Rioters Attempt To Establish Autonomous Zone In Washington D.C. …But Guess Which Historic Monument They Picked?

(Liberty Bell) – Although the ill-fated CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle is now being dismantled after a deadly shooting took place within its borders over the weekend, lawless leftist rioters are nonetheless trying to establish similar “autonomous zones” elsewhere.

Their latest endeavor is in Washington D.C., and the ground zero for their “Black House Autonomous Zone” is St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.

This is the very same historic church targeted by protesters a few weeks ago.

BizPac Review explains that the church, known as “the Church of the Presidents,” has hosted every president since James Madison.

It was built in 1815 and is located just across the street from the White House.

During previous Black Lives Matter protests, St. John’s, which is a very left-leaning congregation, it must be noted, was vandalized as a parish house connected to the church was set on fire.

On Monday, the rioters had been protesting in nearby Layfayette Park before being pushed out by the DC Park Police after they tried–and failed–to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson.

The letters “BHAZ” were spray-painted on the columns of the historic church.

Under left-wing Mayor Muriel Bowser, the nation’s capital has been under near-constant assault by these lawless rioters, despite the law-and-order agenda of the Trump administration.

On Monday night, many protesters camped out in front of the church, no doubt in an attempt to formally establish their BHAZ.

BizPac Review explains:

Mayor Bowser commissioned a Black Lives Matter banner to be painted in the street, showing her support for the so-called protesters when she called an earlier attempt to clear Lafayette Park “shameful” because police used pepper spray on violent thugs.

(Huge yellow letters span two full blocks of 16th Street, leading to Lafayette Square, which is across from the White House.)

This coming as President Trump boldly walked across the square in a show of support for St. John’s Church after it was burned, standing in front of the historic church with a Bible.

As police clashed with the rioters across the street from the White House, the Secret Service reportedly took the unusual step of ordering the White House press corps to immediately leave the grounds.

This attempt to establish a BHAZ is poorly timed, considering Seattle’s mayor announced the very same day that they’d be dismantling their own autonomous zone after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed inside.

The far-left mayor previously called the protest zone a “block party” and said that the city might just have a “summer of love” if it remained in place.

“The current generation may very well go down in history as the greatest failure ever produced in the United States,” BPR concludes.


  1. Congratulations BLM and ANTIFA you have succeeded in making parts of the USA a 3rd World Country!
    BUT Listen Closely!!! There are certain areas of the USA you don’t want to mess with!!!!
    RomeoEchoDelta MikeAlphaGolfAlpha2020

  2. Our government of Democracy needs to take back the demonstration locations that are taking place on our soil. The main problem is that many powers that be won’t take responsibility to put an end to these demonstrations. We have many people in Leadership positions that are afraid to “exercise authority” for the well being of our country. Weak Leadership in these cities had better take heed and act.

  3. To understand what the agenda is first you must understand what the word progressive to the left means. We will start with the time of Franklin Roosevelt. The communist party could not call them selves that so they opted for a better sounding Name Progressive. Since then the progressive party is the same as communist party. Now you know when the Democrats call themselves progressives what they are truly saying and you also know what their true agenda is. In order to accomplish this they have to destroy our present system and bring us under government control. During these riots and the destruction of our communities you can see how the democrats do not care about the communities or the people within. The same thing can be said about the COVID pandemic.An example is what they supported and what they didn’t and the resulting deaths that occurred because of it. New York city a prime example of it.The main support for the rioters and most damage done was in Democrat controlled areas, what does that tell you.

  4. The Federal Highway Commission publishes a book of approves street markings that must be followed to ensure markings are uniform across the country. The yellow letters on the street in DC are in violation of federal regulations and need to be removed immediately.

    • Won’t happen with a progressive socialist sympathizer mayor who caters only to blm and anarchistic lawless scum of the earth.

  5. Machine Guns with real Bullets will take Care of those Slimy BLM Idiots, and all of the Idiots that support them. Send their Body’s to New York’s mass grave

    • It would only take one and a wagon to put them all in a compound they can not escape and let them kill each other!

