Rudy Comes Across Bombshell In Ukraine…Obama Admin Is Busted!

(Liberty Bell) – This week, the Democrats are putting on a big, sparkly show for our benefit to try to convince the American people that their incredibly weak impeachment case is a rock-solid reason to proceed with impeachment.

It’s not–they don’t have the evidence they need to impeach, in fact, they don’t have evidence of anything at all.

Except for their sheer hatred for Trump and their really bad attempt at trying to distract from the impending release of the FISA report on Monday.

On Thursday, just two days after the impeachment inquiry show trials moved from the House Intelligence to the House Judiciary Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that they’d be moving ahead with an impeachment against President Trump.

This is all based on the blatantly false claim that he had some sort of “quid pro quo” with the president of Ukraine, which no one can actually demonstrate.

However, it comes at the same time as some pretty explosive information from Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who recently met with Ukranian officials and found a lot of evidence–that thing the Democrats need and don’t have–against the Obama administration, including one 2020 primary candidate, Obama Vice President, Joe Biden.

Giuliani had been meeting with officials in Ukraine to discuss the misuse of US funds in Ukraine and the creation of a group to fight corruption in the nation.

According to a Facebook post by Ukranian independent lawmaker, Andrew Derkach, the two met in Kiev.

Derkach is the parliamentarian who, in October, revealed in a press conference that Joe Biden was paid $900,000 for lobbying on behalf of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

And now this…

On Friday Rudy Giuliani tweeted out a “Shocking Disclosure!”

We now also know that, according to Giuliani’s sources much of the $5.3 billion in US aid that Ukraine reported as having been misused was given to the favorite NGO’s of the embassy.

At that time, Ambassador Marie Yavanovitch, who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee last month was still at the post Trump would eventually fire her from as Ambassador to Ukraine.

The embassy directed police not to investigate.


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