SHOCK: Top FDA Vaccine Officials Suddenly Quit

(Liberty Bell) – Amid severe pressure being applied by the White House to get COVID-19 booster shots approved, two top Food and Drug Administration vaccine regulators have called it quits, resigning from their jobs.

According to a new report from WND, Politico cited a former official with the FDA who stated that Marion Gruber and Philip Krause both quit on Tuesday due to the fact that they were upset by the agency’s lack of autonomy concerning the approval of vaccines.

A current official with the agency then stated that the resignations were due to differences with the FDA’s top vaccine official.

Seems like there’s a lot of trouble in paradise, right? It’s almost as if not everyone in the agency is in agreement about the coronavirus vaccines. Wonder why that is?

Politico, citing 11 health officials, both current and former, went on to report that the FDA is “facing a potential mutiny among its staff and outside vaccine advisers, several of whom feel cut out of key decisions and who view the plan to offer boosters to all adults as premature and unnecessary.”

So what, exactly, is the point of contention here? It’s apparently the Biden administration’s decision to move forward with boosters before the FDA’s top scientists have an opportunity to weigh in on the subject.

“The FDA has released five studies in recent weeks, with some showing fading immunity among health care workers who have been vaccinated and more breakthrough cases overall than previously recorded,” WND reported.

“The administration has set a deadline of Sept. 20 for rolling out booster shots to most adults, which has the FDA scrambling to collect and analyze data to support the boosters’ benefits,” the report continued.

“Many outside experts, and some within the agency, see uncomfortable similarities between the Biden team’s top-down booster plan and former President Donald Trump’s attempts to goad FDA into accelerating its initial authorization process for Covid-19 vaccines and push through unproven virus treatments,” Politico went on to say.

A spokesman for the FDA talked with Politico and said that the agency understands “the importance of additional vaccine doses for control of this pandemic and will move as rapidly as possible to evaluate all submissions.”

“Responding to this pandemic requires an all of government approach,” the spokesman stated. “FDA has and will continue to make regulatory decisions. And the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee] will continue to make clinical recommendations.”

Jeff Zients, Joe Biden’s COVID czar, went on to say Tuesday the decision concerning boosters “was made by and announced by the nation’s leading public health officials… and as our medical experts laid out having reviewed all the available data, it is in their clinical judgment that it’s time to prepare Americans for a booster shot.”

“But Politico reported career scientists have been confused and surprised by the process. And Biden, who came into office promising that scientists would lead in decision-making and messaging regarding COVID-19, has only added to the controversy. He suggested after his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last weekend that boosters could be administered just five months after the initial regimen, rather than the eight months his administration had just proposed,” WND’s report said.

According to these folks, you’re not fully vaccinated without getting that third shot. And then when the new variants of the coronavirus come out, you’ll not be fully vaccinated until you have the fourth shot. It will never end, folks. This is why people need to get over it. The virus is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. We’re just going to have to accept that.

Just prior to a meeting with Joe Biden, the prime minister of Israel stated that people in his country are also not considered vaccinated until they get this booster shot.

“His conclusion comports with a study of U.S. long-term care facilities that found vaccine effectiveness against any COVID-19 infection dropped to 53% in late June to early August,” WND’s report said.

Pfizer, the company that has produced one of the top vaccines available on the market, has addressed the fact that their vaccine loses efficacy over time and has stated that a third shot shows much stronger antibodies against COVID’s initial strain along with the beta and delta variants.

“An Israeli study published in July found the Pfizer shot was only 39% effective against the delta variant, which comprised the majority of cases,” the report said, adding, “And a study published Aug. 24 by researchers in Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated nations, found natural immunity from a COVID infection is 27 times more effective than immunity from the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine.”

The Pfizer shot, Comirnaty, became the first coronavirus vaccine to receive full approval by the FDA.

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