Seriously?! You Won’t Believe Who “Republican” Carly Fiorina Just Said She’s Voting For…

(Liberty Bell) – Remember Carly Fiorina, who ran for president on the Republican ticket in 2016?

Well, she’s revealed who she’s voting for in 2020, and it appears she may still be bitter about the whole Trump-getting-nominated thing.

Not that she stayed in the running very long during 2016’s GOP primary season…

In November, this “Republican” is pulling the lever for Biden.

I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter how much you dislike Trump, if you are willing to vote for Biden, whose policies could hardly be more far-left at this point, you have absolutely no business calling yourself a Republican.

Do things like the Second Amendment, free speech, free markets, and border security mean absolutely nothing to her?

Fiorina revealed this turncoat move during an interview on the podcast “The Ticket: Politics From The Atlantic.”

“I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump,” she said.

Fair enough, but when asked if she was voting for Biden, she replied, “I’m not voting for Trump, but it’s a binary choice. So if faced with a binary choice on a ballot: yes.”

“As citizens, our vote is more than a check on a box. You know, it’s a statement about where we want to go, and I think what we need now actually is real leadership that can unify the country. I am encouraged that Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character. I think he’s demonstrated that through his life. And I think we need humility and empathy everywhere in public life right now.”

If you had any doubts that she was loyal to her party’s platform, Fiorina confirmed while she was a registered Republican she doesn’t believe she owes any loyalty to the party.

“I believe I owe loyalty as a citizen to my community, to the Constitution, to other Americans,” she said. “And I think we have witnessed, particularly in the era of Trump — but prior to that as well — what George Washington warned us about, which is that the trouble with political parties is people will come to care only about winning, and they’ll forget about values and governing.”

Seriously?! Her logic is completely twisted.

How can she profess to care about values and governing if she’s voting for Biden just because he’s not Trump?!

If you are willing to vote for Biden, clearly you’ve abandoned the things that made you a Republican in the first place.

Don’t pretend otherwise, Carly.

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  1. When I hear this nonsense from a woman or even a man that ran for the GOP in 2016 she was never or he is never a patriot to this country the democratic party has a Bennett our constitution or patriotism for this nation she’s no Republican she’s a coward

  2. I am glad that she is a blatant Rhino Republican, she at least is outspoken enough too show this too everyone. She is just another failed politician, who would just be another “Deep Stater” !

  3. Lest we forget, not only did she fail as a candidate, she failed as a corporate CEO. But she did make a lot of money regardless of her poor performance that caused layoffs of doubtless hundreds of not thousands of underlings. And as Trump said, she is butt ugly as well. Gee, a lot like Hillary.

    • Plus she helped screw Americans out of jobs, helped send jobs and mfg to China, and generally created the art of bullshit!

  4. I agree with you US lover. Biden’s VP will be President ’cause the Dems will declare Joe Biden incompetent. Poor Joe, can’t even see the writing on the wall. All the world knows it especially the Democrats, but dumb Joe Biden.

    • To Dave; That’s it in a nut shell….”she doesn’t care!!!!” I love what our POTUS has done for our country. However, there are moments when I don’t like him, but I can see the difference between the two issues. What EVERYONE needs to know is,,,,,you might be voting for the Biden name, BUT HE’S NOT the president we’ll get WATCH OUT FOR HIS RUNNING MATES NAME, that person will almost immediately become the POTUS due to the dumbo party having Sleepy Joe committed. When that happens, we’re all going to be living in cities just like CHAZ or CHOP, screw what it’s called, other than hell. The united states I’ve lived in for over 70 years, will cease to exist. All of our loved ones that have died trying to protect her, will all have died in vane if we allow all of this BS to continue. Forget about being PC anymore. Just be honest to yourself, work hard, be caring and helpful to others, and just MAYBE we can resurrect this wonder country we have here. The dumbos just want power, and could care less about what the people need or want. If a program doesn’t line a dumobs cash pocket, they want nothing to do with it. Yes, WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER, and together as responsible Republicans, we can turn this country around, and make it great again. Vote out and eliminate every possible dumbocrat this November. That’s our only chance of survival.
      Covid 19 doesn’t scare me like socialism scares the hell out of me !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Her feelings were hurt when Donald Trump called her ugly! Many of the Bushes voted for Hillary, because Donald Trump destroyed low-energy Jeb! Stuff happens, but you still shouldn’t vote against the country!

  6. Carly belongs in the circus. Her personal vendetta against Trump allows her to vote for a senile old fool [JOE]. That is not the mark of a statesman or woman who can put the nations wellbeing over personal concerns. Her decision is insignificant and why does she feel it is of importance to publicize her own vote? She is sad and I am glad that she got nowhere in her run for the presidency. If nothing else, TRUMP has outworked all previous presidents and has an even handed ability to make great choices and listen and consider & evaluate the views of others.

