Rudy Giuliani Points Out Where Hunter Biden Text Shows Half Of His Profits Go; It’s Proof The Bidens Are Corrupt

(Liberty Bell) – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter are getting pummeled this week after the NY Post published a piece containing new emails that demonstrate that the former vice president might have been introduced to a high-ranking official at his son’s company Burisma Holdings, less than a year before applying political pressure to the Ukraine in order to get them to fire a prosecutor investigating shady business dealings at the company.

And that, apparently, is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to WND, President Trump’s attorney, former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani has pointed out that a text message located on the drive of the Apple laptop where these other emails were pulled, demonstrates how the money the family wrangled from selling their political influence was distributed.

Giuliani hosts a podcast called “Common Sense,” and the episode done on Wednesday dealt with the message in question. He said that it showed members of what he calls “the Biden crime family” were supposed to take half of their profits and send them to Joe Biden.

The former mayor showed the text from Hunter to his daughter, Naomi, which reveals a “distribution scheme that the Biden crime family has had for years.”

The message says, “I love you all but I don’t receive any respect, and that’s fine, I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years.”

Why would the younger Biden be handling all of this money? According to Giluliani, it was so his father, the former vice president, wouldn’t have to do it himself.

“It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary,” Hunter allegedly said in the message.

Some other forms of communication among Joe Biden’s family indicates that he is often referred to as “pop.”

Folks, with all of the information that is now coming to light as a result of the release of these messages and emails by the New York Post, is it any wonder social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are desperately attempting to engage in the censorship and suppression of information?

We all know that Big Tech is just as much in bed with the Democratic Party as the mainstream media is, and thus, will do anything possible to try and help Joe Biden win the presidency. The people of this country deserve to have this information released so they know who they are voting for if they cast a ballot for Biden.

These folks are corrupt and abusers of power. Is that really who we want in the White House? I would hope not. However, the left has been very effective about convincing folks that Trump is the epitome of evil, the second coming of Adolf Hitler, and all sorts of radical hatred.

It’s unfortunate, but many are buying into this false narrative. This information about Hunter Biden and his dad is crucial in combating those lies.

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  1. There is no question that the laptop was Hunter Biden’s. He must been on a cocaine high when he turned it over to the repair shop and failed to retrieve it. The attempt by the MSM to ignore or dismiss this story shows just how thoroughly corrupt and incompetent it is. Journalism has become just Democrat propaganda.

  2. The fbi has had control of the information pertaining to the Biden crime family and has said nothing. It’s like their complicit, or covering for the Biden’s and the democrats just like they did for the Clintons. Hard to believe, and Wray must go for starters.

  3. Rudy is a crazy mofo, what a disgrace after being a highly praised prosecutor and mayor of NYC who fought the mob and now is part of the Trump mob. Durham’s investigation was a sham and Rudy’s affiliation with Russian spies is a fact.

    • You know who the crazy mofo is? You! You believe that Rudy is crazy and Trump is running a mob. Nooooo, Biden and his son are the ones running a mob. There’s mounds of evidence coming out about them,but you continue down your blind path. You, JusticeforTrump, are a disgrace!

    • Hunter must be sharing his crack pipe with you because your brain is fried. Only a blind partisan could support Dirtbag Biden. It’s not only that he his mentally incompetent and on the cusp of senility, but his whole family is corrupt from top to bottom.

    • These two people below are typical are the low educated Trump voters, they are blind to many crimes before his Presidency, assaults and scams, and many after treason, money laundering, consorting with dictators Putin, Kim, Orban, 21,500 lies, massive firings, never a good word said about by people who worked for him. He is the Punk-in-Chief and hte dimwits below are either Russians of brainwashed people, and/or evil.

    • Hunter must be sharing his crack pipe with you because your brain is fried. Only a blind partisan could support Dirtbag Biden. It’s not only that he his mentally incompetent and on the cusp of senility, but his whole family is corrupt from top to bottom. Justice for Trump is to have him re-elected and throw Biden and Harris on the ash heap of history.

  4. Gods word says your sins will find you out in other words they will be shouted from the ruff tops. You can’t cover up your evil work with evil people lying for you as their sins will be shouted from the ruff tops also !!!!💯💯

  5. Under Wray the FBI is still every bit as corrupt as when Comey held the reins. It’s way past time for Wray for to be fired, my guess as soon as Trump wins the coming election.


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