Shock Poll: How America’s View Of Socialism Has Shifted

(Liberty Bell) – What has our nation come to?

When today’s millennials were babies and small children, the USSR finally fell. Americans had lived for decades with the knowledge that Marxism was dangerous and deadly.

However, as one of the biggest modern examples of just how dangerous the Communist state can be fell, the kids who grew up with no memory of the Iron Curtain and the atrocities suffered behind would grow up believing that Marxism was not only practical, it was also cool.

This is because, as the Russian bloq began to weaken, Marxist propaganda began to creep it’s way into our education system.

It’s pretty amazing that, nonetheless, today’s Marxist apologists are already behaving much in the same way as Marxists have historically: taking what they want by force while declaring they’re doing it in the name of “justice.”

It is no coincidence they’re targeting our national monuments and American identity.

They’ve grown up with the backward view, being taught that it is the evils of American imperialism that have perpetuated injustice and oppression globally, when the last 100 years of human history alone display that this is hardly the case.

A recent poll shows that the way Americans feel about socialism is greatly dependent on their age and feelings towards the founders of the United States.

Just the News reports:

For the younger generation, it’s less about political entities controlling the economy and more about ensuring everyone has the same rights and access to resources as everyone else.

According to a Scott Rasmussen, between 35-40% of Americans have a favorable opinion of socialism. For the older generations around during the Cold War, this is a problem. But for the younger generations who have applied a slightly different definition to the word, it may be a good thing.

Scott Rasmussen explores the nuances in his new Number of the Day podcast.


  1. Agree with all has been said above
    We need to vote Republican and pray that we can still reverse the course of our education!

  2. I have ask many people where does the Govt. get their money.
    Answer is I don’t know and I don’t care but they have lots of money.

  3. WAYNE
    In reply to justiceforTrump, the only ignorant remark above, These benefits came from Unions in the 1950’s and earlier. Unfortunately, corruption set in and Unions have suffered every since.

    • You know nothing Wayne about history or current events. The union movement goes back well over a 100 years and it was a gradual transformation often with companies hiring their own police to kill union organizers. Now they use the right wing Supreme Court and goon attorneys and Presidents like Reagan to crush unions. Reagan was especially egregious because he was the Screen Actors’ Guild President while secretly turning in people to McCarthy as supposed communists.

  4. Socialism is a recipe for slavery. And this former refugee from a communist-socialist hell does know what he is talking about.

  5. There is no way to compensate for ignorance. If you know nothing about history, you have no baseline for evaluate anything. You can’t compensate for wasting 12 years in school and then wasting another 4 years at a university. If you are ignorant after 16 years of sitting at a desk listening to lectures by other ignorant people, you will probably be ignorant for the remainder of your life.

  6. If you enjoy social security, Medicare, enjoy what unions gave you like vacation days, your children not working in factories, mostly a 40 hour work week, unemployment compensation, sick or personal time, overtime pay, protection against abusive bosses or work conditions then thank socialism. The wealthy mofos try to scare you into thinking socialism is bad and yet we have all benefited from it.

  7. Most among us have forgotten what the acronym USSR connotes. Remember, during his campaigns, Bernie tried to convince anyone who would listen that socialism wasn’t communism. Of course he lied. The acronym USSR is aka: Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. Ask him again, “What is the difference between socialism and communism?”.
    This is the 1st post where I agree with everyone who has posted. These schools are closed for a reason. Our children were being falsely molded, taught abominations and lies right under our noses and without our permission. As we have now seen and are still seeing, If Our God is not pleased, he knows just how to shut a nation down and not a single “wise” human being will be able to undo his work until He allows it. We have already received 2 stern warnings and the third is upon us at the moment, yet the Bible says “They repented not”. Would to God that this nation would not have to be told that “The handwriting is on the wall”.

  8. The real problem is staring us in the mirror. Whenever we entrust the raising of our children to unaccountable “others” because it’s more convenient or profitable, we are guaranteed to fail in our duty to train up the next generation to be self sufficient, moral human beings. No one can train and inspire a child like a loving parent. Our job as parents is to work ourselves out of a job so we can pass on the fruits of our labor to the benefit of society. Shame on us.

  9. WE have allowed our educational system to be taken over by Socialist/Marxist calling themselves Progressives. Our school system needs to be cleaned out like a nest of
    rats. These progressives are brainwashing our children and poisoning their minds and
    perspectives. Wake up, parents. Stop allowing the schools to raise your children instead of you.

  10. Judy, you are absolutely correct!
    Only Republicans really believe in our form of government!
    Democrats seem to believe in some form of socialism/communism which depends upon heavy taxation of the producers in order to care for the malingerers!
    Everywhere this has been tried it has been a total failure!
    Find out for yourself by visiting Cuba or Venezuela!

  11. I keep stating the fact that these “people” need to read and understand their history. The problem is that we have allowed the socialists,marxists,and communist to infiltrate into our school system as professors and teachers of our young. These students of today need to think for themselves, explore and actually delve into facts, do not go blindly and follow this crazy way of thinking that is promoted by the radicals. If they think socialism, Marxist and communism is the way to live, they need to go and live in those countries that have this type of government and then they will see how much better they are by living in a country like the USA and I am sure that we as the older generation will gladly send them off to those countries.

