chinese money in 2008 and 2012? Should be fairly easy to determine.

  6. Biden is the Dem foregone chosen candidate over the Independent socialist Sanders.
    Joe is a lying 77 year old, senile if not dumb as an ox to be nose led by the DC power establishment, big business, Hollywood, leftist NGO’s easy corrupt puppet manipulation.
    His platform: raise taxes, distribute wealth, expensive ObamaCare, abortion,open borders, gun control, climate change, the UN/EU/China/Russia/NoKo/Iran globalism.
    The coming debates & election should be a cakewalk for POTUS Trump except the GOP must be vigilant & guard against massive ballot fraud the only way Dems can win with schemed illicit dead/illegal/felon/multiple/paid/bused/bogus mail-in votes & lately questionable ballot harvesting supposedly of handicapped seniors on their go to pretext of “voter suppression”.

  7. So there are enough people who want to blame President Trump for this Wuhan-Chinese-Corona Virus…

    President Trump who has had to deal with wars, illegal aliens, boosting the US economy…in addition to all the other things a president does…all while being harassed with an unfounded impeachment scam that hindered his abilities to do his job for three years.

    But let us take a look at Dr. Fauci…according to this letter, he has been DIRECTOR of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for at least the past 7 years.

    For all these years, he had one job…keep America safe from bad disease….

    Why is HE not on the hot seat for not seeing this virus much sooner?

    • This sounds more and more like Democrat how much stupider can one get. Democrats have failed every time they attempted to overthrow the president. Three years of Robert Muller inquisition attack which cost taxpayers millions. Then the farce of impeachment proceedings with Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi the circus ring masters and the kangaroo court and a mockery of justice system and witnesses that had their own agenda. Close door meetings a whistleblower that never appears. Let’s not forget the allegations of corruption allegations against former Vice President Biden and his son that was swept under the rug. And now they are blaming the president for the Covid-19 virus what’s next? ( SPENDING MILLIONS ON FAULTS ALLEGATIONS AND MISLEADING INFORMATION )

  8. Poor Joe doesn’t realize the office was not abolished but several groups were consilidated that had overlapping responsibilities. The result was the streamlining of the organization to improve effeciency. Joe is a day late and a neuron short.

  9. Oh Uncle Joe, you are so entertaining! Can’t wait for the debates with President Trump, I am very sure you will put your foot into your mouth!!!!

  10. To think at one time I actually had a degree of respect for a man who has morphed into a white collar criminal conspirator who would sell out his country for thirteen pieces of silver. Of course now he has a semblance of excuse for his behavior. His mental faculties are that of a dissipated old man who cannot conceive his time has passed.
    Poor old rich Joe is now shedding his dignity.

    • Joe can go to the home after Trump stomps him in the debates and wins the election. Until then, let Joe keep going providing excellent information for Trump’s campaign advertisements and amusement with his gaffes.

  11. Hey Joe, tell up why thousands of people died during the H1N1, swine flu, during you and Obama’s reign. It took 4 or 5 months for the 2 of you to get off your butts and say we had a problem. Well things went a quite a bit faster this time. Borders were closed early enough, not months later like you and you boss Obama.

  12. Joe Biden is one crazy old coot. He is so full of it I am amazed he doesn’t explode.
    How can a man stand and lie without blinking an eye? I guess that is a requirement to be a Democrat. They all seem to be quite expert at it. Joe Biden is dangerous since he has obviously gone off the deep end and I doubt he will ever come back. It is unconscionable for those around him to be allowing him to continue to appear in public. The man is sick and losing his grip. He needs to be clinically/psychologically checked to see if he is mentally capable to be running for any office much less for President. He appears to be in the early stages of Dementia and can never be allowed to serve in any office.

    • Sandra, you’re missing the point in that his choice of running mate is the fear . That will be the acting President , Biden will the puppet in more ways than one.The DNC , Soros will be pulling the strings.

  13. Biden is the biggest idiot ever to run for President. I hope everyone can see through the bs that the Democratic Party has put out there in the last 4 years, while we are at it we need to purge the fbi cia and the doj because they sold us out trying to influence the election in 2016 to hell with the Russians investigate all the corruption Ron the democrats. That is my 2 cents

  14. Biden is going to be the guy to go against Trump, that’s a great joke. Mickey Mouse has more brains than Biden.

    • Does he know what day it is? I cant believe he is running for President. Omg! Can you imagine him being President? He is suffering with dementia or worse.

    • Biden is really stupid listen to some of the folks that worked with him for years they tell you he was never very smart

  15. Most of the people on the east coast need to have their heads examined! Putting the weirdos in office they have makes no sense. What have any of them done for the people? When you vote to put them in office, what is in it for you? Besides larger government and more control of you? Oh yah, I can’t buy 64 ounce cokes! BRILLIANT

    • I love on the east coast of this wonderful country and can say that I and my family did and will vote for…….TRUMP! Not all of us are getting something. We did not vote for Osamabama nor would we have voted for traitorous Clinton. So please narrow your comment to New York and the Democratic states not the rest of us. Thanks

    • Make that “Useful Idiots” a name given to those that supported the Russian Communists, Lenin is credited with coining this name, although those people unlike those today, had no positive way of knowing what kind of government they would get, these fools today that support the Socialists/Communists have no excuse.

  16. Biden is the worst sort of politician –he would not know the truth if it hit him. He , his son, and his brother used government influence and assets (air force 2) for personal gain. His corruption has been exposed in a new best seller book. Hopefully he will be exposed for what he is – senile corrupt forgetful hack .

  17. It’s people like this that give America a bad name and Is why they Are trying to destroy our country and what are Country stands for

    United we stand divided we fall A house divided cannot stand


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