San Francisco Gym Owners Furious When They Find Out Their Elected Officials Have Been Doing This During Lockdown

(Liberty Bell) – Last week, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the Speaker of the House, unwittingly proved that politicians of her ilk seem to believe that the rules that apply to the little people during COVID do not apply to her.

Footage leaked of Pelosi, the nation’s top-ranking Democrat, visiting a San Francisco salon for a cut and a blowout while the poor plebs in her district had been barred from doing the same since March.

The understandably infuriated salon owner, who Pelosi later declared had set her up, called it a “slap in the face.” Salon owners across the city have been out of business for the better part of this year, but Pelosi clearly thought that the state-wide restrictions didn’t apply to her.

To turn around and blame it on the salon itself, demanding an apology, is just disgusting.

Well, now we can add San Francisco gym owners to the list of small business proprietors in Pelosi’s district who feel that elected officials aren’t subject to the same laws that they are.

Local NBC reported:

San Francisco Government Buildings Keep Gyms Open, Crush Private Gym Owners

For months, the city of San Francisco health order has prevented local gyms from opening its doors, but some city-owned gyms have been back open for months and are allowing city employees to use them, crushing private gym owners.

“It’s shocking, it’s infuriating,” said Daniele Rabkin from Crossfit Golden Gate.

She said she has done everything she can to keep her gym on Sutter Street alive.

“Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking,” she said.

Rabkin even reached out to a couple police officers she knows in the neighborhood asking them if they needed a place to work out since their station gym was supposedly closed.

But a text exchange appeared to show they did have access to the SFPD Northern District Police Station on FIllmore Street — and police said Thursday that safety and cleaning protocols, as well as occupancy limits, have been established in department gyms.

“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” said Dave Karraker, owner of MX3 Fitness in the Castro.


  1. With all the revelations surrounding the numbers of infection rates vs death rates. Actual positive test results vs confirmed positive cases. The flaws in the formulas being used.. The misleading guidelines. The arbitrary penalties for violating these color of law mandates. The destruction to our economy and Society. I am surprised every Political Hack and Democrat Politician are still berthing. Land of the free, home of the brave? Not any more it looks like. We have become the land of the meek and cowardly. and that is exactly why they have unleashed their brown shirt troops on the cities they control. Fear is the new master. And the message is, the only way to stop all of this is to vote Democrat.

  2. Disgusting bunch! Wake these commies up with class action law suits as they have no facts or proof for what they are doing and they are violating their oath of office. What’s good for the goose apparently is different for the gander.

  3. Get your business leaders,organizations and all businesses together and protest.Make these liberal politicians look like the a wipes that they are.Open your doors and get the public involved.Alot of us hate what the liberal government is doing.Liz Warren has said she wants Government jobs for everyone.That means the Government takeover of all business.It looks like they are trying to put you out first then go after the Big Guys.

  4. By the looks of ole nasty nancy’s face oon the head line it appears she’s about to give a blow job to schiff or naddler or may be ole schnuck chuck.

    • That is my first reaction as well. The problem is there are millions of conservatives in the Peoples Republic of California that are in the minority and cannot influence government in any real way. I have to feel sympathy for them because if Moron Joe is elected and carries both houses of congress in November we will all be “Californians”.

    • Evil is spreading across this great country of ours! Welcome to the People’s Socialistic Democracy of America! You have limited time left to resolve the problem.

  5. I like Lorraine’s comment best. If every business or even half opened their busineses. The dems wouldnt do a thing. First off, WHO could they get to try to enforce it?

  6. This is how communists have operated for decades. Democrats always accuse their opposition of exactly what they themselves are doing.

  7. These examples are just a taste of the socialism in store for these dem run states. In socialistic states the elite style while the peons live like servants and pigs.
    So you reap what you sow. Why haven’t the members of the old Dem party picked up on the fact that the parties have switched in their representations. The Republican party is the new party of the people thanks to an outsider. The new Dem party favors fat cats and wall street- just look at the Bidens and Clintons and their cronies (ie pelosi).

  8. Pelosi reminds me of Leona Helmsley ( big hotel magnate) who said “Only the little people pay taxes”. I think that line & an audit got her some jail time. Now, what can we do to see that Queen Pelosi gets her just due?

    • Hijack her and shave her head for the world to see. As long as we allow them to do this to us, they won’t stop. Every business needs to open and put a sign on their entrance door that reads “SCREW THE DEMOCRATS–FREEDOM IS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT”!!!


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