Sarah Palin Utterly Destroys Obama In Response To Insults He Threw Down In His New Book

(Liberty Bell) – If there is one person who should not be throwing insults around at anybody for bringing “dark spirits” to a political party, it would be Barack Obama.

It is because of Obama that Washington DC has been completely swallowed up by the Deep State. The corruption of the Establishment has infected every institute it has touched and when President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” he likely had no idea just how deep and dark it actually was.

Barack Obama is the “dark spirit” of the Democratic Party yet he had the audacity to assert in his new book that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin brought “dark spirits” to the Republican Party.

Sarah Palin, however, isn’t one for taking hits laying down and she savagely fired back at the former president over his insulting comments.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday, about the comment Palin sarcastically referred to Obama as “Moses” because of the 700-page first part of his two-part memoir titled, “A Promised Land.”

“Moses is the master of the politics of personal destruction,” she said and then pointed out that people were so sick of Obama and his divisiveness and politics that an entire movement was started which resulted in President Trump’s election.

She then went on to say that what Obama has to say is really unimportant and it truly is, yet he continues acting as if he is the savior of America. She also pointed out that in order for someone’s opinion to hurt or have an effect, people have to value their opinion and she does not value Obama’s opinion.

Obama, in his book, claimed that he stoked racial tensions because Americans were “spooked” by having a black man in the White House and that’s when he pointed a finger at Sarah Palin.

“Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward Black and brown folks — were finding their way to center stage,” Obama wrote.

Palin stated that Obama “does not represent truth” and anybody who has been paying attention over the last decade knows that is reality. Obama is a master manipulator and because he is well-spoken and composed people are easily drawn in. The truth is, Obama is evil and has dragged America down a dangerous path we may never be able to reverse.

She pointed out that mainstream media has been really successful in attacking President Trump relentlessly on issues regarding his “character,” personality, and mannerisms but that Americans need to keep in mind that the left, led by Obama, Clinton, and Joe Biden, are “after us” and what “we represent.”

While liberals may not like the way President Trump says things, that is a minor problem in comparison to the corruption and lies Barack Obama has subjected the US to. Our Republic is literally on the line right now because of the groundwork Obama and the left have laid.

Palin slammed Obama as being the “purveyor of untruths.”

She then called on Americans to “love truth” and said that we have to be “seekers of truth” if we are going to be able to fight the dark forces of the Deep State, the Establishment, and Obama’s lies which she says he is still “leading people towards.”

She lambasted him again saying that “He does not represent the truth.”

Barack Obama is a charlatan and a liar, plain and simple, and it’s time for Americans to stop giving him the time of day.

No doubt, his book will become a best-seller and that is truly indicative of just how deep his lies have infected the minds of Americans to this day.

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  1. Sarah is right. Obama is the most disgusting dirt bag to ever pretend to be president. He is not very bright or knowledgeable about the real world. That is so evident when you consider his idiotic statements like when he was first running he said , “If you people would just keep your car tires fully inflated we wouldn’t have to import any more oil.” In a just world he would be tried for treason and serve hard time in prison.

    • For the first four years of the foreign-born illegal Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II, I had tried to have this illegal alien arrested by members of Congress only to be ignored. Congress decided to acknowledge Barack Hussein Obama II’s fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificates as gospel, and allow this foreign agent to remain as President of the United States in spite of his determination of destroying our sovereign Republic. The first thing in his agenda was to divide the Blacks and Whites; and he succeeded. Next he managed to flood our country with Muslims as refugees, and he succeeded there as well. His next step was to destroy our nation’s economic system in which he almost succeeded until Donald J. Trump came to save our nation’s economic system; thank God!

      Be it known that this American patriot had never accepted the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II as President of these United States of America!

      All these bad tidings came to us simply because, Americans failed to learn from history, and the ability to keep themselves well informed as Thomas Jefferson had stated…. “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

      USAF (RET)

  2. I believe that this trash and the rest of his minions have orchestrated this election’s results since 2016, because they knew that Trump would be re-elected and there was no way they could defeat him. I think that The Kenyan Fraud is waiting for Biden to give him a post in his administration, but this won’t happen under Biden, but under Harris, when she is president, because Biden will be declared mentally incompetent due to his declining cognition. Bath House Barry will resort to anything to get back in The White House and continue his destruction of America. I see his limp-wrist hands in all of this election chaos.

    • If only members of Congress enforce our existing laws; the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II CAN BE ARRESTED! The only reason his records are sealed is because, the Godless Democratic Party is his protector. You will also discover that Barack Hussein Obama II’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham got the hots for an Indonesian, and then, moved to Indonesia where Barack Hussein Obama II attended Islamic School after which his mother procured three passports from Indonesia to the U.S.