  7. Another woman who would rather hold a grudge against Trump ,with realizing the dire consequences of a Biden bait and switch presidency. A woman scorned. …t

  8. Fiorina. When you make and statement like the one you made about President Trump, you become one of the most disgusted persons in our GOP party. How the hell could you say that you will vote for that Animal, Joe Biden. Don’t you know what that man thinks of the Republicans. He thinks nothing of us. You surprise me.. I don’t believe you believe in the Republican Party, you are just another RINO. Who the hell do you think you are?…You got ofended with Trump because he made fun of you in 2016?? He did the same thing with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bush and others and they all became friends with him again. You are the only one, maybe because you are a woman, no wonder. Make peace with him and you’ll see the type of person he is. There is no one in the Republican Party who could match Donald Trump capabilities to govern this country.. I truly hope you change your mind.

  9. She talk about leadership the ignorant shit bag democraps don’t have any, she talked about the constitution the ignorant shit bag democraps trampled on it, she’s bitter in my opinion, The ignorant shit bag democraps don’t like Trump because he gives shit right back to them and they are appalled by it, didn’t Carly get the axe at Hewitt Packard no CEO get’s the axe if there leadership skills are up to par. So chew on that. My favorite democraps are the ones that ran from the Republican to join them, so freedom wasn’t a priority with them, it’s not uncommon to disagree to find something better, so Carly believes in Marxism now, oh that ignorant shit bag democrap piss she drank it and made her do stupid shit. Good luck may social scum give you the respect you see.

  10. Biden fakes humility & stupidity well while playing the poor minority (race, female worker, illegal immigrant) cards while setting his son up with lucrative contracts abroad to create a poor excuse of a dad for his illegitimate grandchild whom he also has failed to welcome as his grandchild

  11. Are you serious?
    Vote for Biden because your still upset with our President, so you will put the country and it’s people at grave risk???
    Who are you that you matter anyway.
    Your stupid. Look closely in your mirror next time. Get real close and look at your ugliness.
    Another one has joined Lucifers Finest. (
    What you planning on getting for your vote for Joe??????
    An inappropriate touch, a little goose on the ole butt.?????😆….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carly…. apparently never was a true Republican. As far as I care.. she is dead and no need to hear from that ” dipshit freak wacko RINO. … without a cause. ” Good riddance !!!


  14. Apparently, if she can vote for someone on the far left, she was never a Republican. She was a Democratic implant posing as a Republican. Shame on her. How deceptive. I’m glad she did not go far. And I was duped by her. I actually liked her. How much can she really care about this Country when she can vote for Biden who is frequently not even coherent? I’m appalled and disappointed in her.

  15. This woman is brain dead, like Biden. She completely misunderstands the stark choice we face: liberty and social order versus socialism, chaos and death.

  16. From California and calls herself a republican? Fake republican is more like it. Like all RINOs, she’s really a dummycrat pretending to be a republican. She should get a job at CNN. They love fakes.

  17. Hey, its the REPUBLICAN PARTY that is no longer republican! TRUMP & his MINIONS have erased ALL the hallmarks we knew made us REPUBLICANS all our lives [83 yrs for me]. I have never believed the Democratic agenda was fighting for anything but enriching the governing wallets, but after what TRUMP has done to us, never explaining what or why or even IF hes thinking, I’ll take a chance on BIDEN!

    • You watch too much fake news. Research the news. Don’t depend on local news. Go into the internet or even on a smart TV. View both liberal and conservative ideas then make an informed opinion. Local news medias are very left politically biased. You have to search for truth. Research Trump’s accomplishments. See what they are. Like him or not, Trump is the 1st President I have witnessed in my lifetime who has truly tried to accomplish what he stated when he was running. And I agree, Trump I do not see Trump a conservative Republican. He is what I call the old “Blue Dog Democrat” who is concerned about following the U.S. Constitution, he is not a far left socialist who wants the U.S. to collapse.

  18. Carly, you are a disgrace. You just showed your true values (actually lack of values). Anyone who believes in the Republican Party’s platform could never ever vote for Biden. You feel you don’t owe the party any loyalty. ok. But you do owe this country your loyalty. You owe the people who did support you your loyalty. You are abandoning the very values that made people want to support you. The Republican Party values. You have abandoned your country’s constitution. It seems that you are just another fraud. You are despicable. You make women in politics look very bad.

  19. She’s a nothing! Trying to remain relevant. 90% of today’s voters wouldn’t even remember her from 2016. They would say about her name? Isn’t that a kind of dog food (Purina)? She’s a lying dog face pony soldier!!

    • More like the used item that comes from Purina. But this time instead of being from a dog, it’s more like from a bull.


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