So-Called ‘Experts’ Called 27 House Races ‘Toss-Ups;’ Guess Who Won Them All

(Liberty Bell) – There’s a lot we should have learned from this election cycle, but one of the big takeaways, without a doubt, is that folks who consider themselves “experts” at predicting the outcome of elections really don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

Many of these folks, who get paid handsomely to appear on talk shows and mainstream media outlets where they bloviate about their thoughts and opinions as if any of us should care what they have to say, and yet, for the second election in a row, they’ve proven to be totally wrong.

Why do these people still have a job? It’s one of the few careers in the world where you can be off by miles on a projected outcome and still remain employed.

According to the Daily Wire, these “experts” called 27 House races “toss-ups.” And yet, Republicans won all 27 of them, including former NFL player Burgess Owens, a man who has not at all been shy of his criticism of Black Lives Matter activist and failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Burgess was running for Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Owens was running against an incumbent and was trailing in the polls by 11 percent. The race was called a “toss up” by Cook Political Report, which claims to be a “nonpartisan” election and campaign analysis group.

It’s Cook that had all of these races marked similarly to Owens’s contest. As it turns out, all 27 of these races were won by Republicans.

The GOP also nabbed 26 races that were labeled as “leaning or likely Republican” and managed to pick up 7 of the 36 seats that were also listed as “leaning or likely Democrat.”

It was predicted early on that Democrats would easily hold control of the House. However, their advantage is now only 218-204, as more members of the GOP are likely to pick up seats. They currently lead in 8 of the 13 races that still remain uncalled.

Again, pollsters predicted a “blue wave” that would crush Republicans this go around and that did not happen at all. Why does the mainstream media continue to sacrifice journalistic integrity for serving as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party?

When will viewers and citizens demand that the mainstream media stop trying to shove agendas down their throats and report the facts as objectively as possible and ensure both sides of the issues facing our nation receive equal representation?

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  1. Either a miracle is in the works, or else RETRIBUTION will be made manifest in the land! This 2020 election result farce must NOT stand unchallenged!

  2. President Trump is the only sane choice for America. The Demorats have planned and tried to steal this election for the past 4 years as well as cause as much trouble for Trump as they can …. They have done very little of what they were elected to do…serve America and Americans !!!! If Biden/Harris get into the White House America will be lost. They will sell America to Iran and China in a heartbeat ..Biden should be in jail with Hunter and Harris (??) she is disgusting !!!! All the dumb [email protected]@es who want everything free …NOTHING IS FREE …What will these moochers do when the rich are drained dry ??

  3. The ‘pollsters’ with exception to Trafalgar Group are all in league with the demons. They purposely skewed their polls to scare potential republican voters away from voting for Trump. It’s psychological warfare. “Just give up”, “it’s not worth it” scenarios.
    It’s what the CIA does in foreign countries.

  4. We need Trump
    the socialist are the a problem l time to get rid of them they must be thrown out our country is trey is in trouble send them to CHINA


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