Rush Limbaugh Gives His Take On First Presidential Debate In Which Wallace And Biden “Ganged Up” On Trump

(Liberty Bell) – The first presidential debate was a bit of a frustrating experience for many viewers. It appeared as though President Trump was trying to bulldoze through Biden and Wallace and that Biden didn’t care to actually answer any questions, but as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, President Trump had a strategy to rattle Biden, it just may not have panned out exactly as planned.

The biggest factor that may have thwarted President Trump’s plan to rattle Biden and have an actual debate was the moderator himself, Chris Wallace, who was obviously on team Biden. It was clear that Biden had a set of pre-determined “facts” he wanted to be able to use and every time President Trump attempted to knock Biden of course and force him to go off the cuff, Wallace intervened on Biden’s behalf.

Here’s more from Rush Limbaugh:

…Trump came ready. He was loaded. He knew what the strategy was. Now, you can disagree with the strategy. I think the strategy was to try to rattle Biden and to facilitate whatever they thought might happen with the mental deficiencies that the candidate has exhibited. The effort was to try to hasten that.

And the frustrating thing is that Biden was demonstrating that, and Trump interrupted him rather than let it happen a number of times. That is because Trump desperately wanted to debate. The moderator kept interrupting. The moderator and the questions. And just — get out of the way. You got a debate starting. You got a debate raging. Let them go at it.

This is not a question of is the moderator gonna be elected president or is the moderator’s job performance gonna matter a hill of beans in terms of the future of the country. Let the candidates engage. Let the audience decide who’s more in command of facts and more in command of the stage. Instead of this silly attempt to enforce a bunch of rules. Let the candidates enforce the rules. Let’s find out who can stand up for themselves and who can’t.

Limbaugh makes some good points but users on social media voiced concerns over Trump’s performance during the debate and many questioned if he could possibly have hurt himself. Limbaugh doesn’t believe so and we also doubt any true Trump supporter jumped ship after this debate. Did he earn any undecideds? That has yet to be seen but one thing is for sure, the leftist media does not want Biden to participate in the remaining two debates.

More from Limbaugh:

Trump, I don’t think, lost a single vote from his base last night. The question is whether any undecideds were moved. CNN has pointed out: hey, hey, don’t get excited out there since Trump lost every debate in 2016, they think. And they also point out that incumbent presidents never have first debates that are any good. Even though the Drive-Bys might think that Biden was a slam dunk winner just ’cause he lasted 90 minutes, they are not at all confident of that.

And now these demands on Biden that he not do the other two debates. Those are demands coming from the Drive-By Media ’cause they think he can only do damage. He showed that he can handle himself for 90 minutes and he could withstand whatever Trump threw at him. No need to do this anymore. Biden’s out there saying, “Can’t wait. I want to bring on those other two debates.” Bring ’em on. But there has to be some clarification of the rules.

Limbaugh went on to point out that Biden obviously wasn’t interested in an actual debate but rather the rattling off of “facts” he had prepared and was determined to mention before he forgot them. Not only that but anytime Biden was asked about what he would do if he were president, instead of answering the question he only used it as an opportunity to slam Trump and point out what Trump supposedly has done wrong.

Voters aren’t fooled. The only people who watched that debate and thought Biden the winner are the people who are so set on hating Trump they’re fine with America becoming a socialist, liberal dystopia under Biden.

Biden said multiple times that Trump “has no plan” but judging from the answers Biden gave it is he who has no plan.

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  1. “FOX’S MAN”, Wallace, is as Liberal,as they come! It has been obvious
    since TRUMP won! Most recently, after the VP debate, he remarked
    that Harris seemed ‘VERY PRESIDENTIAL! Heaven forbid!
    The Liberals on Fox News, now, outnumber the Conservatives!
    WALLACE would be the ideal addition to CNN!

  2. Amen & amen! We the ppl. Has always been & will always be ” we the ppl” i wish my president had held his cool & let Biden show his stupidity but he didnt -although- the wire Biden was obviously wearing showed what a cheat & a louse he is along with. Chris wallace his guidence counselor.
    What a joke it was.

  3. He [Biden] was wearing a wire Pictures of it are out on the internet . It was peaking out from his jacket when he reached into his jacket to fiddle with it. He hardly missed a beat but the next day he was back to his bumbling best.

  4. It boils down to several simple questions and one answer!!!! Here it is: Do the American people want a president who fights for the American people every single day he is in office? Do we want to support a man who has had to battle every single day for our rights and the liberties we have now? Do we want a man who has to bully his way in on a nonstop basis because ever single damn door has been continually slammed in his face? One answer: YOU damned right we do. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. With God and our President Trump on our side fighting our battles with us and for us our America will be great again. We have to stand for America and stand now. Stand strong. Stand as one!!!! If you don’t love and can’t support our America, then please do what is right for you and yours and get out. We won’t stop you. See what the rest of the world is like. You will probably come back to America. If you don’t come back, that’s ok too. LOVE AMERICA or leave or leave it. It’s ok. It’s your choice.

  5. What were those things on the inside of Biden’s cuff and the wrinkle at his first button beneath the collar and finally, in his ear??

  6. I agree with Rush. It did appear that Wallace was paving a path for Biden to stay on his “fact” path. In my opinion, Pres. Trump should have allowed Biden to show his true colors. Biden is sure to fail/flail if given the chance. He fills in vids with words like…”oh, shut up, man”…and calling Trump a lair when he has nothing of substance to offer.


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