  12. Unfortunately it may take 20 to 30 years for the 20 something and 30 something year olds, in this country, to live under socialism, in the country, GOD FORBID, to FINALLY REALIZE that socialism is a big mistake. By then they’ll be the ones (some of them) in office running this country. We should pray that they and others ( people my age 50+) get a revelation NOW and cease and desist this liberal nonsense.

  13. These fools need to do their homework for themselves, not just listen to others that are brainwashing them! Where does the money come from for socialism/communism/marxism/globalism?? It comes from you, the little person! Do you really think the entertainers, professional athletes, politicians, ceos, msm and the filthy rich are going to give up their money for you, then you’re living in a dream world! When the poor and middle class go completely broke then we will be like Venezuela, fighting with sticks and stones for food because all weapons that protect you and your family now, will be confiscated! The filthy rich will stay rich and you will only get what they want you to have! College will NOT BE FREE for everyone, only the ones the government selects! Get out of your dream world and face reality or you and your children and grandchildren will suffer more than you can imagine! Check out countries that are living under socialism/globalism/communism/marxism!! VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020 AND SAVE AMERICA!!

  14. Yes, it appears that they have succumbed to irrational, 24/7 messages that they can get something for free (however little it is), as well as negativity from social & news media. Until the hard workers who are still sane in this country PRAY, VOTE, and make decisions based on their own gut feelings without being swayed be political party rhetoric Or polls will we regain greatness that our ancestry wanted for us.

  15. Did these LIBERAL IDIOT’S not read anything of History around the world???Our Dumb-### Democrats have push this agenda for decades and if the protesters would stop and look at where these corrupt politicians are, living in multi-million dollar homes, security that we the taxpayers provide, walls and bars around their homes and just about everyone of them is a multimillionaire many times over!!! The ideology behind socialism and communism is the RICH ELITES get richer and they AVERAGE people get poorer and poorer , until their is no longer a use for them then THEY DISAPPEAR, one way or another!!! Prime examples, Russia, which has been broken up into several different countries now, Korea, who slaughter their own family to stay in power, Venezuela, where now millions are starving to death and the ruling family just racked up several BILLION DOLLARS , and do they help their own people??? If these PEACEFUL PROTESTERS would have been taught OUR GREAT COUNTRY’S HISTORY instead of having LIBERAL DEMOCRATS FORCING THE SOCIAL DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY, if our CAREER POLITICIAN’S would be REMOVED FROM OFFICE, WE MIGHT SEE A CHANGE IN OUR GREAT COUNTRY ONCE MORE!!! LET THEM ALL GO TO GERMANY, RUSSIA, KOREA, CHINA AND VENEZUELA AND LIVE!!!! IT’S ALL FREE THERE!!! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN ALL AREAS OF THE COUNTRY!!! LET WE THE PEOPLE MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!

  16. I want these people who like socialism/ communism go and live in one of these countries for a few months like Cortez,B Sanders,E Warren,Omar and the squad,BLM,ANTIFA etc. Boy they will come back and KISS the ground the USA is on !!!!

  17. Product of schools teaching liberal Marxist ideas and students forced to adhere to those teachings. We desperately need to go back to the old tried and true “Three R’s” and scrap all this other bullshit. Thing were so much better when we learned true American History, Civics, English, spelling and Basic Math. Now kids cannot spell and cannot talk with out using a number of “4 Letter words” that hey get drilled into their heads with the crap they call music coming through headphone growing out of their ears. These sycophants barely know how to wipe their own butts.

  18. This attitude toward socialism is entirely the result of the left wing nuts teaching our children. The teachers work for us through our taxation system and need to be held accountable to us, not the Democratic Socialist Party. We need complete overhaul of our educational system from kindergarten right through college. We should demand American history, math, English and science are mandatory and not the left wing garbage they’re are planting in our vulnerable children heads. Period.

  19. If communism is soooo great then why did American POWs from the Korean War defect to China only to come back to US within 15 years? Why did communist Lee Harvey Oswald defect to the USSR only to come to to the US within 3 years? Even America’s most famous atheist, Madelyn O’hara tried living in the USSR and she came back. The USSR isn’t around anymore but Putin is a former KGB man and his Russian government is similar to the USSR. These stupid punks still have many communist countries to chose from to immigrate to. One thing dumbass Bernie won’t tell these young wimpy punks is that the only difference between communism and socialism is socialism is voted into power (Nazi Germany) and communism takes power through violence (USSR, Cuba, North Korea, China, Cambodia, ect..ect..).

  20. This is what happens when schools stop teaching history or totally distort history. Too many parents are too busy with their own lives to get involved with their kids are learning at schools letting These education systems run wild. It’s not the school‘s job to educate my child on social awareness it’s the school’s job to teach them to read write add and history

  21. Idiots. Stalin would have shipped them off to the gulag where they Would be worked to death and fed a few ounces of bread daily, just enough to stay alive.

    • Judy, you are absolutely correct!
      Only the Republicans really believe in our form of government.
      The Democrats really believe in some form socialism/communism without calling it that. That is what makes them so dangerous!
      All you believers should visit venezuela or Cuba to see what really goes on there and don’t be taken in by brainwashed college lecturers few of whom ever really worked for a living.


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