Sean Hannity Reveals Sources Tell Him These Deep State Crooks Are “About To See Their Worlds Rocked”

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, we learned that corrupt one-time FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was let off the hook for leaking to the media and then lying about it under oath, all to damage President Donald Trump.

This was a rather serious blow to those hoping to see justice return to Washington DC and those who have for so long been illegally targeting the President of the United States to be held accountable for their crimes.

Sean Hannity, however, reiterated on his program Friday evening that we still have every reason to be hopeful.

He told his audience on the program that his sources are telling him “It’s real. That those that did the premeditated fraud on FISA…They’re about to see their worlds rocked.”

Investigative journalist Sara Carter, one of his most frequent guests and one of the most informed individuals out there when it comes to the extent to which the Deep State has been breaking the law, agreed.

“That’s what I’m hearing too,” she said.

Not everyone is hopeful, though.

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  1. Right on the money Warren! Something has got to give. We are seeing nothing but hypocrisy all over and no one getting into trouble but the good guys. All the left wants to do is hate Trump and criminalize political differences. That’s not what our country is about! It always amazes me how a lot of the extreme lefties came here for peace, security and to get AWAY from socialism! Yet, here they are, in our country, trying to turn it into whatever they ran from in the first place!!
    I honestly don’t get it.

  2. Remain patient, good will come. Barr is going after the BIG corruption, not the low lying fruit. Pray & diligently back our President. Turn Congress and keep Senate RED 2020!

  3. News that McCabe will not be charged for any criminal behavior is depressing,
    disheartening and shocking. After watching footage of the Gestapo like tactics,
    armored vehicles, swat team with guns drawn, pre dawn, to arrest an elderly man
    and his hearing impaired wife -CNN FILMING – one would have thought that they
    had “El Chapo,” Mexican drug lord cornered. Not to mention the disparity of the
    handling of Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn versus any of the Clinton, Obama
    or other “deep state” characters of the Democratic Party.
    Only God can help this great nation, and I pray for Donald, even though I don’t
    agree with everything he says and does, I think he loves his country.

  4. Enough of what may or may not occur, Lady Justice is or is not significant AND relevant. The ideals and values of our constitution are or are not significant AND relevant.

  5. Promises, Promises is all we ever get! Try the crooks and then administer real justice! These sites are only playing with us along for profit, at our expense and America’s expense.

    • For over 60 years the Deep State has had its tentacles take roots in the system. Yet we have folks moaning about nothing being done in 2 short years to remove them. They ( the whiners ) sat back and did nothing for 60 years while the Deep State grew without obstruction. One only has to use a smidgen of common sense to know that all levels of the government have been infiltrated by the Deep State. One also must realize that if we had not elected Trump none of what we now know about the criminal Deep State would be in the public eye, nothing!!! It would all still be unknown!!! It may not be fast enough for some in exposing the Deep State, but then again what they need to appreciate is what has gotten done so far under Deep State resistant and continues to bring the Deep State into the light …

  6. Okay…cleared on one charge is not “cleared on all charges.” Thankfully. We do have reason for some hope here. We just need to see a return to Law and Order in our country.

  7. Americans, and conservatives in particular, want to see justice and integrity restored to most government agencies. There has been so little, far so long, that we have little hope.

  8. President Trump is the lone Wolf trying to keep this country from being taken over by a corrupt and immoral government. Unfortunately I don’t see any of them being prosecuted for the evil they have done to him and this country. Their endgame is a socialist style one world government. I urge everyone to pray for our president to give him the strength and courage to fight the battle.

    • Agree completely, Roger Macik. The leftist progressives are 7734-bent on implementing socialism in the United States. They will do anything to further their agenda. The fact that none of these bad actors are prosecuted shows that there are 2 justice systems in the United States of America. One justice system that prosecutes Republicans and another justice system that exonerates all illegalities by Deep State officials and members of the Democrat Party, Inc.

  9. I just wrote a comment defending the rights of Patriotic Americans and got a notice it is up for “Review” before posting??????

    What’s up

  10. I am tired of the lies of both sides. We are told that the corrupt will be held accountable and the treasonous punished. Tell me another fairytale you corrupt politicians. I no longer believe any justice will be done on the elitist of DC.

  11. If the citizens of the United States don’t see some of the Deep State convicted and spend time in jail the Citizens will have lost all faith in the Government of the United States. If this happens you may see more violence and you have lost this country to Democrats forever


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