Republican Candidate Who Flipped Congressional Seat Red Gives Some Good News About What’s Going On In California

(Liberty Bell) – Republican candidate Mike Garcia earned himself a big victory in a special election for a U.S. House seat in California, making it the first flip from blue to red in the state since 1988. That’s a very big accomplishment that Garcia definitely deserves to be proud of.

Garcia beat Democrat Christy Smith in the 25th Congressional district by 11 points in an election that was scheduled after disgraced Rep. Katie Hill, involved in an egregious sex scandal stepped down from her post.

Folks, there’s some big things beginning to happen in the Golden State, and if we play our cards right, we could see the culture in California shift from blue to red. How amazing would that be?

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

Garcia’s win is particularly notable in that California could arguably be the epicenter of voter fraud, with state officials handing out ballots like Halloween candy, plus a devious practice known as ballot harvesting which miraculously seems to favor Democrats.

Garcia’s approximately 12-percent margin of victory was enough to stop the steal, however, and puts him in a strong position to retain the seat that serves northern Los Angeles County and eastern Ventura County in November.

Although it was supposed to be a mail-in election only, Democrats were apparently so worried about Garcia’s momentum that they set up an in-person voting center in a Democrat-heavy portion of the district, despite California’s strict lockdown.

In a Fox & Friends interview, the decorated U.S. Navy Pilot and U.S. Naval Academy graduate who served in Iraq acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic changed the campaign and may mean that Los Angeles-area voters are waking up, especially given the economic dislocation from the lockdown in the solid blue state:

“You know, it changed the dynamic quite a bit. Not being able to campaign, and we pivoted early on, even before the lockdown orders were made to virtual town halls, and we actually did a very good job of still reaching out to the constituents and still reaching out to the folks talking about the issues talking about the messaging, and you know, being a political outsider and not being a professional politician, especially in a time when small businesses are hurting, and taxpayers are hurting, the message of helping small businesses being pro-growth and pro-business and lowering taxes was resonating with folks.

“So we did a fantastic job of evolving despite the stay-at-home orders and every registered voter had a self-addressed stamped envelope sent to them with a ballot so accessibility was very high, and this is a referendum on the message, and there’s an awakening here in California.”

It’s astounding that Garcia not only won this seat in California, but that he also did so during a pandemic with these lockdowns going on everywhere. How difficult it must have been to try getting his political message out to the masses with all of this going on. Yet he did it, and did it well enough to earn some serious votes.

Garcia commented on whether or not mail-in voting benefited him as a Republican. Garcia stated that it’s incredibly important for people to continue voting in person, especially because the ballot security for the state is weak.

“I think that’s still yet to be seen. The results were favorable. I think as long as you’re running hard as long as you have a good message and a good candidate and a great team you can win any election. Having in-person voting centers is extremely valuable still. I think we can do it while mitigating the risk with the COVID virus still at play.

“I don’t like the fact that there’s not a chain of custody of the mail-in ballots but at least now we have the means to track them electronically online, and you can at least see when your vote is counted so that’s a little different than in the past.”

As of now, thanks to being under Democratic control, the state of California doesn’t require someone who comes to vote to produce a photo ID to validate their identity.

Garcia also went on to speak about the need to reopen the California economy at a faster rate than the current guidelines from Gov. Newsom allow.

“In our district, we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation in our district with the large amusement park, a lot of Hollywood production and princess cruises is headquartered in our district, so I think we have the guidelines and the policies and I believe that the small business owners, the large corporations and the employees frankly are responsible enough now to start implementing those guidelines and get back to work and you know, we have the means to mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus but we also need to start looking after our economy and get people back to work and do it in a safe manner.”

This is a huge deal, folks. If we can continue standing up boldly for what we believe and actually stay on message, showing that the principles we want to enact are timeless and necessary for a society to function, it’s possible to see a shift from blue to red. Especially as big government reveals its weaknesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maybe one day California will be a haven for conservative thinking? It’s possible.

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  1. Just why is it that socialists, commiecrats and any other leftists cannot accept that anyone who votes should show up in person with a valid ID to be counted. If any person is physically unable to travel then a bonded election personnel must verify eligibility of that voter. Fair for everyone, right?

    • Oops, members of the military on deployment get an exemption but their ballots would be under scrutiny of the military.

  2. A great idea to stop the corruption for voting is when you receive the ballots to vote, and it is for mail-in, then go ahead and fill it out. Then make two copies of your papers. Take those two copies to the post office and ask the Post Master to sign or initial them. Save the two copies and mail in the original. If the election proves a landslide for the Democrats, then you know the election was rigged. Now you have proof of your vote to send to your Governor or senator. I notified Q Anon about this to tell Donald Trump . I hope Trump makes an announcement for this so everyone will be informed to do the same thing. There is more than one way to skin a cat…so to speak.


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