Sick: Here’s Why Comedian George Lopez May Soon Be Getting A Call From The Secret Service

(Liberty Bell) – Another day, another hateful liberal who hates America.

Famously anti-Trump comedian, George Lopez seems to have decided the only way to remain relevant is by routinely bashing Trump in a hateful and violent way.

Too bad it hasn’t even helped him stay relevant.

In his latest stunt, the actor seemed to “jokingly” offer to take up the Iranians on the bounty they’ve offered for President Donald Trump’s head in an Instagram post Monday.

It is unclear how real the actual “bounty” was, as it was a suggestion made from an anonymous voice on Iranian state TV during coverage of the funeral proceedings for terrorist Gen. Qassem Solemani, who was taken out by the US on Thursday at President Trump’s go-ahead, according to the UK’s The Week.

Of course, it is clear that Lopez hates Trump.

According to The Week, the idea of a bounty for Trump originated from a male announcer eulogizing the slain general and his three decades of murder and terror.

Citing Al Arabiya, the Saudi news station, The Week reported that the announcer had said, “We are 80 million Iranians, if each one of us puts aside one American dollar, we will have 80 million American dollars, and we will reward anyone who brings us [Trump’s] head with that amount.”

Western Journal Notes:

That’s not quite as explicit or official as the barbaric bounty put openly on the head of writer Salman Rushdie beginning in 1989, when the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini first offered $2.6 million for Rushdie’s death as punishment for the novel “The Satanic Verses.”

(That bounty still stood in 2016, when it had reached $4 million, according to a report in The New York Times.)

But it’s still a call for the paid-for murder of an American president taking place on state-sponsored television in a country where “Death to America” is practically a national motto.

Anyway, so how did Lopez respond to this supposed offer of “80 million American dollars” for Trump’s assassination?

“We’ll do it for half,” he wrote on Instagram.

Remember, this is a man who has gone as far as to be charged with battery for an altercation with a Trump supporter in 2018.

That same year, Lopez made a video of himself appearing to urinate on the president’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Social media users were quick to scorch the hateful liberal idiot.


  1. Lopez should be arrested for treason or threats of treason. Put him in jail for awhile. IT WAS NOT A JOKE! You are not funny you fat b*stard!

  2. This is NOT a “game”…..threats are serious and should NEVER be made in zest !!! All it takes is one “stressed out” or “mentally unbalanced” person (when you are stressed out you are at that time mentally unbalanced) to act on a thought or suggestion and it quickly becomes very serious !!!

    This is OUR “President” !!!! …..we elected him and he and his office should be respected and allowed to do the job we voted for him to do. We need to support our Nation and stop trying to block everything……we have “serious” work to do. Either love this Country or get the hell out !!!!

  3. This what we become after living with freedom of all kinds. The discord we are started when the Democrat
    And the media started falsifying and speaking Bad of our President just Because they lost the election and the media reporting was so lame. Now is time to stop
    And give the country back to the people of this great country the The Great USA AMERICA.

  4. That is Sedition and his words directly call for a coup, which is to commit High Treason. Deport that Mother*****R! I don’t care IF he was actually born here or not, 86 him to some third world country since he has such a problem with ours! He doesn’t even appreciate being in America, so screw him! People openly calling for a coup have committed TREASON and should be arrested by The secret Service and sent to Git’mo. I am serious! Don’t like this country, have no respect for this country, we’ll put you in solitary at Git’mo for a while. Coffee enemas every night at midnight then they won’t let your ass sleep during the day either. Throw ’em in a cell naked with a few rattle snakes. IF he makes it through the night he gets a meal of bread and water. Maybe I just have a mean streak when it comes to loving my country! IF you don’t like it leave! Still waiting for Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg and about another 50,000 Celebrities and pundits to leave and go to Canada as they promised WHEN Trump won! WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE WAITING, YOU SLIMY COMMIE PIECES OF HORSE$H!7.

    • Great comments! If Lopez will do the same “joke” about Iranian leaders, he will be dead already. Free speech in USA unfortunately apply to some idiots to.

  5. He and all his HOLLYWEIRD WACKO Pals should be rounded up and dropped into Iran and parachutes would be optional. But only after they sign over everything they own so it can be sold and the money is applied to this Nations debt no where else.

