Seriously?! What Joe Biden Just Called Trump Supporters Will Make You Sick

(Liberty Bell) – You thought it was bad when Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”?

Now Biden’s just calling us flat-out an “armed militia.”

I’m sorry, has he noticed how his supporters are acting lately?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has referred to President Donald Trump’s supporters as “an armed militia in this country” during his already pathetic and incoherent speech on violence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday afternoon (which he notably gave from somewhere other than Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Trump is actually visiting.)

Biden said, according to Breitbart:

This president, long ago, forfeited any moral leadership in this country. He can’t stop the violence because for years he’s fomented it. You know, he may believe mouthing the words “law and order” makes him strong. But his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. Does anyone believe there’ll be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?

He did not specify whether he meant any one group of Trump supporters or just all Trump supporters.

If we were an armed militia, doesn’t he think that we would have already squashed the threat that his supporters have been posing to communities around the country for months now?

The former vice president, who will face Trump in November as the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, spoke after a weekend in which a Trump supporter was shot and killed in downtown Portland.

That supporter was also a member of a right-wing group, Patriot Prayer, which is not a militia.

Biden may have been referring to accusations, yet unproven, that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three and killed two people during a riot last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a member of a militia.

Biden was criticized for failing to condemn the riots even though he condemned police for the shooting of Jacob Blake, 29, that triggered the unrest last Sunday.


  1. Black man invented the light bulb, 65 Million have died of the China Virus, believes in TRUTH over Facts????. These are some of the things Biden has said. We must pray for him that he gets his brain back so that he can say something intelligent. I truly think that the basement did him damage. He is truly a sick man and I do urge people to vote for Trump because if this sick man wins, Cruella De Vil will be calling the shots. She will be your worst NIGHTMARE.

  2. Tippy you are so stupid you had to have gone to a university in the US there is no way anyone can get as stupid as you on there on. You are wrong on all your stats BLM and ATIIFA are lawless organization bent on destroying the USA and with help from idiots like you they can accomplish it If we let them That will not happen we have guns and the left don’t know which bathroom to use

  3. Hey Tippy, Get a life. WHO is creating the hatred and divisiveness in this Country? It’s people like you who are far to the Left. If we are such a racist country, then explain how we elected a Black guy for two presidential terms, and all the athletes making millions but taking a knee, and all the commercials they are appearing in with whites. Explain also why millions of people are hoping, praying, and trying to come to live in this country. It ain’t because it’s a racist country. You are so full of crap. Why don’t you try living in China? They’d love you there, and see all the “rights” and “privileges” you’d have in THAT country. Leave if you don’t like it here. What’s keeping you here? My great-grandparents came here to work and contribute. They were not “takers” like you. They became citizens the legal way and were so PROUD to be Americans, and they passed on their talents and high standards to us all. We learned to RESPECT the police, not fight back or run away from them or break the laws like you would do and then burn down cities because these criminals died while resisting arrest. But what would you know about Respect and Civility and Courage? You coward.

    • If you went to prison like you deserve I would be able to pay your bond but you aren’t even worth 10 cents traitor Fred.

  4. Damn, who pissed off Tippy? How can someone really believe this stuff she is reciting? But as long as she, and others like her, are replying to comments being made by The Trump Train patriots, who Back The Blue, who celebrate the win of Trump over Clinton, who help and aid this country instead of hinder and accuse, who will gladly stand in any line, fill any hole, to the BEST of their ability and defend OUR constitution, THIS nation, One Nation UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for ALL, then its “open season on dumb asses (sorry donkeys – the REAL donkeys).

  5. The left should move to a communist socialist country. Leave the party that enjoys freedom this Country. Those who seek freedom will then still have a place to go. The MSM and school has failed this generation. Those who lack common sense are easily lead by others. The left is a disgrace to my generation who fought for capitalism, freedom and the dream. I was taught nothing is for free as there is always strings attached. It is Education and hard work that creates opportunities for all. My generation resisted free handouts from our government as it was a sign of weakness to not earn what we needed for our own survival. This made us work harder to make our own path in life. I struggled and for months when I was in my 20s lived off a loaf of bread and koolaid. I never once even gave it a thought about government handouts. Families took care of families during their struggles as needed. We always believed there was light at the end of the tunnel we moved towards. Respect is another trait I see lacking in Society today. This all reminds me of the signs of Revelations aligning itself. I pray I will no longer live to see the destruction should socialist agenda take hold. We have regressed to an uncivilized society. Also also taught you don’t discuss religion or politics as they are decisive subjects. This is all we hear now no wonder we are against each other.

  6. Tippy, Tippy, Tippy you and the rest of the weak minded Democrat lambs have to be pure stupid or brainwashed to believe anything out of the media mob, Hollywood or your precious Democrats.

