REVOLT: Southwest Airlines “Sickout” Protest Spreads To Amtrak

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from the folks over at Infowars says that after announcing that almost all of its 18,000 employees will have to be “fully vaccinated” by November 22, Amtrak incurred what they called a “sickout” very similar to the one that Southwest Airlines is currently facing.

Employees for Amtrak, who are reasonable people who don’t want to see their DNA altered by a vaccine that’s really nothing more than experimental gene therapy, walked off the job, leaving no one to man the trains and get them to their destinations.

Amtrak recently explained in a tweet that at least two trains that were scheduled to leave on October 10 were canceled “due to unforeseen crew issues.” The company then went on to promise that “alternate transportation” would then be provided for passengers that were left stranded.

There’s a rumor floating around that this latest sickout is actually just one piece of a much larger nationwide protest that was started by Air Traffic Controllers and Southwest Airlines. The next airline that is expected to join in on the action is American Airlines.

“Let the statists run their own country,” author Jim Hanson posted on Twitter, along with the hashtag #GoingGalt, which is a reference to libertarian writer Ayn Rand and the idea that a person does not have to justify his life or wealth to his neighbors, “society,” bureaucrats or to greedy politicians.

“’Oh that’s right … They can’t,’ Hanson added about how the Branch Covidians staging all this tyrannical nonsense will soon have nobody left to run the things that generate their ill-gotten profit,” the Infowars post said.

“Airlines and Amtrak pushing back against unconstitutional and unethical mandates,” entrepreneur Oliver Cantin published on Twitter. “YOU LOVE TO SEE IT!”

“In case you missed the Southwest story, which is still ongoing, the company has had to cancel nearly 2,000 flights and counting over the past several days because pilots and other crew members refuse to be forcibly injected for the Fauci Flu,” the report continued.

“The mainstream media is largely obfuscating the truth about the situation, blaming ‘bad weather’ and ‘fog,’ but most people who are paying attention know the truth. There are still some Americans out there with self-respect and dignity who are not about to be injected against their will just to receive a paycheck,” the report said.

It’s rare to see so many Americans in so many different lines of work stand up so bravely and make such bold statements, but we are now seeing it play out on a large scale and the movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, it looks like it’s actually gaining steam.

More and more folks are being inspired to take similar action to stand up for medical freedom and to destroy a fascistic system that is continuing to take full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to strip the American public of their liberties.

“In the case of Southwest, the company’s CEO, Gary Kelly, is full-on lying about why he is trying to force his employees to take the shots. Kelly claims that a ‘Federal government COVID-19 vaccination directive’ is forcing him to mandate the injections, even though such a directive does not actually exist,” the report stated.

Even if this mandate did exist, it wouldn’t be valid because it violates the Constitution, which is the law of the land, despite what the progressives keep saying.

Another report from Infowars, Kelly has recently stated that none of his employees who are refusing the vaccine are going to be fired for their choice to defy the mandate.

“We’re not going to fire any employees over this. We’re urging all of our employees to get vaccinated. If they can’t get vaccinated, we’re urging them to seek an accommodation, so we’ll do everything we can to support our people here,” Kelly told ABC’s “Good Morning America” during an interview on the program Tuesday.

“This is a government mandate, it’s a presidential order, and we’re doing our best to comply with that according to the deadlines that have been set,” Kelly continued.

However, these remarks are not the same ones that are on an October 4 release from Southwest which states that any employee who does not get completely vaccinated by November 24 will be fired.

“Failure to comply with the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy will result in termination of employment.” the companywide memo goes on to say.

Infowars also reports that a federal judge has decided to halt United Airlines’ vaccine mandate.

“US District Judge Mark Pittman of Forth Worth issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday blocking United from taking action against employees who requested an exemption from the mandatory COVID injection,” the report goes on to say.

“The court is not currently ruling on the merits of the parties’ arguments on these points,” Pittman stated in his order. “Rather the court seeks simply to avoid the risk of irreparable harm to the parties and to maintain the status quo while the court holds an evidentiary hearing.”

The ruling came about as a response to a lawsuit that was filed by six employees of United back in September who said the company’s policy discriminated against them for requesting accommodation, which is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act.

The lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Mark Paoletta, hailed the ruling handed down by the judge.

“United Airlines’ refusal to provide reasonable accommodations to its vaccine mandate violates the federal civil rights protections of our clients, the hard working men and women at United,” said the attorney. “We look forward to our clients’ rights being permanently protected.”

United responded to the ruling by defending its vaccine mandate.

