Sen. Johnson Destroys This Insane Claim That Valerie Jarret Made About Obama Election Meddling

(Liberty Bell) – The members of the Obama Deep State who tried to rig the 2016 election and then conduct an attempted coup against the man that simply wasn’t supposed to win against Hillary Clinton know that their time is running short.

The Durham investigation is closing in on the true depths of corruption that took place during the election of 2016.

Or should I say, the heights?

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) declares that this corruption was “at the highest levels,” indicating that the crooked scheme went all the way up to Barack Obama himself.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Johnson reacted to an interview that Bartiromo had last week with former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Johnson refuted Jarrett’s comments that attempted to downplay the role that Obama played in the 2016 investigation of the Trump campaign.

“Well, you will notice she didn’t answer your question,” he said.

“She just talked about, in general, what the process should be. That’s not the process they followed. It is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels of, certainly, the FBI. We have evidence of it. I’m looking forward to John Durham, wrapping up his investigation. I personally believe that the intelligence community was involved in this thing.”

Johnson continued, “Their initial goal was to exonerate Hillary Clinton, when — so that she could win the election. When she lost the election, their goals shifted to first — first and foremost, I think, sabotaging the Trump administration, which they have done a pretty good job of, also, I think initiating this diversionary operation, the smokescreen to cover up their wrongdoing.

“The fact that they — they used all the awesome powers of their agencies to investigate their political opponent. They didn’t want that revealed. It’s being revealed right now.”

“So, again, Valerie Jarrett simply isn’t answering the question,” he added. “That’s our job. We need to get the information. But, as I stated earlier, they still have so many of their supporters in these agencies. They are doing a pretty good job at hiding the ball. It’s hard to extract the information. But I’m a pretty tenacious guy.”

Johnson and Trump alike are both tenacious. So is Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham.

They can run…but they can’t hide.

The clock is ticking.


    • Dave – unfortunately they already have a track record of not telling the truth – even under oath. They are all charter members of the ‘I can’t recall’ club. Look how well jarrett dodged Bartiromo – and she wasn’t even under oath for that interview.

  1. How can so many Americans be so blind not to see the corruption of the past administration? What does it take to convince them? My guess is they must not
    know how to even tie their shoes?! We are surrounding by masses of fools of nature.
    I can’t even have piety for such fools. We have God and Trump!

    • “None are so blind as those who will not see.” It’s not that so many Americans are so blind not to see the corruption of the past administration as so many Americans that just don’t care anymore. I’m 75 and have a grand-daughter that just graduated college a couple of years ago. She’s one of the blind and just puts her hands over her ears if you try to discuss politics with her. Her younger sister is still in college and is even worse. She repeats “na na na na na na na na na” with her hands over her ears. And both can vote!!! The colleges and universities are the problem, and until we as a nation deal with the falsehoods that are taught in these institutions, Russia (old USSR of Khrushchev) wins!

  2. First the Clinton’s then the Obama’s. How do these politicians go to DC with low to moderate wealth accumulated and leave as multi-millionaires??? Can’t be honestly earned!!! Mr Durham has to get to the bottom of this corruption. Of course, Soros is behind most of the libraturd schemes including the Clinton-Obama-Biden chain. He directly influenced the bs that the CIA and FBI pulled!!! Follow the money chain!!! He needs to go too!!!

  3. Obama should face the full force of the law for
    his interference in the Trump campaign, both
    before and the administration after the election.
    He is also financing much of the rioting and is
    obstructing the Trump Administration as much
    as possible even now. If I had my way, the scumbag
    would get his sorry ass kicked out of the country with
    the option of death if he tried to come back. We don’t
    need his kind of evil here.

  4. The Dem’ first plan failed when Hillary lost the election. Since, they have used every diversionary tactic to deflect the Obama era treachery while making President Trump look like the villain.It is hoped that voters realize the Dems have now jumped off the cliff in desperation. For those of you that still despise the president, just look past your nose to see the options. It is certainly not poetic that the Democrat namesake is out to destroy democracy.

  5. Obama has always been a believer of what people like Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis his mentor as a young boy and the scum George Soros who uses his billions to support all things bad against America. Obama has become very rich since getting involved in politics and using people like George Soros to hurt our country. If Biden somehow is elected it will be Obama’s third term that he has wanted but could not have because as he has stated our constitution get in the way of things he wants to do. God help our Country if some how Biden with his failing memory is elected and Obama is able to have his third term to finish up the harm he has already done to this country. I make this statement NOT because I am a raciest but because I lOVE our country. I would vote for many black men as our President and there are many Great back men and women who love our country who would always do right by all Americans and never never promote hate between any race.
    Obama had the chance in 8 years to do plenty for the poor black communities by first improving the schools or having school choice.Obama could have got rid of the gangs that are terrorizing some black communities and put many in jail. Obama could have gotten many community organizers to improve the living conditions in run down communities to give the people a since of pride. I do not know what Obama could have done about the many missing fathers in some communities but he could have put people in charge of many after school projects for different age children to help as the grew to have a good outlook for their future.

  6. I hope they ALL get it in the END ! BACK END ! OBAMA and his WHOLE ADMINISTRATION needs to be put in PRISON for no less LIFE 365 Years EACH !

  7. I ALSO believe ” . . . that the crooked scheme went all the way up to Barack Obama himself.”

    There’s no way on earth Obummer would have ever not participated in any discussions, or not insisted on his input or ideas be considered; because he is after all “the smartest man in the room”.

    Anyone with half a brain knows Obummer cooked up the whole scheme.

    His minions are feverishly working to free their lord, Satan’s acolyte, Obama.
    He went to Washington to get rich, and his perverted followers sincerely believe he is the anti-Christ, who will free them all from the oppressive Conservatives.
    He started the campaign against Trump to hide his evil-doings, and cover up his crimes. He desperately wanted to change America into Iran, or Cuba, and be held up as a supreme leader for life like China’s ‘president’ Xi. He made deals with Iran, Russians, and Ukrainians, propped up by taxpayers. He stole from America. Now he lives in a sea-side mansion with millions in the bank.

    He would not have made such a spectacle of himself at John Lewis’ funeral if he wasn’t afraid of his empire collapsing.

    The demons think if Biden and Obama get back into the Whitehouse, they can’t be prosecuted for their crimes while they are in power. If they were to get back into the Whitehouse, would they ever leave?

    • Biden announced his run on April 25, 2019, just 4 days after Zolinsky, the anti corruption President of Ukraine, became President. Constitutions says can’t use the force of Government to go after lyin Biden & Family………e.g. seek justice for all….


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