  7. I see why your name is Tippy , it fits you well, I would be a deplorable than a coward Antifa supporter that roam the cities with their disease Tippy.

    • You are a sick Trumpster and will join him and Epstein and Barr in hell. Antifa and BLM have not been accused of one murder during the protests unlike the rogue cops and various Trump supporters and white supremacists creeps like you.

  8. The left claims Trump is racist. So, give me an actual, complete statement Trump made that is racist. The left claims it is Trump who is responsible for the riots and destruction in the cities. So show me where Trump ever called for any violence. There are dozens of such calls from the left. And video from sources like CNN and MSNBC showing leftist/Democrat politicians calling for more violence and supporting the destruction. And just who is pushing the whole message of hate? Sure hasn’t been the right wing. All the right wants is the chance to get back to work and regain some sense of normalcy. Oh, yeah, an avowed ANTIFA member was arrested for the murder of a Trump supporter. And an the video from Kenosha Wisc. shows the man who got shot was pointing a handgun at the kids head before the kid brought his rifle around and shot the BLM thug.
    Also, the ANTIFA and BLM leadership/founders are self proclaimed Marxists who have stated their ultimate goal is the destruction of the US government and our Constitution. Hunt up the CNN interviews.

    • His whole Presidency of condemning minorities, catering to Putin and white supremacists, and his support of bad cops. Why go on, if you don’t know by you are as evil as him.
      P.S. Not one death has been attributed to BLM or Antifa but many to bad cops, Trump supporters and white supremacists, two who killed two cops in CA in June, the 17 who killed two Kenosha protesters with his AR. Many of pals promoting violence in hate speech all over the internet, the boogaloo boys, the nazis, Aryan groups, the Proud Boys, it is endless and from many thugs on even these right wing sites promoting weapons,violence and Civil War.

    • Hey shit for brains tippy, you called me a Nazi, since Democrats and idots like you want history deleted your choice of the word Nazi doesn’t exist. According to all democrats history is to be deleted so your word doesn’t exist. Also this is a conversation with a young black boy and his father in 20 years if the democrats win which they won’t. Dad you said there was slavery, Your not telling the truth because I don’t see any statues about slavery and there is nothing about slavery on the internet! It didn’t exist deleted. Dad what is BLM why does our lives matter more than our Latino neighbors, Asian neighbors, white neighbors. Son because there was slavery, dad slavery didn’t exist because I can’t find anything anywhere that says slavery existed, remember democrats decided not to teach history any more! So now that history is deleted there is no reason to burn and loot stores. Go home and get a job and do something good for society.

  9. Joe is a one footed Pony Army Foot Soldier in an ass kicking contest. TBYL Joe quit while you are behind and never to return again. Seek retirement and refreshment Joe. With all that extra cash you and your family swim in you can afford to kick back now. Bye the way leave the Trumpster and his Team alone for they are doing what is right. You are the Pinocchio in the room and many of your Team blame the Trumpster for what you are lacking in, not he.

    • Joe kicked Trump’s ass in his statements and will in the debates and the election. However you still have a chance because of all the renown dirty tricks of the REpublicans, Russian help, hacking, shutting down the post office, losing ballot boxes, voter suppression, etc. If it is an honest election Trump loses in a landslide, mainly because of the egomaniacal evil and chaos and his total arrogance, stupidity and incompetence in dealing with the pandemic. If there were true justice he would be tried for an estimated 150,000 negligent homicides.

  10. Joe once in a while gets it right. Yes, Trump supporters are being turned into an arm militia. Guns sales are skyrocketing, especially among woman and minorities. The reason, IT’S THE DUMMYCRATS!!!!! Dummycrat mayors and governors are letting the lunatic arm of the party (Antifa/BLM) destroy their own dummycrat cities and even encouraging the lunatics to keep on wrecking the cities, even if the dummycrats win in November. The senate slut herself has told them to never stop. And the mayor of one city even joined the rioters. The police forces of these cities have been told to stand down and the city councils have voted to defund or completely remove their police force. When people can no longer count on the government to provide basic safety for it’s citizens, then the citizens will take matters into their hands. Biden, look into a mirror, if you can find one and figure out how to use it, and you’ll SEE why Trump supporters are turning into an armed militia. Stupid old geezer!

    • The violence is coming from the right, the alt right, the Nazis, the white supremacists, the 17 year old Trump supporter who killed 2 in kenosha, the MAGA hatted killers like Dylan Roof and the Parkland School killer, the boobaloo boys, the biker gangs, the right wing anarchist bomber types like Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh. You have it all wrong rabid dog.