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  1. The only possible way that anyone that knows that the bioweapon injections are dangerous and supports Trump is if they are evil serial criminal psychopaths that have an interest in trying to both keep the medical tyranny economy alive since it was started by Trump who claims to this day to be very proud of the “vaccines” and claims to have saved millions of lives with them, and keep the lethal injections from being banned, or if they are severely mentally incompetent and incapable of the most basic levels of logic. The Blobbers in the Blobbosphere are still claiming that Americans in medicine, science, education, media, technology, and government are too mentally incompetent to comprehend these very basic scientific facts, or they are blindly obedient to authority figures. I disagree. There may be a percentage that really are that incompetent. Even if there is perhaps 30% that are too incompetent to comprehend it in those flields, the 70% that are able to comprehend it would have drowned them out, not only because of a larger percentage, but because it is easy to prove scientific facts on this, and it is impossible to prove what they are claiming is true with the scamdemic, simply because it is not true. I believe that the government has paid them to claim that it is true. There is certainly enough evidence to prove that this is an enormous conspiracy. Particularly when it is coming from the Blobbosphere, which are also propagandists, referred to as the alternative media, and are usually 501c3s. The reason that I say this is because they keep being apologists for the guilty parties by claiming that they lack the critical thinking skills to comprehend it, or because they are blindly obedient to authority. It is bullshit. It is a conspiracy in violation of RICO laws. Everyone blames someone else and passes the buck. It comes as no coincidence that after the crash of 1929, FDR’s slogan was “The buck stops here”, because it resonated with people. Obviously, a tremendous amount of corruption precipitated The Great Depression. It was a criminogenic environment then also. The Glass Steagall Act was introduced in order to stop the run away boom – bust extreme cycles that had devasting consequences for the majority of the population, which was unfortunately repealed, in addition to tons of other regulations that kept the financial system and economy relatively sound by comparison to what it is today. If regulations are not restored to the financial sector, America will not be able to recover. The depression could have ended earlier than it did, but the robber barrons did not want to cooperate with the rest of society. They had no need to. They just watched society completely fall apart. They were the ones that created the problem initially. They controlled the purse strings and the regulators. The regulators were definitely responsible for their actions. They chose to take bribes. The income tax increases by FDR were avoided by the robber barrons because they set up charitable trusts, also known as 501c3s in many instances, and they are still controlling the world from the underground, or at least still have an extremely influential effect on policy even though they have been dead for long periods of time.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. The Media Grinch that is Murdering Children and Stealing Christmas From Them Because of Supply Chain Bottlenecks from False Positive Mythological Covid-19 Tests and Bioweapon Injection Mandates

    This statement that I made is obviously wrong, and it appears either that buy backs will continue, or prices will be sluggish compared to what they have been.

    Now they are doing share dilution though, since they expect profits to surge by 27.6% but PEs to increase by 21.5%. 

    It was a stupid mistake. I wasn’t thinking properly. It is the other way around.  When are you going to admit your stupid mistake of claiming that covid -19 exists?  You pretend that covid-19 exists and it does not! If it has been going on for this long, it was obviously not a mistake, but a deliberate attempt to deceive! Which is an even bigger mistake of a lapse in morality for almost two years! That would be a really refreshing change of pace  if you were to do that! It seems that I am the only one able to admit when I make a mistake, maybe I am the only one smart enough to know that denying a mistake does not make me right or solve the problem.

    The medical tyranny will not end until the media admits that covid-19 does not exist! Maybe the media is getting paid by the government to pretend that covid-19 exists. Now, the grinch will visit the kids for Christmas, because everyone is pretending that covid-19 exists, and that the tests are not completely fraudulent! Why would you care when you are killing them and making them wear masks that deprive them of oxygen and increase oral and respiratory bacterial infections?! 

    Oh, yes, murder the children and steal their Christmas, future, and liberty to protect the evil, corrupt “adults” in government, media, medical mafia, & academia, Yes, the world really has to make the trade off. Sacrifice the children for the benefit of the corrupt and evil. 

    A real Hansel and Gretel or Big Bad Wolf fairy tale Christmas!

    The woman in the gingerbread house locked Hansel in a cage and fattened him before shoving him in the oven. Maybe they will just roast the children for Christmas dinner because of shortages from the mythological covid-19. 

    Maybe they will just roast the children for Christmas dinner because of the mythological covid in order to protect the evil and the corrupt. But it would protect Trump, the Republicans, Biden, the Democrats, the Medical Mafia, Academia, the propagandists, and the government!

    Andrea Iravani


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