  6. It is truly unfortunate that ALL of these Demonstrators, and their individual and corporate Supporters, are following the book written by two dedicated Communists on how to destroy America from within. They are being used by foreign powers to achieve a goal that they can’t achieve on a battlefield. If achieved they will be here and those protestors will be found in re-education camps, and Corporate sponsors will loose Everything to the New State, just like in China and Russia. I wish Americans, all Americans, would wake up.

    • Right! Foreign powers and entities like the United Nations are financing and fomenting this assault on the U.S. That being the case the President and DOJ should evoke the espionage and sabotage statutes to prosecute the rioters, who are collaborating with foreign interests, the very reason these statutes have been enacted. This communist insurrection must be quelled.

  7. The true failures are the NEA guided teachers in public schools that have propagandized this generation to hate their own country and feel no guilt in looting, rioting and injuring others. NEA is responsible and should be disallowed.

    • These treason teaching educators should be arrested and given four choices:
      1. China
      2. Iran
      3. Russia
      4. Sentenced to hard labor for the rest of their lives.

    • No tenure for teachers. If you teach the subject you keep your job. If you teach liberalism you are sent packing.

  8. DC is about as “progressive”, godless, and lawless as they come! I couldn’t pick a better place for BLM and Antifa to be granted ample opportunity to devour their own! Maybe a taste of total anarchy is just what the doctor ordered to rearrange some ideologies and/or adjust some attitudes! How long, O Lord, how long?

  9. What’s really funny is antifia are the REAL racists, they are the ones making sure blacks riot and loot, so that it fosters even more anger between white and black. And to DON answering to JUAN, you both are correct with the exception that ALL elected democrats/left-wingers (including judges) at every level ALSO should be arrested and denied their US Constitutional rights since they want those rights stripped away from everyone else.
    But I said it once before years ago, that with the democrats and news media, they are making it illegal to be white in this country and they are succeeding.

    • Not exactly Paul, those people you name should be given their constitutional rights– a fair trial– then after conviction sent to New York city along with the gov of NY, the bridges blown up and let them entertain themselves till the food runs out. They will eat themselves. Problem solved.

  10. We should be ashamed that these things are happening. Under the disguise of the First Amendment these liberal groups are destroying cities, historic monuments and even killing and hurting citizens. They keep invoking slavery. Enough is enough slavery happened. It is a historical fact. We owe nothing to the descendants of slaves, nothing.
    It is about time that the government do something (yes, you Mr. Trump)to stop and finish all these stupid protests using whatever means are necessary to stop and finish them.
    Juan Montalvo.
    Wellington, Fla.

    • These people doing all this are no longer American with free speech, They all have crossed the line to full-blown TERRORISTS, There rights should be removed and treated as Terrorists, they should be taken into custody with leg irons, those with weapons that fire should be shot dead. Put an end to Nazi-Socialists lead by the Anti-American Democrats in DC. Protect the people of this Nation or the people will do it.

  11. JoPaul, BLM also has Antifa, which are young brain dead white kids, with them and these people are racist against anything that doesn’t fit their idiotic world view. The leaders have come out and said they are Marxist and they will riot to get their way.
    Star Dolittle, As long as the rioters leave the government area alone I would care what they do to the rest of Washington DC. I’ve visited DC back in the early 1980s and was surprised to see that the city turns into a big slum once away from the government area. The rioters may do a crude form of urban renewal.
    Donna Reagh, I would say these idiots should talk to people who lived in a communist country. But these BLM/Antifa are just stupid spoiled rotten pukes that would NOT listen. Trump should send all that what communism to a communist country, like North Korea. Paid one way tickets. If they want to return they’ll have to pay their own way and it would be up to the Immigration Service to let them in.

    • Absolutely. A one way ticket to the sh*thole of their choosing. They may choose from North Korea, Chad, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Congo, Venezuela and a host of others. The UN General Assembly is an excellent starting place.


  13. Can someone remind me exactly WHO are the racists. Everything I’ve seen and heard is BLACK racists demanding everything. They are mindless drones doing the bidding of the White Marxists.

  14. Hope they clear out soon because we do not want D C all trashed like they do every where they been..Their lives do not matter to many people now.. They are NOT the real Black Americans, these people are the trash pile coming over from other countries ..


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