SCOTUS Sides With Trump On Immigration Law That’s Sure To Send Liberals Into A Total Frenzy

(Liberty Bell) – Even despite all of the coronavirus nonsense happening all over the country, immigration is still one of the hot button issues that has both sides of the political spectrum up in arms. You’d think that this would be something that we could all agree would be better discussed when things cool down from all of the other emergencies we’re dealing with, but thanks to radical liberals wanting to take advantage of COVID-19 to further their diabolical agenda, that can’t happen.

Well, the left just took a huge blow, a punch right to the kisser that’s no doubt going to send them into a frenzy of hate that result in shouts of “racism” all around. The US Supreme Court has sided with President Trump and reinstated a law that makes it a felony offense for folks to come into the country illegally.

Oh, and the decision was unanimous at 9:0.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

A great time to have strong Borders, and we now have the strongest Borders in our history. 182 miles of Border Wall already built! Dems want Open Borders, let EVERYONE IN. No thanks!

According to who republished the Epoch Times piece:

The Supreme Court unanimously resurrected a federal law struck down by an appeals court that made it a felony to encourage people to come to or stay illegally in the United States.

The May 7 ruling was a dramatic victory for the Trump administration, which had urged the high court to reverse a 2018 ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. President Donald Trump, who has made immigration his signature issue, also favors reducing both illegal and legal immigration, along with cracking down on illegal aliens.

The problem, according to the Supreme Court, was that the lower court selected activist groups to dominate arguments against the law and then accepted their reasons for why it should be invalidated, even though the defendant herself did not raise those same concerns in her defense.

Along with celebrating the news of the ruling, Trump went on to note that 182 miles of border wall has now officially gone up along the Southern border.

(Note what is concerning about this case is that the 9th District accepted the arguments from liberal activist groups even though the defendant did not make the same arguments. Is this the strategy Obama lackeys are hoping to attain in the General Micheal Flynn case? Is Judge Sullivan accepting bogus arguments from liberal groups so he can sentence General Flynn in a case the DOJ now says should never have been brought forth? We shall see.)

Now that this law is back in place, we need to actually use it and enforce it. There are millions of people who have entered this country and are living here illegally. A large portion of them are mooching off of the welfare system and putting a heavy strain on the economy. Some have criminal records, which makes them a danger to our people and our cities.

It’s meaningless to have a law if it is not enforced. We are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants are indeed a big part of what has made America great. Legal immigrants. Those who have come through the front door instead of trying to sneak in a window.



  1. That’s awesome. A felony for entering our country illegally. Does that count toward the ones already hiding out here? If it’s the law, then it definitely should count them. If so, they really need to leave before they have to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  2. Great debate: Green card(s) are critical in process; immigration made this country a wonderful experiment. It must, however, be managed w/ honest scrutiny, and all will benefit.
    Joe Herkness; citizen, Phila pa.

  3. Illegal immigration is NOW a felony? Just now? It should have ALWAYS been thus! I had read numerous books previously on this subject, and they all without exception stated that illegal immigration is classified as a MISDEMEANOR in the eyes of the law! That’s a pretty serious “misdemeanor” in my estimation! The massive gap between fantasy and reality is being filled by the realization and acknowledgement that Uncle Sam can’t be Santa Claus to everyone, and shouldn’t be Santa Claus AT ALL to illegal aliens! This category of immigrants is finally getting the attention it deserves, and rightly so! This has been a long time coming!

    • I think the court said “it is a felony to encourage people to come to or stay illegally in the United States. Coming here illegally is already a felony but this confirms that it is a felony to encourage or smuggle people in the US. I wonder if that includes the Dems and the media who encourage people to come here illegally.

  4. Cuomo is the very one with Blood on his hands! Funny, Trump has the Army Engineers build Hospitals, and brings in the huge Hospital Ship, telling the World New York Needed all of this!!!!!! Hum, Then Cuomo send Covid19 Virus Patients to **Nursing Homes** that is not staffed to protect people from this Virus. Cuomo’s Documents directs everyone to send Sick Patients to Nursing Homes to “KILL ALL OLDER RESIDENTS” that are at the *Highest Risk* to die from this Virus! (NURSING HOMES WAS ON *CUOMO’s HIT LIST)
    Why in the He__ build these Hospitals, Bring in Hospital ship for, was it to protect his Political Friends…….. Cuomo Has Blood on His Hands

    • I am watching the DEMOCRATIC hearings on how President Trump mishandled the virus response. Why are there no hearings on how Cuomo handled his response by all the nursing home deaths at his directive?

  5. Water openly has stated the following:
    The democratic party does not want America to be reopened until they remove President Trump.
    America means nothing to these asinine socialist Nazis, only total communist power, that why every one of the Nazi demo socialist should be removed from all governmental offices ASAP

  6. Colon,
    Georgia reopened even before President Trump thought wise. AND THEIR INFECTED NUMBERS WENT DOWN. Seriously lower.



    • Thank God for the supreme court because this is the time we need strong borders. Actually we need more conservatives in the supreme court to uphold the law and not personal interest.

    • Add on to Skenky: “Activist” judges should confine themselves to applying the law, or else run for office and give the American people a chance to vote on whether they agree with/want their activist ideas.

      start prosecuting the felons, and the message will get out pretty quickly that there is no free lunch for crossing the border illegally, nor for providing sanctuary.

  7. Any existing law which is unenforced encourages ignoring other laws and leads eventually to total anarchy. Federal laws already on the books need to be vigorously enforced. Violating such laws should bring about harsh consequences. States and cities which allow sanctuaries from these statues should be barred from any federal funds what ever.

    • Agreed. NO Sanctuary Cities, NO Federal funding. And no monkey business in moving State or City funds around to compensate for loss of Fed money. Ability to confiscate money from State or City trying to skirt laws and criminal action taken on public officials involved with deception.

    • Steven, it is called a Green Card and it then makes that person eligible to “work for any American employer”. Problem solved. Or you can. Either way somebody is out in the orchard in the fresh air instead of in Coumo’s dank NY basements 20 to a room getting COVID19.

    • We still need work visas; farming, construction, etc. Once border wall built and immigration reforms updated, it will be much easier to control temp workers. Atleast a move in right direction. Continued reforms can accomplish win, win for all.


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