Rumors Of Bloomberg-Clinton Ticket Sets Internet Ablaze…Check Out These Hilarious Tweets

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, a report from Drudge that former NYC mayor, billionaire, and 2020 primary candidate Michael Bloomberg is considering one Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate should he (somehow) win his party’s nomination.

This, naturally, set the internet on fire.

Does this man really want his life to be the only thing between Hillary Clinton and the presidency?

He’d better watch out.

Here’s what Twitter has to say:

Some users pointed out that Bloomberg’s life could be in grave danger:


  1. Why is Hillary Clinton not in JAIL? Why is Bill Clinton not in the morgue, he looks like he has one foot on a banana peel and one in the grave! Well I guess it’s because the Lord don’t want him and the devil can’t stand him. As for Lil Mikey he looks like something the dogs drug up and it smelt sooooo bad they left it for the Dim-o-crats.

  2. Doesn’t Bloomberg understand that his money probably won’t stop the combined “Soros” + “Butcher of Benghazi” team from giving him a quick “show & tell” about “Arkanicide”?

  3. If some unholy catastrophe happens that Mini Mike is elected POTUS, gimme odds on how long he will last before committing Arkancide.

  4. Their plan: Bloomberg wins. He either gets sick and steps down handing the reins to Hillary, or he dies of a “heart attack” or “accident” and Hillary takes over. Hillary is going to get in that white house one way or another at ANYONE’S cost.

  5. Hmmm, yet unconvicted criminal as Vice President and Founder of “Stop n Frisk” which primarily was conducted on people of color as world leaders? Both of whom openly stated the can and they WILL circumvent the Constitution as they see fit? Never gonna happen in this or next lifetime. Don’t these suit n pantsuit idiots get it? You can’t take 1 penny of your blood money or ill-gotten gains with you when you go? Trump/Pence 2020! It’s definitely going down and rabid left Dems know it. Pelosi broke the law ripping those pages up. She should be impeached for misconduct. I’m so glad they shut Obama’s mouth up and his wife’s (who does have the best RBF in the Country). C’mon Nov! I switched parties Nov 2016 and never going Dem again in my Life.

    • You don’t have to. Most know how people disappear that get in the way of Bill and Hillary Clinton and nothing more is heard but the net is closing on them. Bloomberg would be wise to walk away from considering her as I believe he would meet the same fate if he wins the nomination and Presidency. That is not likely though because it will be a sea of Red States to overwhelm them in electoral votes with Hillary as his running mate and why we can’t allow those few Liberal States with a huge population to steal the election.

    • I guess Bloomberg is not up to speed on Hillary…She wiil do anything to become. President..Not sure I would want a President who cannot use critical thinking; making intelligent decissions, not only for his own life….but, all of the 320 million lives he would be responsible for.

  6. That is funny.. Bloomberg must really want to lose because no one wants Hillary, Only by rigging an election– which the Democrats are good at doing– can they even win– But No one wants Hillary

    • Sorros owns one of the voting machine companies used in the U.S., that switched the votes from Trump to Hillary i2016. Soros nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton…so, Bloomberg getting elected with Hillary as VP should not be a problem, but, Bloomberg living to serve his term as President….will be the problem..Anyone connected in business or politics to the Clintons soon commit suicide…no matter how sweet they feel life is.


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