  6. This is a “Tool” who divorced his wife, 30 days after she donated one of her “Kidneys” to keep this Turd alive……………………..


    • Agree with you–the SS needs to destroy him—show the communist liberals that we have laws and they need to be obeyed. You cannot threaten a president or put a bounty on a president and get away with it and call it a joke! Its no joke he meant it and now he needs to be made the example of our laws!

  8. Like someone else said this guy is a putz whose humor is not funny and never has been. WE the People are tired of putting up with illegals coming into our beautiful Nation and having them dis us and deport this MF AHORA!

  9. George Lopez is screwed either way by taking Iran up on their offer. 1. If the Secret Service does not arrest him. 2. Immigration does not deport him. Iran will come looking for him as well since he said he would do it for half and then backs out.

  10. It’s really quite sad. He might be a good person, but liberal brainwashing has made him into yet another ignorant puppet prone to childish outbursts and angry rants. As a Hollywood elitist, he enjoys a good life yet spits on that which has made this country what it is instead favoring a society of talk tough pansies who’s main goal in life is to own an expensive cell phone and suck down mocha lattes while pretending to be a crusader for various causes yet not having the backbone to actually get involved or make a difference. Yet another self entitled cry baby that whines about their displeasures and critiques the human condition while living a life of ignorance and comfort selfishly feeding their own ego and fulfilling their own desires and agendas at the expense of others and even risking the lives of others to fulfill their liberal ideology.

    • Calling Lopez a Hollywood elitist is doing him a huge favor and insulting to the rest of the elitists. Lopez is just another aging, narcissistic, washed up former entertainer trying to resurrect a “career” that lasted all of six months and get a little attention for himself. He is completely irrelevant.

  11. Why hasn’t this idiot already been arrested? If someone had said this about the O-Bomb-er, that person would already be in a cell waiting trial for threating him. Where has the justice gone in our country? What is happing to our country? We really need to all get out and vote Pres. Trump to 4 more years in office.

    • Trump is going to win, hands down. What we really have to do is swing the Congress to Republican. They are totally against Trump just for who he is and they are making us look weak in the eye of the world. It is a bizarre world where telling the military to stand down in Benghazi and giving the Iranians billions of dollars to forward their proxy wars in the Middle East Is seen as heroic acts to further our standing in the World. Eliminating the Democratic Congress will go far in stopping this craziness

  12. He calls himself a comedian but every word out of his mouth is the F… word! I watched once because I did not know who he was! What a low life!Lock him up! But because he is Hollywood SS is not doing anything!
    And of course Hollywood adores this ugly fat face!Trying to pop some jokes with his big fat accent! Loser! Go back to Mexico! Or Iran!

    • That description seems to fit all “alleged” late night comedians today. If they use profanity the audience in the studio hears it and the TV watchers don’t. There isn’t a single “late night” can’t even call them comedians, today that is worth any of my time. They just all echo the political propaganda from their networks news programs. So I get an hour or more of extra sleep. Things sure have devolved since people like Carson, Leno, Letterman and their ilk were around. I would rather watch Carson reruns from decades ago than any of the fools on after 10:0PM today.

    • Why is when a liberal says a malicious remark it was only a joke. If anyone else saids the same thing it’s racist violence provoking remark.

  13. his father was the gardener for Pelosi and boy friend chuck build the wall he would not be in our country he gets paid for his big mouth

  14. What ever happened to the mass exodus from Liberal Hollywood, and others, if Trump won the Election (which he did). All this Liberal activity and (verbal, etc.) expressions are close to being treasonous. Since there was no departure, maybe there should be some hangings (for Treason)?

  15. chicono u lived on walfare forwhile now time u chicano deport u back to mexicana chicano what f u doing in usa get the f out of our make america firts country u low life walfare mother f

    • This ungrateful idiot will soon enough be selling pencils, oranges, apples and gum in the streets of Tijuana Mexico, since he can’t fall back on his non-existent talent. He’s just another has-been- who-never was. What can be expected from this free loader Socialist who supports the senile Bernie Sanders? All of the so called ” entertainers/celebrities” who said they would move out of the US if Trump were elected, haven’t done so because anywhere else, they would have to work at real jobs, something they’re too stupid and incapable of doing. Little Jorge is just a first class PENDEJO!!!! VIVA TRUMP 2020, Georgie, and suck it up, moron

  16. Have secret service SHOOT him. Lets get real. TRUMP haters hate, constitution, country and us! It’s time we punish these enemies. He must pay for his “joke”. Ruin this POS. His existence is a joke. His death will be a real laugh. How can shit like this exist.