      By the way; I managed to procure courtesy copies of Barack Hussein Obama II’s original birth certificate with his paw print on it from the Coast Province of Kenya, East Africa which are issued to parents. I also have a courtesy copy of; “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” which is kept at the Coast Province, East Africa. With the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama II as a saboteur, all unconstitutional acts as fraudulent U.S. President can be declared as NULL and VOID!

      USAF (RET)

    • You stand way above the tallest of the tallest idiots.
      You benefit from what President Trump has done, fulfilling his promises!
      Did “bo the TRAITOR” fulfill ONE promise he profferred?
      Beside creating more taxes to burden the people? obamacare raising the price of healthcare for most people, doubling or tripling the price, while stopping people from getting healthcare because the doctors had to quit working. Being taxed to death?????
      “bo the TRAITOR” gave all the enemies of the US the possibilities to attack the US. Iran with 7 airplanes full of many currencies?
      “bo the TRAITOR” never did a full day of REAL work. He stole the money for his house in Chicago. Tried to steal a Park from Chicago to build his library. Which the people voted down.
      “bo the TRAITOR” received all his diplomas from soros and company. soros paid millions to have that worthless POS elected to the senate. Then for president.
      The only thing “bo the TRAITOR” is good for is sowing discord and falsehoods. Remember that John Mc Cain KILLED 17 PEOPLE on the Forrestal, while piloting his plane and, OOPS, triggering three rockets, causing the Forrestal to suffer huge fire on board. NOBODY else ever had an accident like that. And that was BEFORE he was shot down.

  3. Sarah Palin has Obama nailed! However, I think that she has been too kind and gentle toward him. She should have called him out for the arrogant, narcissistic b*tchf*ck he truly is, and she shouldn’t have sugar-coated it, either! Of course, politics being what it is, such blatant and direct honesty will not avail one much in the long term. Obama will have to be tolerated (barely) until he leaves the political scene. Then all bets are off!

    • Wynnie the Poop spews his crap, swears and stupid racism. All Wynnie needs is be sent to a camp for traitors and maybe be deprogrammed for being a cult member of Trump and the Klan.

  4. Obama the worst thing since sliced bread. I truly wish he would just GO AWAY! Michelle too. Who needs them? NOBODY in this country. Hopefully there’s enough “dirt” on him & Michelle to put them away

    • Unfortunately, nothing will be done about this fraud’s crimes, the same as nothing has been done about the Clintons and all of their crimes.

  5. If Romney would had a pair to challenge the results of the election like our president did then he would have found fraud too that put Obama in office but president trump pointed out then and he and he alone with his lawyers are actually doing something about it bring it out into the light remember Biden saying “I don’t need your votes now I need you later” remember he told us then so let’s pray the master of lies and chaos gets busted him and his old ass George Soros their lord and master

  6. Berry has a book? Who reads it to him? Must be at least a three pager with credits all going to alphabet channel fake news for creating his fantasy.

  7. Obama was a flop as president. We still don’t know if he was really qualified to run as an American. His records are still sealed ?? so we don’t know flip about the turkey. His brother claims he was Kenyan. His kids both certificates are not available. No proof Michelle ever pregnant. No one at Columbia ever remembers him but they knew everyone else. The whole thing is creepy and he is connected to every crook and creep in the world. He has the audacity to knock Palin for no reason. He is a classic jerk and POS.

    • Polk register sept 1st 61

      Ann Dunham listed as resident of Seattle

      Aug 19th 61

      Attendance records show she was in night classes at the U of Wash.

      Not likely Barry was born in Hawaii.

      His sister was born in Indonesia but has a Hawaii COLB.

      He was not qualified by his cited birth father Obama Sr.

      Art 2 states none but a Natural Born citizen.

      That requirement is well defined by period historians as born of citizen parents.

      Thia means Harris is not qualified

      Ted Cruz. -Cuban father in Canada

      Marco Rubio- un naturalized cuban parents

      Trump only is qualified because his Scottish mother naturalized prior to his birth.

  8. Obama was elected by more than half the nation, so that is enough to dispel his “spooked” notion. Blacks only make up about 15% of the total population.
    Odd how someone who doesn’t believe in Christianity can use Biblical references for his narcissistic memoir.
    The only reason he wrote his own “autobiography” is to get his version out into the public realm. He knows that other historians will write the actual truth. He also knows he has loyalists who will use his version for indoctrination in schools. There are already too many books about Obama on the market today that are highly negative. I suggest conservative start collecting them. One day, if the Socialists take over, negative writings about Obama will disappear, and may even be outlawed.


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