  11. Comrade Biden and the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is implementing all the tactics of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia/China & N Korea. Remove God from Society, Disarm the People, at first give the People whatever they want, remove accountability since there is no God no one will be judge, remove human Life to a sub standard Level ,baby murder is just the start, then Eliminate the elderly, then the crippled and sickly. This is their future plan for a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Global Community. Only people who they deem acceptable will be allowed to live. Race creed color will not matter only what’s best for the Global community. Sounds Great until it’s your turn to be eliminated. This is the long term objective of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party and the Global community. The only thing that slowed their plans is the United States. A free thinking society Has no place in the Global one World Government System. This will happen but it will be when God gives the world what they are asking for. A Godless Horrible One World
    Government the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party and so many misled people desperately want.

    • You are one evil and crazed mofo. Trump is America’s Hitler and anti-Christ all in one miserable egomaniacal obese blob of stupditiy

  12. Hillary said that 50% of Trump’s supporters were deplorables. She was wrong, it is more like 90% and the rest are brainwashed.

    • P.S. These right wing websites are scams looking for money to pocket and filled with horrible lies, sometimes complete lies. Antifa and BLM have not been accused of one murder but Trump supporters and rogue cops have accused of many during the protests and of course the mass murderers in the churches and schools in recent years. You’re really stupid and/or evil if you get tricked voting for the Criminal-in-Chief again. He loves his white supremacists that go out and shoot the protesters and always has an excuse for them, even for the 17 year old punk that killed two and shot another in Kenosha,

    • How can people be so brainwashed an indoctrinated to hate our Freedom and Country. It’s like they can’t think for themselves. Pervert Biden himself said that unless he is elected the murder, riots, destruction of businesses and communities will continue. He openly admitted the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is not only supporting Antifa ( Anti Free America ) and Black Lives Only Matter and other Rioters but funding them too. This is treason and all people associated with funding should be prosecuted. The murder by Antifa and BLOM of Business owners, people who DONOT support their destruction of America. Their cause has nothing to do with equality or justice but only the money they are getting paid. Another question is who is supplying them the chemicals, bricks, guns and other tools to use?????? Think stop being used by this Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party who only wants to destroy America.

  13. I remember the day HilLIARy gave us the beautiful label, “Basket of Deplorables”.
    It just goes to show the caliber of people that vote for Trump and that we can take a label like that and turn it into something we’re proud of. Humble, honest, loyal and if we’re deplorable, we’ve made that a damn good thing. But Biden….he just rolled out of a basket.

    • You are wrong, the violence is coming from the right, the white supremacists, the Nazis, the alt right, the gun nuts, the MAGA hatted mass murderers like Dylan Roof, the biker gangs, the rogue and redneck police, the right wing anarchist bombers like Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh, the 17 year old Trump supporter who killed 2 in Kenosha with an illegal weapon, who go on. Antifa and BLM have not been linked to one death, before or during the protests, unlike people like you seem to support.

    • You are SO right, Jerry. What people (?) like the aptly named Tppy should do is MOVE — to Communist China, N. Korea, Cuba, hell, Vietnam would probably happily take them. NO proof BLM or Antifa has murdered anyone? Really? What about the attempts at same, like their efforts TWICE to burn police officers alive inside their building? What about those shot on the streets of Portland and Kenosha? Proof is in the pudding, and this sh**t pudding will stop, when law-abiding citizens stand with police, militia, anyone who’ll confront them for what they really are, domestic terrorists. The majority of Americans I still believe do NOT condone the actions of these groups, Either they’ll burn themselves out, or all wind up in prison. The latter would look good enough to me, as long as they stay there the rest of their miserable lives…

    • Yeeeeeehaaaw!!! Right-on cowboy!!

      Have em stop in Austin and pick up a few left wingnuts. It’s getting too west coast here.

    • Your guns should be stuck up your butt you white supremacist thug, and Trump butt kisser. You Texan all act tough but are cowards and traitors.

  14. I AM STILL A DEPLORABLE. I am too old to be an armed militia but the way the DEMORATS are heading an armed militia may be necessary !!!! Seems to me the Demorats on all levels will not be satisfied until we have another civil war which will be a horror. The people who will suffer are not these rats and their rat junior will probably be safe from any fighting and I am sure they will find some way to make a profit !!!!

    • You rednecks are always talking Civil War, you lost the first one and still are itching for another. However, you might be a nazi for Trump and want a war anyway.

  15. The only thing standing between the radical left and the total destruction of our nation is “The New Continental Army”. The Democratic, Socialistic, Communistic Party and media have called down the thunder and when it arrives hell and death will be riding along. America and democracy will survive, so help us God!! 🇺🇸🙏🙏🇺🇸


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