Scary: AP Report Reveals Radical Leftist Rioters Aren’t Just Antifa Members

(Liberty Bell) – There have been a lot of things revealed to us this year, one of which being that Antifa members are diehard radical leftists with a deep desire to force their political beliefs on everyone in the country, no matter what has to happen to make that a reality. Many acts of violence have been perpetuated by this group, including the actual murder of Trump supporters.

However, a new report is coming out from the Associated Press, and it turns out that radical leftists aren’t the only ones making up these violent protests. Apparently, suburban kids have decided to get in on the action too, which just goes to show you how powerful the indoctrination in public schools really is.

The Federalist wrote an excellent analysis of this article and makes a lot of significant points and takeaways we’d all do well to pay attention to.

The headline of the AP piece reads, “Most arrested in protests aren’t leftist radicals.” The piece was published on October 20th. Of the individuals who have been arrested during the riots this summer, “very few of those charged appear to be affiliated with highly organized extremist groups, and many are young suburban adults from the very neighborhoods Trump vows to protect from the violence in his reelection push to win support from the suburbs,” the report states.

“These nice young people throwing Molotov cocktails and setting police cars on fire are basically the kids next door, the article implies. It is clear from the article’s framing the AP intends it to be another entry into the “move along, nothing to see here” genre employed against facts that make the left look bad and are impossible to ignore. In reality, however, the article makes things look even worse than the reality it is meant to counter,” writes Jill Pullmann of The Federalist.

“The AP doesn’t show or explain how it came to the conclusion that most of the 286 people being federally prosecuted for crimes in connection with this summer’s Black Lives Matter riots are the young, suburban, “not leftist radicals” its article claims. If this is true, however, it suggests violence has become uncomfortably normalized among those who identify on the political left,” she continues.

“If the AP characterization is accurate, tolerance for violence in the service of political ends is not just concentrated in fringe outliers like Antifa cells. It is attracting middle-class people who grew up in comfortable suburbia. People whose parents are aware that their children are politically intoxicated to the point of arson and still bail them out of jail and hire them lawyers. This is not comforting at all,” says Pullmann.

Pullmann goes on to explain what we can actually learn from the AP article, noting it does provide a decent amount of data concerning age, race, and sex. It seems that a lot of folks who have been charged with federal crimes in connection with the riots are white men with 7 out of 10 being under the age of 30.

“More than 40% of those facing federal charges are white. At least a third are Black, and about 6% Hispanic. More than two-thirds are under the age of 30 and most are men. More than a quarter have been charged with arson, which if convicted means a five-year minimum prison sentence,” the AP report says.

“Brian Bartels, a 20-year-old suburban Pittsburgh man who is described by prosecutors as a ‘self-identified left-wing anarchist,’ was flanked by his parents when he turned himself in to authorities,” says the AP article. “Bartels, who lives at his parents’ house, spray painted an ‘A’ on a police cruiser before jumping on top of it and smashing its windshield during a protest in the city, prosecutors said. He pleaded guilty in September,” the report goes on.

Another young man mentioned in the report was allegedly “caught on camera making a Molotov cocktail.”

The article itself attempts to say that there are unruly, bad people on both sides of the political spectrum, stating that some of those being arrested probably have far-right belief systems. Then, later in the piece, they go through six out of the 300 that are supposedly attributed to “right-wing” protesters. That is less than two percent of the total cases.

What’s more, Pullman notes, is that the article itself does not provide data to back up the headline of the piece. It explicitly states that reporters for the Associated Press were not able to find any evidence in court documents that says the majority of the 286 people whose cases were reviewed are part of Antifa or in some way formally affiliated with other radical groups.

“The AP reporters may have scoured the social media accounts of every person in this group to try to discern their political leanings. But the article does not say they’ve done so. It says the reporters looked at “thousands of pages of court documents.” In those documents, ‘the only apparent mention of antifa is in a Boston case,'” Pullman points out.

“While some of the defendants clearly hold radical or anti-government beliefs,” the AP article states, “prosecutors have provided little evidence of any affiliations they have with organized extremist groups.”

“Notice also all of the qualifications to get to that conclusion: these had to be federal cases, the prosecutors had to have explicitly noted the political affiliation of the person charged in court documents, and that affiliation had to be with an “organized extremist group.” Not with the Democratic Party, not with, not with some political campaign or club. An “organized extremist group,” whatever that is. Technically, according to their frame, such an extremist group couldn’t even be Antifa, because as the article notes, FBI Director Christopher Wray claims Antifa “is more of an ideology or a movement than an organization,” says Pullmann.

In reality, these reporters probably only searched the documents for the phrase “Antifa” and having only hit come back, decided to come to the conclusion that this proved none of the individuals busted for violence in these riots were on the hardcore left. Insane, right?

It’s not like Antifa and other radical left wing groups have some sort of initiation you go through before you’re handed some sort of identification card. That’s not how this works.

What’s really sickening is how far the mainstream media is willing to go in order to cover up for radical groups as long as they hold to the right set of policy stances. Liberal news outlets and politicians are refusing to denounce Antifa because, in reality, these individuals serve as a huge block of voters they feel they need to defeat Trump.

Along with that, they are foot soldiers causing widespread fear and destruction, The chaos they whip up enables the left to justify massive government intrusions. Nothing gets folks to willingly hand over liberty faster than fear.

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  1. Gregory, It sounds good in theory, but in my opinion the scary truth is that there are many powerful alternate weapons today that didn’t exist before …DEW weapons, lasers, etc. If a gov’t is intent on disarming their people, they aren’t going to abide by any humanitarian laws.

  2. Recce1: A “likely win” of Biden/Harris is what MSM wants you to believe. Almost no one attends his rallies, and it is quite clear that he has been receiving huge amounts of money, illegally, from Chinese and Ukrainian entities in massive graft schemes. This does not even take into account that even his own party knows that he is too demented to serve as president–he is nothing more than the “Trojan Horse” for putting far-left radical Kamala Harris in charge of the country. If U.S. voters ignore this reality and vote for Biden/Harris anyway, they have intentionally approved the destruction of this country.

  3. If the Left could use threats, intimidation, and illegal acts to deprive the rest of us of our Constitutional liberties, then those of us on the Right would be justified in depriving those who threaten us of their LIVES! While it may be true that one has not been CONVERTED because one has been SILENCED, if one has been silenced EFFECTIVELY, whether or not one has been converted becomes academic, irrelevant, and moot! Extremism in the DEFENSE of liberty is entirely justified and justifiable!

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