Sick: Protesters Tear Down Statue Of This Important Historical Figure…Who Fought Against Slavery And Racism!

(Liberty Bell) – As if 2020 couldn’t possibly get any crazier, “protesters” in Madison, Wisconsin just tore down the statue of a man who was not only not a racist or a slave owner, but an avid anti-slavery activist.

Oh, and also a Union colonel who was killed in the Civil War.

A simple Google search would have cleared things up, but apparently, these “anti-racist” college students were too concerned with the mechanics of tearing down a statue to actually check and see if they one they decided to destroy represented anything they claim to be opposed to.

This is completely sick.

The statue was of Hans Christian Heg, an anti-slavery activist who was killed in the Civil War’s Battle of Chickamauga.

So he literally died trying to free the slaves and end the Confederacy.

He should be a hero to any self-respecting anti-slavery activist.

Which begs the question: what do these “protesters” really want?

A lengthy Twitter threat documented the destruction of the statue of the Union hero.

The statue was decapitated, dragged down the street, and dumped in a lake.

It is not entirely clear why local officials did nothing to stop this shameful act of destruction.

According to National Review, Wisconsin’s governor, Tony Evers (D), gave this “mealy-mouthed” statement:

We are prepared to activate the Wisconsin National Guard to protect state buildings and infrastructure and are continuing to work with local law enforcement to understand their response to last night’s events and their plan to respond to similar events in the future.

Twitter was scathing in their assessment of the situation:


  1. This is what we get remember NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND children can’t read or write or add and subtract but hey it’s all good cause that’s the way we want it . SHAME on US .

  2. The failure of Governor Evers a proclaimed educator and failed politician allowed protesters to destroy public property without even a whimper!

    The failure to act in an adult manner and prevent such actions proves he is unfit to hold the office!

    I suggest a recall petition be established to remove this obviously incompetent individual from office!

    • I agree 100%. He doesn’t care about WI. He should never have won the election. WI has suffered from day one.

  3. The governor is responsible for not protecting the statute . Now he calls for the national guards. It is like locking the stable door after the horse is stolen. Let all those responsible pay for the damage,including the governor. They have to pay for the whole cost. If they die,then their children have to pay.They do not know any history. Perhaps they should read about the Red Guards in China.

  4. The mighty governor will call up the national guard to protect the state buildings and property, but said nothing about protecting any civilians or their property. Nice.

    • He has never cared about the citizens of WI or protecting them. That’s what happens when you elect a demoncRAT

  5. One thing that these domestic terrorists in Antifa and BLM enjoy is publicity! Unfortunately for them, publicity can be a two-edged sword which can be wielded against them! If their benefactors in the governor’s’ mansions, city halls, the MSM, academe, Holyweird, George Soros, et. al., could be confronted and “neutralized,” a lot of this 💩 would cease! Perhaps a late-night “visit” between midnight and dawn would convince a few enablers not to take the interests and dedication of true American patriots too lightly! We must and WILL DO whatever it takes to guarantee the continued success and prosperity of the USA 🇺🇸!

  6. By admission of their founders, BLM is run by certified, trained Marxists. The movement wasn’t taken over by Anti-fa and other groups, it was planned anarchy by BLM and Anti-Fa leaders. Time to remove Democrap politicians that have permitted the anarchy. Time to permit police to do their job. Time to stand up America and stop this Marxist ‘temper tantrum’ while we still have a country.

  7. These so-called protesters are criminals and should be prosecuted and inprisoned to the full extent of the law. They are out to destroy this country because they have been brainwashed by their leftist professors and don’t know any better.

    • Anarchy people that is all it is. Pure and simple anarchy to destroy America and everything it stands for. Do we have some issues to address, you bet. But it will only change when you stop voting for those that promise you great things and free stuff, but do nothing and give you crumbs. The anarchist need to be dealt with and a lot of politicians need to be sent packing. And we all need to come together to make things better for all in the name of Matin Luther King Jr.

  8. Now there’s no question the “protesters” aren’t protesters at all. They are anarchist trying to igniting a civil war but this is not like what happened in 1861. These are punks who are devoted to communism are using terror and they hope the moral majority will just lay down and take it. They know most Americans would rather let the police do the fighting and if the anarchist can defeat the police with the help of stupid corrupt politicians, they are convinced they’ll win. Some of these punks are armed, but when met by armed citizens, the anarchist run away. This has been proven in Idaho and Indiana. Americans, open you eyes and wake up! The anarchist have stated they will be coming after statues of Jesus and Churches. This will be the same as “Night of the broken glass” that happened in Nazi Germany. Arm and organize yourselves before it’s too late. Police have been hog tied by stupid corrupt dummycrat politicians.

  9. You fail to understand. This is not about any statue. These terrorists, (they are terrorizing everyone in their path) are DESTROYING AMERICA. Anything that means anything to any American is their target. THEIR GOAL IS TO DESTROY US ALL.

    WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. This is what those same groups did in Venezuela.

    It is not simply rioting, arson, and all that. THEY MEAN TO DESTROY AMERICA. THEY WILL MAKE ALL AMERICANS CRAWL.


    IT IS KILL OR BE KILLED. They have the upper hand as long as any of us are in denial and see them as simple rioters.

  10. This started out months ago as a peaceful protest, but quickly got taken over by folks with an agenda to destroy this country, capitalism, rule of law, Trump just so that we could be a socialist country, doomed to fail. If we don’t do something drastic, and soon, the country is lost. I’m for shooting first, questions later, and jail for anyone involved in this destructive path we’re on. Shame on the MSM for not telling both sides of the story, mainly because they’re complicit with what’s taken place.

  11. Stand up with arms against communist domestic terrorists like BLM/Antifa. They are out to destroy America and belong in JAIL.They could care less about Floyd or racism. They want to tear down America. They hate America. Stop these creeps now.

    • EXACTLY.

      Politicians, get your knees off our police’s throats.

      Give them full range to get the job done.

  12. The destruction of the historic monument of the United States was due to the agreement of the Mayor. The Mayor, who must be brought to Congress

    • They must be charged with aiding and abetting destruction of public property.


  13. Peaceful protest is one thing and is allowed under the rule of law but as soon as any action oversteps, the lawless should be rounded up and arrested. Destroying any private or public property in the commission of a riot should compound the consequences. Liberals and socialists in government are allowing these actions and they are intentionally destroying the nation.


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