  17. Lopez forgot the disclaimer. ” this tweet was inspired by, funded and approved by the Pelosi foundation for idiotic ignorant immigrants with no career in their future. Don’t forget to donate to the WALL”.

  18. It’s amazing to see the number of people who pick a person to hate simply because they don’t have the mental strength to hate themselves. I would guess he hates his mother and his birth. There is no way Trump, in three years, has caused this amount of mental or physical injury in his life.
    Go Figure:

  19. He is washed up looser! He needs to be put into place by arresting him and charging him with wanting to assassinate our President! That is a threat and needed to be treated as a serious threat! No one and I mean no one threatens a president even if you do not like them! We did not like Obama but we did not threaten him. We did wish he would have been charged with treason, but that’s all! So we True Americans want this man to pay by prison time! He needs to learn what is right and what is wrong and we will not tolerate it! He is not above the law just like no one is!

  20. What do you expect from these no nothing liberal elites can’t really think of anything unless they have a script in their hand that someone else wrote. Without it their losers all of them.

  21. All this aside, how about the Iranians huh? They were able to figure out that 80 million dollar math puzzle. I am shocked that they figured that out! They are really moving up there intelligence wise! I mean, being able to realize that 80 million people can raise 80 million dollars be donating a dollar each. That is big stuff guys! Way to go Iran! Next, you will be learning subtraction. Let’s see, 80 million Iranians minus 60 million Iranians equals….. a good start to the next strike from President Trump. That’s some good numbers there!

    • Since the Iranians need to raise $80 million by “taxing” each citizen $1, does that mean Soleimani had already spent all of the $1.7 Hussein Obama Terrorism Support Fund that he sent to Iran on a military plane?

      Now if George Lopez says that he will assassinate President for half of the Iranian assassination fund, then the Secret Service should come out and storm his house at 3:30 AM with 10 agents armed with M-16s and kicking in his door. They can then take him in for a couple days of questioning about his “joke” before charging him and requesting that no bail to be allowed. Where did I get my idea from? How the left arranged to have Roger Stone arrested at home.

    • Ooops, left off the B from the $1.7B Hussein Obama Terrorism Support Fund – folks, that was $1.7 billion dollars that helped Soleimani finance his terrorism activities.

    • Those Iranian militants protesting and shouting death to Americans, showing their hatred for us and all that is American, are too stupid to see the irony in their demonstrations because they are transporting Soleimani’s carcass in a Chevy truck. The epitome of stupidity.

  22. Fuc*in border jumper , all he ever brought to the stage was bitter anti white alleged humor! Wonder how far he’s get with that routine back home!?

  23. He is a Democrat that Hates, The Great Trump, so it will be nothing done. Anyone with half of a brain knows that the Democrats preach HATE, they love it.

    • Yeah! Muslims just LOVE Mexicans! They love every non muslim nation and race! Oh wait, oops, yeah no, they hate them. They want to kill everyone. My bad. But it’s still a great idea!

  24. How typical of a Communist Liberal, “You will think as the State required, or you will be put to Death.”. I feel it is well past time to tolerate Liberals hatred of America, our President and our Constitution. I will happily support their arrests, prosecutions, expulsions from America, or their demises at the end of short ropes for their TREASONS and conspiracies to commit TREASONS.

    • You’re right JoAnn , all the elites that hate our country and the President need to go to Iran and see what happened to them if they can talk the way they bash the president and our country . They are hateful period ! If GOD can loved us the way we are , why can’t they do that , all of us are sinners , no one is perfect but GOD.

    • Shirley, they are not elites.!!! We are, the ones that LOVE America and the Constition as it is written.

  25. Not funny, George. Not even close. I hope the Secret Service comes knocking on your door soon. You might want to consider a move back to Canada before they arrive.


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