Republican Senator Warns There Might Be More GOP Turncoats Voting In Favor Of Impeachment — What He Does Next Is Truly Shameful

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of Republicans who seemingly supported former President Donald Trump while he was in office who have started to show their true colors by betraying the man who helped get our damaged nation back on track after eight years of Barack Obama and his failed attempt to transform us into a total socialist country.

Members of the GOP establishment have been working very hard to try and remove the influence of Trump from the party ever since Joe Biden took over at the White House. This has become evident simply by the way that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has treated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a big time Trump supporter, calling her a “cancer” on the party.

Well, according to the Gateway Pundit, it appears that many of these establishment goons are coming out of the woodwork to join Democrats in voting to convict Trump on the single article of impeachment that blames him for causing an insurrection back on January 6.

On Tuesday, 50 Democrats and 6 Republicans voted to push forward with this ridiculous and very much unconstitutional trial against our former president. How sad is it to see a single Republican join with the Democrats in this cause? It’s almost heartbreaking. I say almost because we’ve sort of come to expect the establishment to be traitors.

The six who voted in favor of continuing on are Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and Bill Cassidy.

Cassidy actually made an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, just several days ago at the time of this writing, and warned that there would be more Republicans joining with Democrats in this impeachment effort. He must have been referring to himself since he joined with them in the vote.

In order to successfully convict the former president, Democrats need a total of 17 Republicans to vote with them. That’s probably not going to happen, but then again, look how many traitors we’ve already seen come out from the shadows during this whole mess.

“I think it’s important to understand the nature of that vote. It was called two hours before it. There was no debate and no explanation from either side,” Cassidy said during his interview. “It was a vote in a moment of time. And so, based upon what senators knew at that point and felt at that point, they then voted. But we will now have, hopefully, presentations from both sides, and we will consider the evidence as impartial jurors.”

Keep in mind, however, that Cassidy was actually a Democrat until 2001. He went on to defeat Mary Landrieu back in 2014 to become the first member of the GOP to represent the state of Louisiana in the U.S. Senate since the time of Reconstruction. He was then re-elected in the 2020 election, thanks mostly to having the support of former President Trump, who he has now turned against.

Aren’t some of these Republicans just utterly pathetic? They so desire to be liked by their colleagues so they can use their influence to ensure long careers mooching off citizens that they will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

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  1. My assumption is the Governances in charge, during the systematic burning of 65 American Cities, with on-line ads for chaos protesting offering cash pay out at the end of each night’s looting/rioting, will be arrested and charged for insurrection and failure to obey the oath that differentials The Elected Citizen from the Private!

  2. And folks wonder why I have ZERO use for GOP/RNC which fields and supports RINOs like Cassidy. And they’re NOT LISTENING!!

  3. Hopefully the unpatriotic Republican scum who voted to convict the people’s president, Donald J. Trump, will lose their next primary, and be replaced by true Patriots. The idea of being a Public Servant needs to reestablished. Dummyrats have certainly lost what this definition means.

  4. What is wring with McConnell?
    Condemning Trump after his acquittal? Didn’t he listen to the evidence???
    There was no incitement.
    Talk about sucking up big time to the new administration.
    It’s so obvious Mitch.
    Could you try to be a bit subtle about it?

  5. Romney is the only one who can be excused for his
    misguided behavior having been declared Dead after an accident in his youth.
    What right do any of them have to declare the impeachment is constitutional? Isn’t constitutionality a question for the courts?
    I just wish David Cicilline would turn his attention to his constituents who are begging, dying, crying for vaccination in a state that has turned its back on its most senior and most vulnerable citizens while its Governor dances out the door to join Biden’s cabinet.

  6. Do not fret because of evil doers, Be not envious toward wrongdoers, For they will wither quickly like grass and fade like the green herb. Psalm 37:1-2

  7. Trump trashed democracy, lied to people about the election result, and urged on an insurrection. Anyone who doesn’t vote to impeach him is missing the point.

    • You are an idiot bro. Every day you feel like you have to spout your bullsh!t to people who think you are a brainwashed liberal clown who probably sucked the breast until you were in your teens. How many trophies did you get for showing up and doing nothing? Is that where you got the idea what you think matters? My guess is you apologize for your white privilege daily and hate your whiteness as it’s the cause of all evil in the world. Get a life dude.

    • “You” are missing the point Mr. Troll. There has been nothing done by Trump that is impeachable. Even Communists have their laws that are adhered to by lackeys like yourself

  8. I guess that there are at least two instances where one would question others loyalty. One being rich and the other being POTUS, especially from someone that swaps being a Demoncrat for becoming a RINO.


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