Rush Limbaugh Blows The Lid Off What COVID-19 Numbers Really Tell Us

(Liberty Bell) – While the mainstream media is stoking the fires of coronavirus hysteria as cases continue to rise in the United States, many are sounding the alarm that the numbers are not what they appear.

As iconic conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed on Monday, the left-wing narrative has things backwards.

As the total number of cases continues to rise, you see, the death rate is plummeting.

“The death rate is falling, but you don’t know that because they are simply reporting this massive increase in cases,” Limbaugh explained.

“And you’re supposed to assume that every case equals a death. This is due to media irresponsibility and propaganda as well. So record number of cases in Florida set every day. Not in deaths, folks.”

While Limbaugh’s own state of Florida joined Texas and Arizona in seeing significant spikes in cases as of late, the number of deaths per million have been insignificant.

“The number one state where death is occurring to COVID-19’s New Jersey,” Limbaugh continued.

“Wait a minute, New Jersey?” he pressed on.

“I don’t even hear about New Jersey on the news. New Jersey? They’re not even telling me about the number of new cases in New Jersey. All I’m hearing about is Florida and Texas. Yep. It’s 1,718 deaths per million in New Jersey. Do you know what number two is? Number two happens to be Andrew Cuomo’s state, New York, with 1,656 deaths per million.”

Limbaugh believes that social distancing and masks should not be mandated, but the elderly or immunocompromised should continue to be encouraged “to stay quarantined, stay hidden away. Do not go out.”

This is perfectly sensible, as the continued rates of the virus indicate that the vast majority of deaths from the novel virus are among those with preexisting conditions.

“But let the young and the healthy go out and live their lives,” he said. “Go ahead and live their lives and spread herd immunity because that’s ultimately — til we get therapeutics or a vaccine, herd immunity is — gonna be the answer to this.”

Limbaugh, on his part, has been battling advanced lung cancer and told his audience on Monday that he is “very confident” following a third round of treatment.

“My first two at-bats were horrible,” he said. “One was a targeted therapy of clinical trial drugs, which worked but nearly killed me in the process. And so we had to get off of those.”

However, as he added, “on my third at-bat, the third attempt, I managed to get on base. I hit a solid single and then stole second. I am currently on second base hoping to slide into third and eventually make it all the way home. We’re in the bottom of the ninth. If I get all the way home we get extra innings. And that’s what we’re shooting for here.”

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  1. It seems from their point of view that up is down, left is right, wrong is right. from my point of view Left is Wrong. See what I did there. heh heh.

  2. After all is said and done, it comes down to simple mathematics. Dr. Fauci and the rest of the experts (x=unknown quantity of a spurt=drip), freely admit that “herd immunity” is achieved when 70-80% of the population tests positive for the virus antigens. (that translates to a minimum of 210 million to achieve the immunity.)
    That means, also, that 2% of the population has to die of the virus. (that translates to a minimum of 6 million deaths.)

  3. Rush, please tell me why ALL the news media is leftist, except Fox, which at least has some shades of right? I don’t understand why more right leaning people have not been able to enter this field? Surely they have tried! Please explain!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work to expose the truth. The we deplorable have to fight hard this year. Keep sounding the alarm. May God bless you as you continue to fight your battle.

  5. Rush, Many prayers are going up for you. God is still on the throne, He still heals today just as He did years ago. I know from personal experience. Ten years ago on June 9th the doctors diagnosed me with stage four lung cancer and gave me three months to live. With medical care and God’s answer to prayers I am still here. Just keep the faith and people are still praying for you. May God bless you and your family during this trying time.

  6. That isn’t all….Has anyone noticed that no one has died from anything else in many months EXCEPT THE WUHAN VIRUS?
    And that is because in order to make it look bad, no winter flu victims are reported, all suicides are due to the Wuhan Virus, Cancer, though the victims have been fighting it for a year or more, and what about heart attacks? And intelligent people know how to add all the other things people have died of.Disgusted

  7. CDC yearly influenza numbers are near zero, why? Because they are counting all as COVID! According to Birx and Fauci they are counting ALL DEATHS as COVID whether the patient died of COVID or a gun shot to the chest. The deaths are fake because CDC/Fauci can claim that we need more shut down, he is a political hack not a Dr.!
    And the DEM Gov can get their “bail out” cash which has nothing to do with COVID but decades of mismanagement and theft! Hospitals and Funerals can realize more Government $$ if the patient dies from COVID! So much fraud, it is mind boggling!

  8. Rush Limbaugh has ALWAYS told it like it IS! NOT ONE TIME has he ever intentionally misled his audience, and if he EVER misspoke, he acknowledged it, took personal responsibility for it, and moved on! That variety of intellectual honesty is scarce to the point of non-existence! Such is to be revelled in and will subsequently be rewarded, if not the Here & Now then in the Hereafter!

  9. Rush, thank you for all the times you showed me what was true in this crazy world. I’m even getting disturbed by some of the hosts on Fox recently. I send notes saying, if I wanted to hear this trash, I’d turn to CNN or any channel except Fox. What’s happening to them? So for me almost all tv news is now finished. Long story to say WE NEED YOU RUSH.Please continue your treatment and get well my friend. love and prayers, Betty Spencer

  10. Thank you for your thoughts and words Mr. Limbaugh.
    I wish the conservative team had more cash & access to “the weapons of Media” (good title for a book) to combat, educate and “de-hystericalize” the masses from the lefts’ alarmist and conflicting information. This is more evil than just putting its’ Hysteria in the hearts and minds of the people as I believe this hysteria can make people more susceptible to a headache or a stomach ache or a virus.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery as I believe you have yet a lot more to say!
    Thanks again, Jeff

    • We are grateful for Q. That was the greatest idea to have ever come. Mysterious and cryptic they bypass the MSM and go direct to We The People. We were waiting and ready to receive this great gift of communication.

  11. “No one dies the day before, enjoy life today!” …and keep your hopes high Rush, this country needs you more than ever, God is watching!. Thank you for all the years of wisdom and knowledge you’ve provided for us. I’ve been your ardent listener since the days of the great Bob Grant who I miss terribly. Remember him? ….thank God we still have you!

  12. TRUMP IN 2020 !!
    Any other decision is a Leftist decision of
    immediate and long-term harm intended upon

  13. The Left shows so much talent in creating hate and darkness, lock them in a room and don’t let them out until they create a cure for the virus. Being associated with something positive might open a few of their eyes.

  14. Rush I’ve listened to you since you’re first days in Sacramento. I just turned 70 and I will tell you I’ve never been as angry as I am now.Get well and stay well I don’t think we can make it without you.God Bless

  15. Rush, You give so many hope that our country will not be overtaken by these wackos out there. Please, as I know you will, stay strong and beat your cancer issue. We need your input into this for the life of our country. Our prayers are with you. Thankyou for all.

  16. I’m pleased that you are doing well Rush.God Bless you and your family. Thanks for being a True voice of the conservative party.

  17. Thank you for sounding the alarm Rush. The left is over playing their hand. Patriots need to make sure we show up to vote loud and clear! God bless you Rush stay in the fight I’m praying for you.

    • It’s beyond that. They actually believe their own lies. They’ve lied so much they don’t know the difference from truth or a lie. When they lost the election of 2016 look at all the crying and fainting the leftist did that night when their fantasy world was disrupted by reality. 2020 will be a repeat but worse. Look for a complete nervous breakdown of the left on Nov. 3.


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